33 Dead Dignity

In the Red leaves of Viridian Forest, Three figures watched a virtual screen in which Cheng Xiu's avatar disappeared in a streak of light.

"Brother," Diana said with a giggle. "Wasn't that fun to watch? That was fun to watch! I like her!"

Yaksha stared at the blue sky in thought. "She defeated Immortal Lotus. What do you think is her Cultivation path?"

"Righteous for sure," Luther said, pushing his glass up.

Diana frowned. "I don't like her anymore."

Yaksha chuckled. "Ah, Little sister, your love is so fickle."

"I hate Righteous sects."

Yaksha sobered. "Mm. I know."

Everyone had a story of how they became powerful. NPCs especially. And Diana's rise to power was a tragic one.

There was no righteousness in this world. Those that preached the so-called "Good path" were the ones who needed it the most.

"Come on then," Yaksha said as he walked towards the Golden dome.

"We are going to crash the party?" Diana asked in excitement.

Yaksha smiled. "No. I just want to see my big brother get beat up."

Luther laughed. "Good one, young master!"

Yaksha smiled. "SelaXiu didn't use any other skill than swordplay to defeat Immortal Lotus. I wonder how my brother will fair against such a formidable opponent."

"Formidable?" Diana asked.

"Young Master, surely you are exaggerating! Even if she got new skills from the Arena Market, Second Young Master is more familiar with his set of skills!"

Yaksha smiled. "Hm."


That would be an obstacle for anyone. But if this SelaXiu was her…How can his brother's familiarity with his skillsets be an advantage against a woman with an IQ at the S-Rank?

He had always been curious about her learning curve and now he would be able to see the real extent of her resourcefulness.

His heart started to beat fast at the thought of it. It had been a long time since he had felt this excited about something that was not The Other World.

'Sela,' he thought. 'Show me the secrets of your mind.'

Inside the golden dome, a streak of light appeared and pixelated away, leaving behind the thin form of Cheng Xiu.

The robe she wore had changed.

Instead of the white robe with brown designs woven in it, she now wore a Shiney white robe that had silver designs on it. Her long hair was pulled into a ponytail and a simple silver Carp hung at her hips.

The only thing that had colour about her was the bright red sword tied to her back virtually and the redness of her lips.

Lu WenXian started to move towards her to the centre of the clearing.

"Did she just have a wardrobe swa…" Long Hei, the green-clad healer of the Immortals looked at her in shock. "The arena gave her a new Armour and a sword?"

Star Phoenix sighed. "Nope. The Armour must be because she powered up."

Long Hei looked at him in shock. "Huh? She Levelled up?"

"Fighting with Lotus must have given her insight into her Cultivation method," Frost said.

"But…but you only get new Armour after milestones!" Long Hei said to the Blue haired girl. "Does that mean she got an insight into her Cultivation from just a level 10 match up? Isn't Wisdom Breakthrough something that can only be done in matches that pushes you to your limi-... Oh."

Yue smiled. "Her sword is definitely a reward though."

"The arena gives you weapons?" Matchstick asked in confusion. "Why didn't anyone tell me that before? If I had known that I would have bought all of the Grandmaster's Arena Talisman in the market so that I can have an infinite supply of high-grade weapons to give to Ms Love."

"That NPC blacksmith girl you wag your tail after in High City?" Long Hei asked. "why can't you leave even NPCs alone?"

"It's true love."


Matchstick glared and a ball of light in his palms.

Long Hei created a water ball in response.

They threw it at each other. Both dodged.

The ball of light nearly hit San Zhe in the head but the young man ducked behind Star Phoenix.

"Please don't fight!" San Zhe shouted. "I don't want to be collateral to your God level squabbles!"

Matchstick and Long Hei looked at the man hiding behind Star Phoenix in surprise.

Matchstick blushed. "Um…sorry man! I forgot that there are people who cannot protect themselves against attacks like ours."

Long Hei laughed awkwardly. "Yeah, sorry too."


[World Announcement: Grandmaster's Arena Battle 2

Match: SelaXiu Veritas x Lu WenXian

The battle begins!]

"It's starting!" WuQi shouted. "Woo! Yeah! Woo! Woo-hoo! Go, Brother Xian! I love you!"

Everyone moved away from her as the Indigo haired woman flailed her hands around in excitement.

Cheng Xiu looked over at the loud woman in surprise and then suppressed the laughter that threatened to spill out at the deadpanned look on Lu WenXian's face.

"Senior WenXian," Cheng Xiu called. He looked up at her. "Would you consider quitting this match and letting me get away from this arena?"

Lu WenXian smiled sweetly. "I'm sorry. I can't. I have a lovely younger sister who would be very disappointed in me if I did that."

Cheng Xiu shrugged. "Oh well. It was worth a try."

"Let's have a good match," Lu WenXian said with a sweet smile.

"Okay!" Cheng Xiu responded. "Let's!"

In Long City, the Display screen hologram was turned on once again atop the Arena building.

Chu Ying and Gu Shu sat at the forefront of the group. Chu Ying looked at the screen in excitement, whereas Gu Shu looked at the screen in fear.

"Sister Gu, Sister Cheng can do anything! Have faith in her!" Chu Ying said to her. "Besides, it's just a game!"

Gu Shu blinked at her. "I don't want her to lose."

"She won't."

Gu Shu gave the girl a hesitant nod and went back to stare at the screen intently.

Chu Ying followed suit.

In the Viridian Forest, three figures walked towards the Golden dome, but their eyes were glued to the Floating screen showing a man in black and red and a woman in silver facing each other.

"Do we stop to watch?" Luther asked Yaksha.

"Walk and watch," Yaksha said.


Diana giggled. "I hope the girl kills this one too."

Luther glared at her.

"I'm sure she will," Yaksha said to her.

Luther looked at Yaksha in exasperation. "Where is your dignity, Young master? You shouldn't be so blatantly biased."

"My dignity is dead in a ditch somewhere I'm sure."

On the screen, the countdown for the match began.

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