623 Escape From The Ripple Mist Sect

"Did you manage to break the barrier? I saw that you had manged to put a crack in it before." Jing Luo asked.

Lin Mu, Jing Luo and Little Shrubby had just come out of the remnants of the mist and were looking at the barrier at the border of the sect. The place where Lin Mu had used the Boulder Collapsing fist was now looking normal, and it did not look like it had ever been attacked at all.

"Looks like it managed to recover on its own. We should have expected it with a sect protecting formation array like this." Lin Mu said.

"But… we have another solution now…" Lin Mu said as he pulled out the Spatial storage treasures from the First elder's body before pulling out a token.

Lin Mu had put the body of the first elder in his ring after killing him and had thought that he would check his palatial storage treasures later. But didn't expect for the opportunity to come this quickly.


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