622 Killing The First Elder

Having reduced the area that he was effectively controlling also reduce the amount of spirit Qi meld was consuming. From one percent every second, it fell to one percent every ten seconds. While this still seemed to be quite a lot, there was no way Lin Mu could go below it.

This was not a problem of consumption due to the quantity right now but rather due to the quality. Meld would consume different amounts of spirit Qi depending on the area that it was being used on and also the 'quality' of the area.

The quality in this sense meant what that area contained. For example, if that area contained a cultivator that was at the Qi refining realm, Lin Mu would easily be able to use meld for over an hour with just one percent of his spirit Qi. 

But if that same cultivator was at the Nascent Soul realm, the consumption was increased to one percent needed for every ten seconds. It would also be the same for high energy areas like formation arrays and such.


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