74 The Return

The rest of the evening dazzled by faster than Lucretia had imagined and soon, it was bed time. Linsey and herself had a few more chit chats before finally gliding into their beds.

If there was something that Lucretia could have really wished for that night, it would have been for the next day to never come but that was a wish upon a sky.

Tugging herself well under her blanket, she soon drifted off to sleep. She didn't even know when her eyes gave in.


It was around 6am in the morning when the irritating ring of the alarm beside her bed was far heard in her sleep.

"Can you turn that off." She heard Linsey muttered with a sleepy voice, followed with a groan. "Who even sets an alarm on Saturday."

Lucretia instinctively squirted her eyes opened, tapping the alarm into silence. She glanced up at the glass window to see the bright sun fully up in the sky. She swiftly gazed at Linsey's bed to see her adjusting her blanket over herself.

Though it was early, she could hear foot steps downstairs which meant Linsey's mother was already up. Judging from the sweet smell which had maneuvered it's way to the room, Lucretia could tell that she was probably preparing breakfast and some snacks which she could go along with on her flight.

Not wasting another minute, she glided down the bed, leaving Linsey to sleep in for a while whiles she shuffled into the washroom with the mindset that Linsey would be awake by the time she returns. Stepping in, she went on with her usual morning routine.

Within the next 30mins, she sauntered out with a towel wrapped around herself, looking refreshed with a sweet rose flower smell lingering over her which was left on her body by the brand of soap she used.

The sight of Linsey still in bed instantly pulled Lucretia like a magnetic field to her.

"Hey–" She said as she neared her, fiercely but jokingly shaking her. "Are you kidding me or what?" She commented with a slightly raised voice, making Linsey groaned whiles she tried to pull the blanket over her head. "Why still sleeping when we have a flight to catch." She went on, struggling with Linsey over the blanket as she tried to prevent her from covering herself but that wasn't really paying off.

Knowing what could just do the trick, Lucretia started tickling Linsey. In no time, she started giggling, tossing and turning on the bed with Lucretia still on her. The next thing she knew, she rolled off the bed, falling heavily on her bump like a bag of rice, making a loud sound on the floor.

Lucretia instantly chortled, finally getting what she wanted.

"Luc–" Linsey grumbled, her face slightly contorted into a grumpy look.

Lucretia instinctively stretched out her tongue teasingly and stuttered off to the wardrobe where she had left a set of outfits to wear when leaving whiles Linsey sauntered off to the washroom.

Not long had she entered that the tap on the sink was heard flowing.

At that moment, Lucretia brought out her blue jeans coupled with an off white sweetheart top and a mini coat to go with. She was about getting into it when a ring from her phone drew her attention to it. Hastily rushing over to the bed, she picked it up and it was a call from her Mother.

"Mum–?" She uttered on adjusting the phone over her ears while she got into her trousers.

"Have you set off yet?" Lucretia heard her mother questioned over the phone.

"No mum." She hastily answered as she reached put for her top from the bed. "I'm yet to set off. Probably in 30mins time."

"Alright, just make sure you don't miss your flight." Mrs Angelica cautioned. "You only have an hour and a half from now." She went on. "Make sure you've got all your things too."

Mrs. Angelica was about spelling out all the things when Lucretia instinctively snapped in, clearing her throat.

"No need to worry mum– I've got everything." She muttered in assurance. "Linsey's mum is even making me some snacks to go along with." She continued, her voice betraying her smiles.

Mrs. Angelica noticing from Lucretia's expression that she was overreacting, instinctively giggled.

"I'm sorry dear." She apologized amidst smiles. "I'm so excited that you're coming back. I really missed."

"I know mum–I missed you too." Lucretia answered, pausing for some seconds. "But that will soon be in the past." She giggled. "See you soon mum."

"See you soon dear." Mrs Angelica replied and went off the line.

Lucretia glanced at the screen of the phone and her mouth curved into a bright smile. By now, she was fully dressed. She glanced up from her phone to see Linsey now coming from the washroom with a towel wrapped across her chest.

"Was that your mum?" She questioned, walking over to the dressing mirror.

Lucretia mumbled her response as she sat on the bed, picking up her sandals. "Are you sure Anita will be coming?" She suddenly muttered out of the blue which made Linsey paused what she was doing to glance at her.

"Why not?" She queried with a quizzical look on her face. "We're BBFs , remember?" She added and turned back to getting dressed.

"It's just that I haven't heard from her since yesterday." Lucretia hinted, slipping her foot into the sandals. "Hoping she doesn't really, like really really bounce on me. It's seriously going to be her end if she does that. Trust me." She muttered with all the seriousness, making Linsey chortled.

"I can really see that. " She replied with a nod, sounding a bit sarcastic.

They were still chit chatting whiles making sure for the last time that they had everything packed when Linsey's mother called out to them to come down for breakfast.

"Coming –" They both chorused and sauntered to the door, walking into the corridor.

Getting to the dinning table, they saw Anita helping Linsey's mother. Linsey's father on the other hand an early morning meeting at work so left earlier than usual.

"Were you two never going to come down?" Anita questioned on seeing them. "I've been here for almost about an hour now." She went on as they all settled behind their meals.

"And you didn't even bother to come up?" Lucretia queried. "I thought you were bouncing on me." She hinted and Anita crinkled her noise, digging into her meal.

"Come on girls–" Mrs. Mark interrupted, noticing the time. "We better hurry else someone will miss her flight. " She warned, pushing over a brown paper pack to Lucretia. "You should take this. Some few cookies to go with." She muttered amidst smiles.

"Thank you. " Lucretia replied, putting it beside her plate.

The rest of the meals continued in silence and soon, they were done. They helped clear the table then went for Lucretia's bags whiles Mrs. Mark got the car ready.

Within the next 2mins, they joined her in the car. When everyone had settled in, she slowly drove from their yard into the main street then sped off.


Back in the States, prop, the talent show and graduation was fast drawing nearer. Everybody was busily preparing themselves especially for the talent show and Philip was no different but then, he had an issue.

He had been rehearsing for a while now but all of a sudden, her solo performance has been changed into duet which he had no idea about but only just found out from one of his mates through a Watsapp message. Being not so sure of this, he decided to call Eugene.

Philip instinctively slammed himself in his bed, searching through his phone for Eugene 's number which he found with ease. He dialled and after a few rings, Eugene answered. He was about querying on the information he had gotten when he heard Mimie's voice at the background.

"Lucretia's mother said she's coming back today." She said, her voice evident that she had smiles dancing on her face. "Mrs. Angelica said she will be here within the next 3hours." She went on but stopped with her words for some seconds. "Who are you talking to? " She questioned, sounding quizzical.

It was then that it dawn on both Eugene and Philip that they were on phone. "Oh it's Phil." He heard Eugene replied. "Hello Phil?" He answered but Philip hanged up at that instant.

"Luc is coming today?" He grumbled to himself as his face lifted up with a smile, forgetting all about his solo which got changed. He hastily checked the time and he had about 2hours before the flight alights. "I need to go to the airport. " He sprung up, about to leave bit then stopped in his tracks as it dawned on him. "What if she still doesn't want to see me?" He thought for a long while. "Maybe I should just give it a try." He mumbled and stormed out of his room.