629 Jiao Long City

Lin Mu soon found a tea shop that was bustling with people on the main road of the Jiao Long City. The shop was located on the third floor of the building and overlooked the port, allowing the patrons to take in the pleasant sight of the sea.

Of course, it was no common tea shop and from the attire of the people that entered it, it was a rather luxurious shop that the rich people of the city visited. At this point, Lin Mu didn't really care for the price despite it being a gold coin.

He was quickly brought to a suitable table by the open gallery and allowed him to see the city and the people below. With his eyes, it was easy for him to see even an ant crawling on the ground clearly.

"Hmm… the people here are mostly commoners." Lin Mu muttered to himself as he looked around the tea shop.


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