Walker Of The Worlds

Lin Mu was an orphan living in a country town. Having no knowledge of cultivation, he was a common peasant. This was until he discovered a mysterious ring stuck in a tree. Wearing it, a new world opened up to Lin Mu. The world of cultivation! The ring bestowed Lin Mu with the ability to cultivate while also giving him the ability to manipulate space. Snatching treasures, exploring unknown realms, looting secret grottos, everything was possible with the ring. Witness Lin Mu as he learns his purpose in life, finds his destiny, meets impeccable experts and beings. Watch him as he learns the truth of the cosmos, and becomes its saviour! Tags: #weak to strong #Beast taming #Beast companions #Monster Master #World Exploration #NO YOUNG MASTERS #NO HAREM ----- Old Synopsis: Lin Mu was a common boy living in a small town, ostracized by the townsmen because of a mistake he made during the harvest, his house seized to compensate for it. Forced to fend for himself in the outskirts, he finds a rusty ring embedded in the tree where he always used to play as a child. Witness his story as the mysterious rusty ring changes his destiny forever, opening him up to a world he would never have experienced, people he would have never met, and powers he would have never had. Instagram: grand_void_daoist -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Join the discord-https://discord.gg/VfJFxXnbAE

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Choice Of An Immortal Weapon

When Lin Mu had made his first Dao Shell, it had reached a maximum size of Ten meters. That alone was a huge accomplishment, not to mention that it wasn't a normal sphere Dao shell, but rather had a unique shape.

But now, Lin Mu had exceeded that by ten times!

This was a massive increase that shouldn't even be possible by normal means. It was said that reaching Ten meters was the sign of great talent, and reaching twenty meters was the absolute limit, but Lin Mu had gone past that.

Even in the memoirs of the Lost Immortal, Lin Mu had never read about a Dao Shell that was as big as this. After all, even the largest of Dao Embryos could be accommodated within a twenty meter sized Dao shell.

Lin Mu didn't care for this though. What he wanted to see was the absolute limit of a Dao Shell. 

The twenty meter limit wasn't wrong either in a sense. What it didn't apply to was the kind of Dao shell.