9 Contract

Inside the very same room, Greem and the others signed the contract in front of them.

"Joining the Blue Wolf Mercenary Group does not come freely. Although there is no mandatory mission to speak of, you have to contribute somehow. The reason why we possess such strong reputation is because our members can complete missions that no one can, and we complete them fast. You must complete at least one mission per year. If you fail to do so, you will face a penalty and a warning", Jess spoke, "John will give you what he promised you"

After the speech, Greem and the party left the room. Outside, there were two guards with intermediate rank strength.

The three of them were shaking in excitement. Receiving their due from John's subordinates, Emma invested the magic crystals in a much better equipment, crafted by a Dark Elf and possessing slight resistance to magic. At the very least, she would not get burned by the aura of a flaming boar, even if it is an adult one. William purchased an enchanted ring that increased his mana pool, allowing him to cast one more spell before running out of spiritual force.

Greem, saved the money, and waited a month before attending the auction.

Inside his room, Greem looked at the dagger in front of him with a devil's grin.

'To think that I managed to purchase this magical artefact for merely 25 magic crystals...', Greem thought with irony.

A bad magical artefact would cost at the very least 300 magic crystals. A top-tier low-grade artefact such as the [Soul Fire Dagger] would cost at the very least 500 magic crystals if it was accurately appraised. However, the appraisers of the auction mistook it for a well-crafted knight heirloom, failing to recognize the hidden runes on it.

The [Soul Fire Dagger] was not a weapon to speak of. Its true value was to be associated with the fact that it was connected to the [Demon Plane]. By sacrificing the souls of slain humans, you could trade life force with a minor demon. Although it could only artificially raise one's vitality, this magical artefact would solve Greem's greatest weakness: himself. With high vitality, Black, his war raven, would be able to rampage freely on the battlefield.

Two months had passed already since the party last left the Ivory Tower.

Greem, Emma and William were completely changed.

Emma no longer possessed cheap gear, and could be called a true body refinement acolyte at this point. Her wounds had completely healed up, and furthermore, she had fully absorbed the Black Lotus Elixir, raising her strength by more than 20%. It might not look like a huge number, but it was like day and night to a close combat fighter like herself.

William was quite different too, having mastered a third spell and having gotten the enchanted ring he had set his eyes onto.

Black was the one who had grown the most however. Its nails were sharper, its size bigger and its aura more frightening than before.

It was clear that whoever met the party would have to face an annoying combination of acolytes and beasts.

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