632 The Council's Secret Meeting

Lin Mu's ears perked up upon hearing the servant's words and he got closer to them.

"Isn't that why the council has met up today?" The servant asked.

"Oh yeah, I don't think I saw the Mu clan's leader either." The second servant replied.

"No way. Do you think they might be doing this secretly?" The first servant said with an apprehensive tone.

"Hey, you two! Get to work and stop gossiping!" A clerk who had just appeared from the corridor said out loud.

"Y-yes, sir!" The servants said before rushing away.

"Humph, dare to slack off on my watch…" The clerk said before returning to his work as well.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows upon hearing the words of the servants.

"Something is definitely fishy…" Lin Mu muttered as his head turned to the innermost hall.


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