1 Back to the past

At midnight, in one of the streets in the city of Ecrin, Willard was lying dead in a pool of blood, all alone in the silent street.

In his last breath, while losing his consciousness, this young man thought, filling with many regrets.

"I shouldn't have run away from my father back then.

I shouldn't have rejected the help of his thugs after his death.

I shouldn't have chased after Sierra and make Bran, my enemy.

If only I had a second chance... sigh..." and he closed his eyes.

After an unknown amount of time, Williard opened his eyes to see a white ceiling above him and a nice comfy bed below him.

He suddenly sat up on the bed while touching himself.

"Eh? No blood? I didn't die? Was it a dream?" Wil mumbled as he checked himself.

Stepping down the bed and stretching himself, he spoke to himself, "man, that was one scary dream..."

Suddenly he stopped moving as he realized that it wasn't his apartment.

"Where am I?

Wait a second.

This is my room at Ravens Mansion.

How am I back here?

That means the dream wasn't the dream but a real incident and I was saved by these thugs?

Did I lose a part of my memory?

Or was that just a dream while I was brought back here without me knowing by injecting some drug?"

A series of questions went through his mind, causing a massive headache.


All of a sudden, the door was knocked two times before it was opened, revealing a familiar guy who is more than 6ft tall, in a black suit, who entered the room.

"Good Morning Young master. Lord Philip is waiting for you, downstairs," the guy in a suit greeted him with a light bow and informed his message politely with respect.

"What the..." Wil sprung from his bed in shock, looking at the dead person.

"No way. Silver, you were alive? And my dad is waiting for me, downstairs?

Don't tell me you guys fake your deaths all along. So, dad escaped even after getting shot in the head?" asked Williard.

Several theories started to pop into his mind as he was confused to see a dead man appear and hearing his supposed dead father is also alive.

After all, he never saw their dead bodies and only heard that they were dead.

Silver was taken aback by his response, "what do you mean we faked our deaths, Young Master?

I'm fine with perfect health and so was Lord Philip.

Who would dare to try to put a bullet through Lord Philip? Are you alright?"

As Silver looked at him in worry, Wil quickly replied, "It's nothing. I guess I went through a bad dream. You go first. I'll come downstairs after freshening up and getting dressed."

After Silver bowed and left while closing the door, Wil collapsed on the bed while clutching his head in confusion.

"What the hell is going on here? Last night, I was shot on my way to my home from the convenience store. Now, after waking up, I don't have blood on me."

Wil hurriedly took off his shirt and checked his body to see any trace of a bullet wound so that he can decide whether it's just a dream or not.

But, who could have expected that, as soon as he pulled the shirt up, instead of a belly, there's are body abs, causing him to immediately run towards the dressing table to look himself in the mirror?

"This, how is this possible?" Will was shocked to see him younger and a well-built body that he had back when he was around 18-21 years old.

After getting thrashed and stepped on by Bran, Will stopped exercising and maintaining his fitness.

"Cool. Don't panic, alright. Something is going on here. I need to look around first."

Forcing himself to calm down, Wil started rummaging his room to look for whatever clues that can lead him to give him some clarity and relieve his headache.

After searching around, he finally found his mobile in one of the drawers.

"This mobile is also the one I used more than five years ago. What's going on here?" Wil mumbled as he opened the screen lock with his fingerprint.

As soon as he saw the date and time showing on his mobile, 8:33 A.M., April 5th, 2020, Will sat down on the sofa with a shock on his face.

"I woke up five years in the past, after being shot dead.

Now, it all makes sense why am I here, why Silver and dad were alive.

What... the... F**k...

How does that even make sense?

Perhaps, this is all going in my head while I was in a coma after being shot, or did I dream five years' worth of my future while I was sleeping on my bed, last night?"

After a while, Wil went downstairs while keep saying "calm down" in his mind and saw his father and many of his thugs he was familiar with, alive and well.

Will forced himself to calm down and kept his emotions in check while greeting his father, "Good Morning dad."

Philip, the boss of the underworld smiled in return, "come, son. Sit down here. I have something important to tell you."

"What is it, Dad?" asked Wil.

The smile on his dad's face was replaced with a serious expression, "You are going to enroll at Leafway University instead of Ecrin University starting this summer."

Wil stumped upon hearing his father's words and a memory flow through his mind.

'I remember it now. This was the day, I fought with dad for not letting me join my chosen University and it led me to run away from home, a week later,'

Since it a precious memory that changed his life forever, even the conversations of how he responded with his father, how he rejected and went back to his room, appeared in his head, causing Wil to organize his thoughts. 

'What should I do now?

Forgetting whether I traveled five years to the past or this was just a memory I'm dreaming while being in a comatose state, this was always the first thing I regretted in my future.

Might as well as choose a different option this time.'

 After thinking for a long time, Wil nodded, "I'll do as you say, dad."

Upon hearing his son, agreeing with him, Philip smiled with happiness, "That's great. Come, let's have breakfast together."

After having breakfast with his father, Wil returned to his room and sat on the bed, resting his elbows on his knees, "let's see for a few days, and then, will decide what to do."

Two weeks passed away in a blink of an eye. 

Not much of a conversation happened between the father and son ever again, and Wil, who hated his father, didn't also initiate a conversation.

In this time, Wil did nothing but sleep, watch the news, movies, eat, and then sleep.

One fine morning;

Wil left his room and reached the balcony.

Looking down at the security that was almost doubled than a week ago, Wil's face changed seriously, "it's been two weeks and I wasn't able to wake up in my present time no matter how much I sleep.

Even if it doesn't make sense, my heart says everything happening is real.

Probably God took pity on me and sent me back in time.

After all, while dying, I asked for a second chance. Maybe this is the second chance."

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