Warhammer 40K/HP The Warp Debacle

Cast into the warp in the dying days of the 41st millennium. Harry fights to return to the wizarding world and the challenges beyond. - Enjoy a slippery descent into Madness - _______________________________________ Reviews and any spare power stones would be appreciated - No smut or harem degeneracy The trademarks, IP and characters relied upon are owned by their respective organisations, only the AU characters are my own. This fanfiction is not monetised.

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Chp 1: The End of the Beginning

As the dark lord's curse struck Harry, Lily's screams still echoed in the cold air of Godrick's Hollow, loud even above the booming of thunder and crash of lightning, which obscured a momentary pulse of purple light.

Anyone coming to the scene of destruction would find only a pile of ashes as the only evidence of a dark lord's reign. Ashes which were already starting to wisp away in the wind.

An hour later, Hagrid who had begun to dig through the rubble, couldn't find a sign of Harry, slowly resigning himself to the fact that young Harry was gone eviscerated as his smouldering cot suggested, turning around teary-eyed as another man arrived to the scene.


Location: Edge of the Deep Warp 


Kaldor Draigo had seen many strange things in the warp, but a sudden green flash and then a crying baby was not one of them. For the first time in millennia or maybe it was only a few years, the indomitable crusader didn't know how to react. 

Mouth agape he looked around sure this was some trick, maybe a warp predator pretending to be a child to draw him, he would certainly have to give the demon props for creativity, before he endeavoured to dispel it.

For a few long seconds, he simply stared, but then slowly drawing the titan sword, from its sheath the supreme grandmaster of the grey knights tentatively circled the child, looking from side to side, his transhuman grace somewhat diminished by the squishy and squelchy nature of this region of the warp.

 Squelch, Gwap

'Now where did you come from little man' said Kaldor pondering the question which he left to hang in the air.

"…..." replied Harry. 

The child looked human enough, the only identifiable peculiarity was a single red and inflamed scar in the shape of the rune sowilo on the child's forehead.

Runes were typically a strong indication of warp trickery, setting alarm bells ringing in his mind. He looked deeper readying himself for the corrupting effects of drawing on the warp, his searing gaze peering into Harry's very soul.

The movement of the warp became ever clearer to him as he watched the warp roll and channel clumsily through Harry with every pained breath. 

Surprisingly he noted, with that much warp energy, the small human remained uncorrupted, though Kaldor noticed a black malevolence beginning to colour his soul.

'It is not of the warp ... but it certainly was not good news' thought Kaldor.

Hate-filled Kaldor like a rising wave, as a consequence of seeing such putrid malevolence on a child, an anger well developed from the last hundred years spent waging eternal war in the warp.

Drawing on the warp slowly he expertly shaped like a thick molasses into an ethereal claw before with one precise swipe brought it down, tearing the flimsy energy apart, breaking its parasitic clutch to the child's soul, before summarily crushing it in his great gauntleted hand. The soul let out a great guttural scream as it faded into the turbulent echoes of the warp just outside the relative causality Kaldor's presence ensured in this region of the deep warp. 

With the malevolence gone Kaldor's countenance returned once more to its stone-like self, framed now by a returning choir-like vibrato.

 ~ Children of the Omnissiah Plays ~

If the child had been passed out before, now Harry looked to be on the edge of death. Visually his chest had stopped its previously rhythmic rise and fall.

Panic filled Kaldor, self-condemnation rising, both because it was an emotion, he thought he had left to the ages and perhaps he had acted too hastily having not dealt with mortals in so long.

Quickly taking off one of his gauntlets he checked the child's pulse; 'barely a hint', letting out a sigh when he felt the faintest of heartbeats. 

ba bum --------- ba - bum

"Phew, you're going to give an old man a heart attack, bahaha" Kaldor's awkward bass-like laughter filled the air.'

"…." replied Harry.

'Not so talkative are we ... you know it's been some time since I've had anyone but demons to talk to or my own hands to look at' said Kaldor to the passed-out baby Harry.

"...." replied Harry.

'Nonetheless, quite one, you look like you are in need some help with the odds against you, but the journey will be long, as it is my duty to mankind I shall aid you in the first stage of your quest'.

"..." replied Harry.

Picking up the small bundle, small enough to fit in one gauntleted hand, Kaldor wandered off somewhat aimlessly, but now with a little new purpose, heading far away into the immaterial boundless wastes of the warp, its deep vibrato now growing slightly lighter, crescendoing higher almost imperceptibly. 

As he wandered away Kaldor conjured up a quote he had heard a lifetime ago 'Whoever saves one life saves all of mankind.'

[I'm Updating] the speech marks so it goes back to ' as opposed to " in the next few chapters till chapter 25 or something, I'll eventually have it all changed in a couple of weeks, but until then soz]

A journey starts with a signal step

'Ayo Leman give me some of that wolf milk'

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