5 The Prophecy, Chapter 5

The ancestor left us to know what will go to happen. It is a prophecy about two hybrids, the one who is going to be born by humans and the one created by them. Their story begins a long time ago, before the world was even created.

There were two brothers, Michael and Charles.

Where they lived, there were no humans, only mythical. The humans appeared at the same time with the world, the planet.

In the dimension when the boys were born for a long time it was quietus between the tribes, but after their father was murdered, the king, one of the boys had to take over the kingdom and that's when it all started.

The ancestors lived in that time, and they predicted the following before their father's death.

One of them goes to the royalty and tells the prophecy.

"Your Majesty, I have some bad message, but you have to listen to me very carefully."

"We are listening."

"We saw something, something not good for the kingdom…"

"What is it elder?", says the king.

"The prophecy says like this, they will fall, one by one. One by family and one by the other. The ones who are not going to believe, they will be marked, and they eventually will fall, the kingdom will fall with them.

It will be darkness everywhere, the evil will be crowned, but there is someone who can beat him, his other half.

There will be a battle between them and the evil will be locked by his other half. He swore he will have his revenge and bring again the darkness in the world till he finds his half and kills him.

One day in another dimension, the humans will recreate the evil, and he will transfer his magic into that, so he can be reborn again.

He will bring the darkness again all over the world and search his other half. When he will find him, there will be another battle between them, but this time the evil will be killed for good and no chance to return."

"What is this elder? It's a story for the babies? Who will be this evil?" yelled the king.

"Calm down and listen, " says the queen.

"No! If you can see all of that, tell us who is the evil to kill right now."

"We cannot say that, my lord. I'm sorry, but we cannot say that…"

"You cannot say? Or you don't want to."

"I came here to inform you. We can not do anything to end this in another way."

"I do not care what you can and can not do. Find a way! And that's an order from your king!"

"We will try, my lord. Excuse me for now!"

"Honey, you don't think you were a bit too tough. I mean, at the end of this they are the sages, and if they saw that we must prepare to cause our end will come..., " said the queen.

"I will not accept that!"

"See, you are the ones that they talked about."

"What do you mean?"

"The ones who don't believe it…"

"I am not and this is not true!"

"Fine! We will see."

The King did not believe the ancestor's prophecy, but eventually, he will feel on his skin.

After five years, nothing happened. The King goes to the elders and said

"Five years passed. Nothing happens. Where is the greatest evil?"

"Soon. Very soon he will appear, " responds the elder.

The King leaves angry. After he gets to his room, calls Charles.

"Yes, dad. You asked for me?"

"Come, son, I have to tell you something and I don't want to get angry."

"What it's happening?"

"The elders talk about a prophecy, and it could be the end for me, us. You have to promise me you will listen to your brother and mother."

"Why? What is happening, tell me, father."

"I've made my decision. If something ever happens to me, the next in line will be Michael. He will be the next king, and he will bring us the light and power we need, is it in his blood."

"Why Michael? Why not me? And still, you didn't answer my question, what is going on?"

"Your mother will tell you everything, but I want you to know I'm proud of you."

"Maybe you are, but you don't have faith in me, only Michael. It will be always him.

The joy, the love, the light of this family is represented by him and not me."

"I didn't say..."

"I get it, dad, he is the favorite. That's why he is the next king and not me."

At that moment in Charles is born the desire to be above all. He gets furious at him because he chose Michael and not him for the throne.

He growls at his father because he is not selected.

"Charles! Stop it! That's why I didn't select you to be the next one. You get furious if it's not like you. You are not prepared for the throne and never will be."

"I will never forgive you for disrespecting me. You were the one who taught me to be like this. I am you. Michael has nothing with you, the just mother.

That's why you select him. He is nothing like you. You made all the bad decisions in your life. You didn't teach me of your mistake, you teach me your mistakes. But let me tell you something, dad, I am nothing like you."

After the arguing, he left nervous and get to his bedroom and finds Michael.

"Well, well, well. If it's not daddy's favorite boy."

"What are you talking about, Charles?"

"Oh, you didn't know. You will be the successive king after dad dies."

"What? Why me?"

"That's exactly what I asked. Why you and not me?"

"I'm going to talk with him. I don't want this. It's too much!"

"Yes go! Maybe he's changing his mind."

"No Michael. You will be the next king."

"But father, I don't want it!"

"I do not care! Respect my decision for once in your life!"


Michael goes to Charles after he talked to his father.

"He said no, I'm the next."


"My queen. I hope I made the best decision for them. Putting Michael on the throne is going to bring to the kingdom some light."

"He was always such a good kid. I'm worried about Charles. Is he angry? He found out?"

"Yes, he did, but he was not so happy."

"I hope he will do nothing wrong."

After days of thinking, Charles comes up with an idea.

If the father dies, Michael will be the next and after Michael, I'm going to be the king. So I have to kill dad and then Michael and after that, I will be the king of this kingdom.

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