626 A New Destination

After feeling a bit better in a minute or so, Jing Luo decided to continue his explanation.

"The belt can be socketed with spirit stones of different grades and can provide a steady high output of spirit Qi that a cultivator cannot provide himself normally. But… I expanded the belt to the max and eighteen high grade spirit stones seem to be the limit for it." Jing Luo said as he withdrew the belt from his spatial storage ring.

Lin Mu looked at the belt and saw that most of the inscriptions on it were destroyed and looked like they were burned off. 

"The amount of continuous spirit Qi needed by the wind strider boots destroyed a high capacity spirit Qi infusion belt as well." Jing Luo said with a sigh.

"So if it were a lower number of High Grade spirit stones, the formations would not have been destroyed?" Lin Mu questioned.


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