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What is W.O.Y.I.N.T.O.K.O.N.I

Read W.O.Y.I.N.T.O.K.O.N.I novel written by the author Uzowei_Tokoni on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, covering survival, tragedy, beauty, teen, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When life hits hard. Woyintokoni found herself living a new life and in a new world, trying to sail through the challenges of life with the same persons she hates the most. In the journey of breaking free from depression secrets were revealed, bonds broken, new friendships formed, reputations crashed and lifes lost. Then the big question" Was the journey successful at the end or was it even worth it.

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I must say the story started off nicely. I like the plot and the storyline. Also the fact of not reading for a very long while before being served the drama. looking forward for the next chapters.


Amazing story line. I really enjoyed using this reading this book. Every bit of it was exciting. I can't wait for the ramaining chapters to drop.


Everything about this book is amazing. I already have a favorite character. I can't wait for the remaining chapters, every chapter comes with a new kind of chill.


These first two chapters are really amazing. I honestly can't wait for the author to start uploading the remaining chapters. Nice work. And I like the cover work.


I gave it a five over five rating. I can't wait for the rest chapters to be release. My favourite character for now is Kelechi. She seem pretty cool.


Really enjoyed this read. There was nothing which was an obvious turn off for the novel. The pacing was well done and the writing was well executed so everything is good for me. Only complaint is the stability of updates but hopefully that improves.


Wonderful. Really can't wait to see the end of this book. The writer should update the remaining chapters already. I'm sooo curios to know how everything ended.


I love Kelechi so much. She isn't the a** licking kjnd of friend. That girl will tell you the truth just as it is, no sugar coating. I'm really looking forward to read more about her in the book.


I don't really know how to explain how great this book is, it's a must read and I totally recommend it. keep up the good work author❤️❤️❤️❤️


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