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Dying to people who I may have actually offended on a fundamental level wasn’t that surprising. Infuriating but still, not that surprising. Being offered to become a waifu collector in another world was surprising though. Now just have to make the best of it. Which means taking the world for myself. Because Konoha was a sacred tree and it was time for its roots to entangle the world and let its branches and leaves cast a shadow over all the nations! And even beyond them to other world! Cover Image in order to lure in the horni Warnings: •Power Fantasy with Plot •Senju MC with Mokuton •Harem(Waifu Catalog, duh) •Neutral Evil MC •AU Naruto world(Genderbent and other changes) •Characters aged up for purely aesthetic reasons, they are not stronger than they were in canon •Patriotism? Not sure if it is the right word for our MC(Danzo would like his goal) •If you even think about taking the MC as a role model, either get a therapist or get yourself admitted in Arkham Asylum(or maybe not since everyone and their dog can get out of there at least once a month)

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Chapter 27

Ahh, some peace and quiet. Wasn't it glorious.

"Poke him with a stick."

Truly, nothing could...

"You poke him with a stick."

...compare to it.

"Why do I have to do it?

And nothing could...

"Didn't you say he's like a brother to you? He'll be more lenient on you."

...ruin it.

"No, he'll just take payback and then act like nothing happened while reading his porn!"

Not even unruly students...

"Then why should we poke him?!"

...who did their best to not let their adorable and dutiful sensei sleep!


Though finally his students left his side as somebody knocked on their door.

"Ah! Daiki!" He heard Naruko shout and realized that he wasn't going to get anymore sleep so he forced himself to get to a sitting position from his lying down position, his body protesting to any and all movements.

Honestly, he didn't think he had ever been as grateful to Kushina-san as of now. After the widowed wife of his late sensei had recovered enough to get out of the hospital, she had quite literally ambushed him at his apartment with the small form of Naruko sleeping peacefully in her arms as she started to threaten him with unspeakable things if he did not stop throwing himself at missions that most others had classified as 'glorified suicide'.

He had made the mistake of thinking that she was bluffing and went to another high ranked mission. When he returned, the Uzumaki matriarch had left her daughter with the Uchiha matriarch and then beat the living shit out of him. All the time muttering about how he couldn't hurt himself if she hurt him first. He had stayed in hospital for a month, though to be honest the last week of that month was him pretending to be hurt so that the Red Hot Habanero wouldn't attack him again.

After that, Kushina-san had become a constant part of his daily life. Making sure that he was getting proper rest, eating properly and training properly. If it hadn't been for the Hokage, she probably would have forced him to move in with her.

It was thanks to her forcing him to train constantly that he had managed to defeat Zabuza and only had a mild case of chakra exhaustion. He didn't want to imagine how the battle would have gone if he had fought the Demon of Mist after a years of the lifestyle he had until few week after Minato sensei's death instead of the life of constant training he had led.

He probably wouldn't have been able to move without a crutch or something. Or if the reinforcement had seen him like that…

'You look pathetic, Kakashi.' He didn't even want to imagine such a scenario.

"Sleeping on the job, you really have no shame do you?" Yugao said as she walked into the room with a dull look on her face. There was only one way to answer that.

"Hmm, you say something?" And cue to grinding teeth and twitching eyebrow. Truly his, as Gai had dubbed it, 'hip and cool ways' were incredibly useful against the so called diligent people.

"Ne, ne, Kakashi sensei? Why is Daiki and his team here?" His cute little student slash pseudo sister asked with a tilt of her head that would have send her mother to a tirade about her daughter's adorableness if she had been with them.

"Hmm, I had sent a message to the village in order to get reinforcements after our battle against Zabuza. And I believe these are our esteemed reinforcements." Kakashi said with an eye smile, which seemed to irritate his student for some reason.

"Huh, why?! We can complete this mission by ourselves!" NAruko declared with a pout and Kakashi cursed the fact that his student was this adorable for if she wasn't then her mother would have beaten the stupid out of her just as she had beaten it out of him.

"No Naruko, we can't." He simply shook his head much to his student's shock. And from what he could see from the corner of his eye, Sakura and Satsuki were in similar positions; if a bit less dramatic.

"What do you mean, Kakashi sensei?! You already kicked that bandaged guy's ass once, even if he's still alive..."

"Zabuza's still alive?" Yugao cut in with a frown on her face.

"I thought he was killed by a hunter nin after your battle?"

"We believe that the 'Hunter nin' is working with Zabuza and have faked his death. A senbon to neck can create a fake death easily."

"And you didn't notice that?" Yugao asked with a raised eyebrow and Kakashi huffed at her.

"I had just gotten out of a fight with the Demon of Mist, cut me some slack damn it." Kakashi said as he crossed his arms over his chest and pouted, the twitching eyebrow from Yugao was really fun.

"Sensei!" Naruko yelled with an angry pout of her own, making Kakashi sigh.

"Naruko, to be perfectly honest I had decided to call for reinforcements the moment we encountered Zabuza." Kakashi admitted and then continued to explain as he saw the shock on his students' faces.

"If we were merely facing a B rank ninja, I wouldn't needed done that but our enemy was a renowned shinobi who is almost as strong as me. And now that we have defeated him, Gato will definitely hire someone else of similar renown. Put the masked ninja that is also collaborating with Zabuza, we can't complete this mission by ourselves." Kakashi explained with a sigh, already imagining the danger they would be facing from the newest enemy that Gato would be hiring.

"Wait a minute, what do you mean Gato will hire someone else?!" Tazuna cried out with a frightened expression, rather understandable since the enemies were aiming for his head but it really wasn't appreciated at the moment.

"Quiet down." A fact that Daiki made clear with his glare towards the bridge builder.

"Whu? Hey kid, is that anyway to talk to the client?" The old man asked with a frown and Kakashi could already see where this was going as Daisy's glare got colder.

"It definitely is the way to talk to clients who lie about mission parameters and almost got important people from our village killed in order to keep a few ryos to themselves." The Senju heir said darkly and Tazuna scooted away from him.

"Come on, our country does not have the money for..."

"Then you should have bargained for an alternate way of payment. Payment with installments is a thing, and it does not get one of our strongest Shinobi and the heiresses of two almost extinct clan almost killed." Daiki said harshly and Kakashi wondered if he should stop the kid before the bridge builder ended up pissing his pants or having a heart attack, they were supposed to keep him alive after all.

But the show was far too entertaining to stop.



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