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Waking up as Kushina: Naruto Fanfic


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I didn't even imagine waking up on Naruto World especially in the body of Kushina, who supposedly dead. We'll I'll tell you what happened. She and her friends are cosplying, and yeah she dressed as Kushina. And all of a sudden she blocked out and wake up on a forest. She freaked out, especially the foreign memories that emerge with her current one. "S-shit, t-that memories was-s Kushina Uzumaki" __________________________________ -Future chapter- "Who are you?!, and why do you have her face?!" said by the blond man who are the husband of Kushina and currently the 4rth Hokage. __________________________________ The Picture is not mine and if you are the creator and want me to take it down, pls tell me and i will. Naruto is not mine but the fanfic is.


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