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Shameless author here :P. it's my first time writing a novel. The story will be a little slow paced at first so please bear with me. i have planned a long plot line so you will enjoy it. The mc is new to the cultivation world and is thus naive, but as he learns about it he will grow. Also i have not planned harem for this novel, there may be multiple women, and multiple children that he may have , but in the end he'll have a single girl he will stay with.

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This story is a true hidden gem, how this is ranked so low is beyond my imagination. Describing this story in one statement, "an Easter fantasy for readers who have grown out of the Eastern fantasy stories" There's few things that could be kept on mind while reading the first 50 chapters. 1. our mc is a frog in a well, really just a country bumpkin, his true journey begins at chapter 49 when he obtains a Master. 2. He obtains a ring very early in the story, the ring is powerful artifact and it wants to mold our mc into a worthy successor. 3. Despite his initial limited vision the mc can come up with decent workable(barely) solutions to his problems. 4. After he obtains his ring his first goal is to buy back his confiscated property, ( a true frog in the well ). Admirable but underwhelming but not beyond reason, he is after all merely a frog in a well. The story really starts opening after chapter 50. As long as the reader keep in mind the above mentioned points it's an endearing read.


This is hidden gem space manipulation and cultivation sutra are best i have seen For me its the best novel there i have read every eastern fantasy but this one with every chApter hits a spot for me its simply brilaint .first story arc completes in 1100 chapter but this is worth it .there is character development . No young master no harem no irritations simply .mc does what he wants to do in latest chapter is exploring the things by detail which is looking amazing and cultivation system of both qi and body tempering is also well explained .for body tempering its going a best way there is out in this universe of writing


Finally a story with substance!!!!. I am definitely paying for extra chapters I just loved it. Definitely the best story I read in this year. There are no arrogant characters(yet). Very detailed storyline(It is as if the author lived in it). I shall pray to god or whatever higher power there is in the universe that this books should get into the top 10 novel rankings and wish the author for success in all his ventures. I also have a few requests: 1. Pls don't add any major romance plots in this storylines. 2. Try to stay away from revenge plots as far as possible. 3. Pls don't add any arrogant rich second generations and the protagonist beating the shit of them later. ( I've become quite sick of reading the same thing again and again in other wuxia novels I'm sure other are sick of it too) 4. Pls take inspiration about the plot from novels like the lord of mysteries and Warlock of the Magus World 5. Finally make this novel a special existence when compared to other wuxia and eastern cultivation novels. This is my advice and my request for this novel to become a success. As you can tell any veteran eastern fantasy novel reader are quite sick of the above 4 points so I implore the author to keep the above points in mind while writing a story. Should you wish to become famous as a writer in this genera you should be different. Again I wish the author good luck in making this novel a legend.


All the world building and mysterious of the story loose its lustre because of MC. Mc is too blunt. He lacks uniqueness that makes a main character. It gets irritating when he cant even use his brain for anything. He is always like '"what do i do senior?". "should i speak senior ?" everything that he do, thinks all came from senior(sprit in the ring) I get it author said, story is slow-paced but this is too much . After reading 150 chapters i can say MC develop from naive idiot to brianless puppet


Past 50-60 chapters (~ch 70 to ~130) showed an issue: The author doesn't know how to make story arcs actually develop. Things happen, but nothing seems to have progressed. MC is in the same spot, except some inconsequential events happened (i.e. you could skip them, and the story would still be fine). Oh yeah, this author seems to have taken away the MC's ability to think for himself. Asking the guy in his ring about knowledge he doesn't know is one thing, having the MC ask the guy about decisions he should be making himself is another.


the author was not lying when he said it would be slow paced, I'm 27 chapters deep and i can't build up any motivation to continue reading. Nothing stellar or exciting or even different so far to catch my attention and keep me reading. The writing is very well done and the characters have have depth, if I had to complain about anything is the fight scenes are lacking


Story is actually written very well as in grammar, flow and characters, plot when considered individually. But big problem is how mc and plot connects, or should I say doesn't connect. Mc just doesn't have much agency and there's not much internal motivations in story form mc to do what he does. It seems like author develops some interesting plot, and then mc is made to flow trough that plot like puppet, mc just doesn't seem to have agency. There's also the problem of mc being constantly bailed out by his ring when stuff gets even slightly hard, it's always some magical thing that bails him out, not his own intellect, skill or perseverance. This again reduces mc's agency, it's just very lame. It would not matter if it was just sometimes, but both of this things happen constantly. Good example is whole thing happening in mc's village, he was already ready to go, he didn't have any reason to stay, no friends or family, no lure of great rewards, and again he was planning to leave. But then author made the plot happen, which I do agree is great when considered in isolation, but mc just started to participate in solving this mystery and helping around and we have absolutely no idea why, and there's no internal reason in story that tells us why. He just does like some zombie because the plot is there so obviously he should somehow participate in it. He even wanted to see Lord of Hei dudes, but again, there was just no reason for that, he just wanted to because story required him to. There was no mention of potential rewards or anything that would help mc, if anything seeing mysterious strong person is just an huge threat. I would really like to give this better review, but I just can't because story till 150 has been mostly just about boat(mc) being pushed around by waves, and every time boat is about to crash into huge rock, another wave just comes in and pushes the boat to the side. I would like that boat to have some oars, sails and actual person directing it.


This kind of writing quality is completely out of place on this site, I'm pretty sure it's against the rules or something. The story is very detailed and relatively slow-paced, yet it doesn't feel boring at all. For some reason even the characters behave reasonably and very believably, almost like real people. This novel should be way more popular, but it just had to have a cover art, that looks like 90s computer graphics, so there's no way around it.


*sigh*......such a great novel but it's constantly getting ruined by the endless amount of mysteries and some decisions made by characters are sometimes weird or just don't make sense just to setup plot points later *sigh*


Now THIS is a great story. I feel like the tense is a little... off putting however. “He walks away” “he walked away”. the second sounds better right? I feel like this story is an amazing plot, The characters feel so real, The world design is great. however i feel like it would have worked better in past tense format. but who knows, This is just my opinion. very good :)


With each new chapter the quality of novel is going down fast. Super hero vibes in cultivation with sometime so cheesy lines that you start losing brain cells. Read upto 789 chapters, so far world background is awesome but brainded mc with super hero vibes ruin it for me.


Interesting premice and worldbuilding but rather cliche charaxter and plot progression the author seems to sometime forget the levels of cultivation of the character from qi to core or core to nascent all around an enjoyable story when you want to pass time might rewiew again in the future


On a pure writing quality, I can say this easily matches translated novels and even exceeds some of them. The world building is good, and the story arcs are innovative (for a xianxia). The power itself is also unique enough that I haven't seen it before. Now the biggest problem by far that I have noticed is the pacing. We're at 400+ chapters but still technically on the first arc (1.5 maybe?). The chapters itself, around the 100 mark became crazy short. Like you could fit 2/3 of these into a normal chapter. So these 400 are the equivalent of perhaps 150 normal chapters length wise. The actual plot is probably around 100? Combined with the general slow pacing its incredibly frustrating to read, and if it weren't for the general quality, I would have dropped this a while ago. Honestly would prefer author combines chapters and reduces cliffs. Defintely a book you would need to stockpile. That being said, this is still head and shoulders above most of the other originals, especially the drivel that are high ranked but chock full of plotholes and juvenile characters (the characterisation, not the actual age). The MC is naive but a quick learner (understandable considering his peasant background), isn't forced into idiotic actions. The general annoying xianxia cliches are minimized and characters other than the MC have more than 2 dimensions. Overall a definitly good read compared to the others on this site, but not amazing with serious pacing/length issues. So on this site, this is worth 5 stars, but on novelupdates and outside, probably 4. Recommend stockpiling between reads.


I've read up to chapter 600 or so and, like most of the stories here, it has potential but is wasted because everything comes too easy to the protagonist. Does he need to evolve? wild situation happens and he goes to the next level... Does he needs money? boom, a senior gives all of his money to him, or he finds part of a sect's minnning ground and has lots of spirit sones... The plot if filled with situations too convenient added to make him grow easily.


My honest review after 300chapters. Author is trying to introduce a massive world.. Probably wants to make this novel 5000chapters. Explains everything all the time so let's say world background is about 3.5. Story development is slow cuz of that world background ..And the questions that happen all the time between MC and his master and ofc the short chapters. The fact that 300chapters and the novel hasn't even ended a single arc is very disappointing. 3stars Character design: MC is a peasant who gets an omnipotent ring that is making him stronger every day without him needing to do much just feel anger for example or feel smart or whatever😅 and if that's not enough he gets a demigod master that's explains everything all the time. In conclusion the peasant is like an immortal that descended but he has the mind of peasant who doesn't know what goes where. 2stars In comparison to other novels I'll give it 4. The review is my general opinion. Enjoy.


I have to say that I am so impressed by this book. the way it started was not too exciting but just the 2nd chapter draws you in. the character is likeable, relatable and most of all almost completely fleshed out. the development is done so well that everything just flows like a dream.. the only thing that I can maybe complain about is the world building but it's not really a real complaint as you can tell that the author is just making sure to build a solid foundation before zooming out... there's mini bosses here abs there than happen naturally and are not there just to have an antagonist, you know like the young master trope.... im very impressed with this book...I wish it were on Amazon instead and was made into an audio book.. I'd but it in a second....gj author


bro your book is awesome plz never drop 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


the MC and this story give me pure rage. MC: oh so I made you lose months of regular pay and you want payment? Villagers: yes MC:*walks away* villagers:*chase him* MC: whY aRE U HiTtinG mE???? idk know if the author is a genius or as drain dead. As I can not tell if he wrote the mc to have the brainpower for his age unlike every other author or the author has a weird sense of right and wrong. Also, the writing quality is pretty poor but author to you


a true masterpiece, at least by the standards of novels you see on webnovel. most novels on this site are *******, and have many mistakes. this has few, and is truly entertaining and impressive. although it has a bit of a slow start, it gets incredibly good soon. the cultivation system and "paths" are complex and interesting. there is also a drive that the mc has to actually improve and do things, compared to most cultivation novels where it's just "i want to be the strongest!". i recommend this novel to anyone who is willing to put some time in. due it's slow start, it can seem boring but if you stick with it for a bit longer, it gets really good.