1 Chapter 1 begins with a coincidence

A red Ferrari drove out of the high-end community, turned left, and drove straight on the wrong road, coaxing the accelerator and rushing out, but before it was about to hit a normal car, the Ferrari finally stopped. Adjusted the direction in time.


Ferrari finally hit a tree on the side of the road. Looking at the accident that happened in front of him, Yang Yi was very relieved, because if the Ferrari didn't hit the tree, it would have hit him.

His car was spared from being hit. After being shocked, he was overjoyed. Yang Yi whistled, and then said regretfully, "Oh, oh, Ferrari 488, tsk tsk, at least 100,000 is gone for this collision."

Although he watched an uncommon car accident, Yang Yi didn't stop, clicked on his mobile phone, and received the fare this time.

As a part-time online car-hailing driver, I have seen all kinds of car accidents, but this is the first time Yang Yi has seen a Ferrari hitting a tree in front of him.

A woman got off the Ferrari. The most direct and concise words were used to describe it as beautiful. Moreover, this woman also had a pair of long legs. Yang Yi visually estimated that the woman should be at least 1.75 meters, and the most beautiful. The most important thing is that this beauty is still without makeup.

Beauties are not rare these days, but beauty without makeup is rare.

A very eye-catching supercar, an expensive little car accident, and a great beauty all combine to cause congestion on this narrow road.

It was a small accident, but he was fine. The most important thing was that the Ferrari that hit the tree blocked his way, so Yang Yi, who had the best viewing angle, could justly admire the beauty.

Walking to the front of the car and looking at the dented front of the car, the woman thought for a while, and finally took out her phone.

After the woman made an apologetic gesture to Yang Yi, she began to lower her head and fiddle with her phone.

"That's right. If something goes wrong, call someone to deal with it."

Yang Yi, who was talking to himself, felt that he had expected the next step, but the phone dinged, Yang Yi immediately subconsciously checked his phone, and then he found that he had a very, very close customer waiting for a taxi .

Stunned for a moment, Yang Yi lowered the window glass and stuck his head out.

"Beauty, are you calling the car?"

"Did you take the order?"

He also looked at Yang Yi with puzzled eyes, mainly looking at Yang Yi's car, and then the beauty immediately said, "Send me to the airport."

Yang Yi waved his hand and said with a smile, "Get in the car."

"I'm in a hurry. I have to be at the airport within forty minutes. Can I get there?"

Yang Yi immediately decided to give up this order. He was in the West 3rd Ring Road of the capital. Although the customer this time was a beautiful woman, although this beautiful woman had just made him watch a lively scene, he couldn't get to the airport within 40 minutes.

It was four o'clock in the afternoon, and although it was not yet the peak traffic period, considering the traffic conditions in the capital, it was impossible to reach the airport in forty minutes anyway.

Unless speeding, but the cost of speeding is too high, and Yang Yi will not lose big because of small.

"I can't make it there, sorry, you should ask someone else. Can you cancel the order, please?"

The beauty looked at Yang Yi's car again, and then said confidently : "You have changed your BMW M3, you play with the car?"

Yang Yi smiled and said, "Fun, so I can't cause my driver's license to be revoked."

The beauty didn't hesitate: "You deliver me in time, and I'll give you 5,000 yuan."

Yang Yi shook his head like a rattle, and then said apologetically, "Don't waste your time, either quickly deal with the traffic accident, which is still blocking me, or you can quickly find someone else."

"Ten thousand! As long as it arrives in time, I will give you ten thousand yuan!"

"Uh, this..."

10,000 yuan, Yang Yi, who was shy in his pockets, was swayed by his shaky heart. He drove a modified BMW M3 for rent. If it wasn't for fun, he must be really shy, very Not bad, Yang Yi belongs to the latter category.

I took a closer look at the beautiful Ferrari. Although it had hit a tree, the damage to the front of the car was very light, and it certainly did not affect the driving.

So Yang Yi immediately made up his mind.

"Drive your car, it's 10,000 yuan, and it's your business to speed. It doesn't matter if you can do it or not."

"Get in the car, go!"

The beauty is quite straightforward, but the problem is that Yang Yi needs to park his car, which is also luck. There is a spot behind him that will not affect the traffic but will definitely be posted, so he immediately reversed his car. past.

With a fine of 200 and a profit of 10,000, this business can be done.

Yang Yi got out of his car and got into the Ferrari driver's seat.

When the beauty got into the car, Yang Yi had already fastened his seat belt and started the engine.

"Do you know how to use the gears..."

When the beauty asked Yang Yi, Yang Yi had already backed up the car while looking at the mirror.

The V8 twin-turbo engine erupted with a low roar, and the car moved slowly.

"Can hurry up..."

The beauty looked really impatient, but when she couldn't help urging Yang Yi, she almost bit her tongue.

Although the 488 is a relatively low-end model in Ferrari, a supercar is a supercar, breaking 100 in 3 seconds and 200 in 8 seconds. After Yang Yi stepped on the accelerator, the talking beauty almost bit her tongue. .

Yang Yi passed through the gap between the two cars in a thrilling way, and then he said casually: "Let's talk about it first, with the current traffic flow, it takes an hour and a half to get to the airport. This is a normal speed. It is not impossible to get to the airport in 40 minutes, but it must be serious speeding, and you will definitely have to pay many, many, many tickets. If someone catches you, your driver's license will definitely not be guaranteed. I have to make it clear first. "

"It does not matter."

The beauty looked disapproving.

Yang Yi suddenly brushed a car in the direction and rushed over, and then he smiled and said: "You know, don't blame me when you get it, and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to race, sit tight, I'm going to start Ran."

There are a lot of cars, but Yang Yi can always pass through the traffic in a supercar with an endless stream of power. After all, it has not yet reached the peak period. If the queues form a long queue, then the only option is to change planes.

The beauty is very worried, Yang Yi's way of driving is absolutely thrilling, but the woman looked out the window and didn't react at all.

"What's the matter, in a hurry to go to the airport to send someone off?"


Hearing Yang Yi's approach, the beauty just responded softly.


"That's it."

Yang Yi laughed and said with a complacent face, "I guess so too."

Taxi drivers seem to talk a lot, although Yang Yi is not driving a taxi, but it is similar, so he can't avoid the custom, especially when the passenger is a beautiful woman, he must have a few words, otherwise, it will be boring. .

"You just came back from abroad, right? England?"

The beauty finally turned her head and glanced at Yang Yi, focused her eyes on Yang Yi, and said in surprise, "How did you know?"

Yang Yi said very proudly: "Observe, you can see it with a little attention. You drove your car from the gate of the community and drove directly into the left lane. The wipers moved without turning on the steering. The average person Your reaction was to step on the brakes, but if you wanted to step on the brakes, you collided with the opposite car. You accelerated in time and completed the steering without crashing. It seems that your reaction is not like a novice. If you are not a novice, you must be used to driving a right-hand drive car?"

"Then why do you say I'm from the UK? Japan is also on the left."

Yang Yi smiled proudly.

"Your bag, your bag is a brand specializing in handmade bags in West London. In fact, it is not a brand, because there is only one family workshop-style store, so although this bag is not cheap, it is not a big brand. But I happen to know that, with these two points, it is enough to judge that you are from the UK, it is very simple."

"Then why do you think I went to the airport to drop people off, why can't I pick them up?"

Yang Yi laughed and used an S-shaped route to overtake two cars in a row. He smiled and said, "You don't look like you're catching a plane. So desperate, right? It can only be given away. Generally speaking, it is like the sky is falling in such a hurry, that is, my boyfriend, hey, I just guess, it is normal to guess wrong, you Never mind ."

The beauty just nodded and then stopped talking, so Yang Yi, who was waiting for the beauty to say you were amazing, was a little disappointed.

"What's the matter? Have a fight with your boyfriend?"

Yang Yi finally made a fool of himself, because the beauty ignored him.

Yang Yi, who was feeling bored, finally shut up, but some words were insufferable. The appearance of crying makes him feel that he has a responsibility to enlighten this beauty.

"This beauty, although you are indeed a beauty, it's not appropriate for me to call you a beauty all the time. It seems that I am so frivolous, so if you don't mind, can you tell me your name?"

The beauty still ignored him, so Yang Yi's self-esteem was hurt, so he smiled wryly: "My name is Yang Yi, not the enthusiastic Yang Yi, but Yi once and for all."

"My name is Xiao Ran, and time flies."

"Good name! As soon as you hear it, it's a name that can be used as the main character's name."

Yang Yi complimented him casually, but the beauty dissuaded him from the next conversation.

"Concentrate on driving, and I want to be quiet."

Yang Yi wisely did not ask who Jingjing was.

After that, Yang Yi didn't speak again, not because his self-esteem was hurt, nor because he lost his interest in chatting. It was a great joy in life to entice a beautiful woman who didn't want to talk to him. How could he give up easily.

The reason for not speaking is because there are too many cars on the road, so Yang Yi has to focus all his attention on driving. Yi's speed was maintained at 160 to 70 kilometers, and if something happened at this time, it would be fatal.

Finally, the airport was right in front of him, and Yang Yi also slowed down.

"Terminal T3."

Xiao Ran finally spoke up.

Yang Yi cleared his throat, and then he said naturally: "Well, it's 4:42 now, 37 minutes have passed since I got in the car, it must have satisfied your request to be at the airport within 40 minutes, please excuse me. Settle the money now."

He was about to arrive at the drop-off gate of the terminal building. Yang Yi didn't want to stay in the car and wait. He was seriously speeding all the way. It didn't matter if he impounded the car. Xiao Ran didn't care anyway, but if he impounded others, it would be fine. It was troublesome, so he had to withdraw quickly.

Xiao Ran opened her satchel, glanced at it, and immediately said with a very natural attitude, "I didn't bring a wallet."

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