Warhammer 40K: I Don’t Want to Be a Tin Can!

This is a translation- Original Author: Night Tales by a Dim Lamp In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. The Emperor walks among men, striving to restore the glory of the Imperium. Yet, the fate of humanity has long been toyed with by the malevolent Chaos Gods. In this tumultuous future, there is naught but endless darkness and warfare. That is, until the appearance of a Deathwatch Marine named Hades. As the threads of destiny intertwine, can this outsider change the tragic fate that awaits countless souls? The gods place their bets. Yet, Hades remains oblivious to all of this. At present, he's weeping like a snotling that's had its toe stepped on. "Emperor's mercy! Why am I in the Warhammer universe?!" "And why in Terra's name am I a Deathwatch Marine?!" "Is it too late to bash my head in and respawn?!" A comedic tale where a nerdy, unserious protagonist finds himself in the grimdark Warhammer world, oscillating between moments of sheer terror and bouts of uncontrollable sobbing.

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174 Chs

Chapter 165 New yet Leading

Amidst the Tech-Priests' hymns and praises, Hades somehow managed to persuade them to leave. Fortunately one rather sensible Tech-Priest, though somewhat mystic-sounding, at least allowed Hades to communicate with this group from Graia relatively smoothly.

Tech-Priest 021 trembled as he solemnly swore to Hades that within one standard Terran month, the Forge World of Graia would try to sign a pact with the Death Guard.

Hades stared at 021 - the sand-etched blurry protective goggles on him...It seemed that a Tech-Priest's standing on a Forge World couldn't be considered very high?

Although the internal relationships within the Cult Mechanicus were complex intricacies that differed depending on sect and Forge World. Hades also wasn't certain whether this Tech-Priest might actually have a high position.

But the cables exposed on that guy's face didn't seem to be high-end goods.

These were internal affairs of Graia. Hades didn't plan on getting involved. Even if they didn't take initiative to propose an agreement, the Death Guard would still try contacting the Forge World.

Hades maintained his posture, watching as those acolytes finally slowly exited his sight, continuing to clear out the tomb complexes. Though some in the distance still seemed to be trying that retreat one step, kneel one step tactic.

When those small red dots finally vanished, Hades sighed in relief. He finally fooled his way through.

Luckily he made the Death Guards waiting for him retreat to a comparatively distant spot beforehand. Otherwise if they saw the scene of Tech-Priests kneeling to him, and Hades pretending to be mystical, Hades felt like he could demonstrate spontaneously combusting from social death on the spot.

To prevent this situation recurring in the future, Hades specially reminded them to just treat him as an ordinary Legionary, no more shoving hymns in his ears.

Following the directions Trazyn gave him, Hades deftly led the Death Guards to a concealed tomb entrance and directly started mining without issues.

Not even the most common Canoptek Scarabs in the tombs. Everything lay back down continuing their sleep.

No problem. Hades would take the item then leave.

Compared to Hades' foolproof plan, the Death Guards following him had already raised their vigilance to maximum.

These were Barbarus warriors specially picked by Vox for Hades, exceptional performers with meticulous minds.

But precisely because of this, after entering the tomb, these Death Guards became increasingly hesitant.

Didn't they say it was just a small errand? Something is off now, directly entering deepest enemy territory?

The warriors looked at each other hesitantly, but ultimately still chose not to speak. After triple confirming Hades' identity, they silently gripped their demolition guns tighter and followed the increasingly light-footed Hades deeper inside.

Ding dang~ Legendary gold!

The weapons and two engines promised by the Eternal Collector have arrived!

Death Guard Master Artisan Henrik silently watched the two gigantic alien engines in the warehouse. The alien tech's texture perfectly showcased upon them. Smooth emerald lines flowed across the black shell, giving an impression of velocity.

Henrik turned his head to see Hades at his waist, armed with one black, one white large firearm.

Hades grinned at him.

Henrik turned back again to look at those two massive alien engines. They were so complete and pristine.

Henrik turned his head once more. Hades grinned.

Henrik said nothing, only silently staring at Hades. Hades continued grinning awkwardly.

Hades couldn't grin anymore.

"Where...did you get these?"

"Picked them up."

Henrik neither rushed nor slowed as he donned his magnifying carving goggles, then picked up the Blackstone slate before him to look again.

"Then you got quite lucky."

"Also picked up an instruction manual."

Hades coughed awkwardly. No good. Hades, you gotta power on through!

"You don't have the clearance. I can't tell you."

The ones with sufficient clearance were probably only Mortarion and Garro. And those two, hearing these were mechanical assignments, directly told Hades to oversee them.

Hey hey, don't you guys want to ask about the origins of this stuff?

When Hades finally finished filling out that report ledger of almost a small book's worth, Mortarion didn't even glance at it before tossing it straight into the archives.

Yo! Not scared Hades would make trouble?

Hades still remembered the white eye-roll Garro gave him when he said that. After patting Hades on the shoulder and leaving him with a "work hard", the two let Hades get to work.

After all, in the highest leadership, the only one who understood mechanics was Hades. The original Master Artisan belonged to the mid-levels, unable to enter the core decision-making circle.

So now Hades' position in the forges, in principle, should be highest, but on the path of technical qualifications, he was the most junior.

They last met when Hades was still an apprentice. This time meeting, Hades directly descended from the heavens as the boss. Hades didn't dare meet Henrik's gaze straight on anymore.

Henrik stared at Hades. That piercing look seemingly pierced through Hades.


Henrik said crisply.

"But these two engines must go through the forges' verification and inspection. No matter what you're thinking."

"I don't care about bureaucratic matters. But technically, these two engines must pass screening. That will require a lot of time."

Hades nodded and solemnly said,

"Indeed. These engines need strict examination."

"Statute 093-1 requires a minimum four hundred and one screenings on machinery like these."

"No rush. For the forges, we can give this Beta priority."

Henrik blanked. Hades' initial words originally made the Master Artisan envision Hades as yet another higher-up he previously interfaced with the forges. Without exception, each time Henrik would have to explain technical knowledge to guard against the decision-making level handing the forges some peculiar orders.

But this time, Hades preempted him by saying all this first instead.

Henrik's eyes were extremely complicated as he regarded this growingly taller "apprentice". He didn't know whether it was good or bad that a warrior of technology could climb to oversee the forges' administration in just one step.

For now disregarding Henrik feeling it bizarre, an executive that didn't require him to repeatedly explain technical matters, one who understood technology himself seemed acceptable?