628 The Smallest Kingdoms

Lin Mu felt a bit surprised upon hearing Jing Luo's words. He could not think that in such a large continent filled with cultivators, a small place like this would have the best shipwrights and sailors.

"Why is that so, though? Can't the cultivators make better boats and ships?" Lin Mu questioned, feeling curious.

"Well, that's mostly because these ships and boats are used by the cultivators that are below the Nascent Soul realm and commoners that are barely in the Body tempering realm. Another reason is that not many people actually go out that far into the ocean as there isn't really a need.

There are no locations to go to specifically in the ocean and the islands there are far too sparse to be profitable. The danger is especially high and deeper in the ocean there is no lack of aquatic spirit beasts that are Nascent Soul realm and above.


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