621 Grasping Meld

Jing Luo, who had been defending and dodging the attacks from the mist weapons all this time, suddenly found them dispersing. 

"Huh? What happened?" Jing Luo said, feeling a bit confused.

He looked around, but the mist was still blocking his field of view. He started to search for the core area of the technique and flew around. But he ended up finding someone completely unexpected.

"Haha! Even if it is not that first elder, at least I got you!" Jing Luo said to himself as he found the third elder hidden in the mist.

The first elder had evidently made a defensive layer around him that hid him and protected him, so that he could recover from his injuries, but now that layer had disappeared along with the mist weapons.

The third elder, who was sitting cross legged on a floating mist cushion, didn't hear anything at first, but then a moment later he could hear the sound of winds tearing.



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