624 Speed

There were simply too many things for Lin Mu to do and he felt a bit overwhelmed. But eventually, he decided that since he had started with the formation creation first, he would stick with them. All the other occupations needed formations in some way or the other anyway and thus it would be helpful to him later.


Little Shrubby's speed kept on increasing, and Lin Mu realized they were now faster than ever before. If it were not for his enhanced vision due to a higher cultivation, he would not have even been able to see things going by, as it would have all just been a blur.

"And the speed is still increasing…" Lin Mu muttered.

With every little step, Little Shrubby accelerated even more. Looking at the area, Lin Mu was sure they had already left the territory of the Ripple mist sect by now. Even though Little Shrubby had only been running for about five minutes now, they had quite likely went past at least a hundred kilometers.


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