VRMMORPG: Legendary Level Zero

Author: Galanteo
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What is VRMMORPG: Legendary Level Zero

Read VRMMORPG: Legendary Level Zero novel written by the author Galanteo on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, magic, weaktostrong, harem, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


At a time when other players were fiercely striving to reach the peak level in the game, Leon was a distinct one. For a particular reason, he had remained at level zero - the Goddess of Sloth had chosen him to be her Champion. As a reward, she had generously bestowed him with five extraordinary skills, making him the strongest of all the players! [You have become the Champion of the Goddess of The Sloth.] [As the Champion of The Sloth, you have been graced with the privilege of Self Transcendence, a divine blessing.] [You have unlocked Bountiful Harvest skill] [You have unlocked Adaptive Equipment skill] [You have unlocked Quality Enhancement skill] [You have unlocked Domain Boundless Access skill] [You have unlocked Quest Advancement skill] The beginning of his journey was humble, but his extraordinary skill in the virtual realm of Yunatea quickly earned him a legendary status. He was so competent that the most complex levels posed no challenge to him. His fame brought him immense wealth, admiration from his peers and power in the real world. Not to mention, he had a multitude of women pursuing him! *** 2 Chapters/Day. Though if I end up coming home late from work and get held up in traffic, I might only be able to post one. Nevertheless, I am determined to do my best. Please consider buying the second tier of the privilege chapters; it's only two coins and you can read an additional ten chapters. Your support would be greatly appreciated and will motivate me to write even more! *** Additional Tags for the Book: Kingdom Building, Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Jewelry Crafting, Weapon Crafting, Armor Crafting. Multi-Class System, Seven Deadly Sins. Elves, Demons, Dragons, Dwarves, Faeries, Giants, and Beasts. Maids, Knights, Army Buildings, and a Lot of Magical Spells. Beautiful Princesses, Beautiful Goddesses, Attractive Side Characters, Kind Side Characters, and Helpful Side Characters. Monster Battles, Epic Wars, and a Fearless Main Character. And lastly, there are legendary weapons, legendary beasts, legendary spirits, and legendary wives! Though it may not be the main dish, the harem is still part of this captivating tale!

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Hello, new review from the Author. 1. Is this a harem story? Yes, it is a harem, but the harem elements are not the main focus of the book. The protagonist will eventually have relationships with multiple women, but that will happen further down the line. 2. Will the game and the real world become one? No, the protagonist will have two lives, one inside the game and one outside the game. He will gain wealth and reputation from the game, but also from the real world. 3. How are the characters portrayed? Are the side characters well-developed? The characters in the book are all unique and their personalities are well-defined. I'm sure you will be fond of both the protagonist, the female characters, and the side characters. 4. Are there wikis and illustrations? Please read the auxiliary chapters, where I provide illustrations and a link to a Google Sheet. Is there anything else you would like to know? Please leave your question in this review.


Honest reviews are here.. [Spoiler Alert] This is a story about MC who is struggling in his life and spends most of his time working.. But one day, he gets lucky by meeting the goddess of sloth, one of the seven sin and chosen to become her sole champion.. This is the new start of his life where he begins to spend more time on games instead of working.. The real world and the game world are not merging.. The author had already verified it.. Plus, there is "the company" that controls the games and can watch every player action, interaction, and activities.. They so know about the identity, secret, and classified information of every player.. The story is going to be quite interesting, but I lost interest the moment I saw how the author treated our MC.. First, MC got a bad reputation for stupid reasons.. For example, MC got reset into lv.0, and somehow he "forgot" his don't wear any armours since each armour got level limitation.. So, this naked incident is the author ways to give MC a bad reputation.. Kinda weird thought because there is one of MC's perks for becoming one of seven sin champions, which he could wear any armour or weapon of all classes (max Lv200).. What even worse, MC has been accused as a player killer.. The accuser made an extravagant fault statement in the news during interviews.. The true story is that MC has been ganged up by "multiple real player killer" who want to kill MC.. He just defends himself and kills one of them.. But the remaining player killer accused him and worsened his bad reputation after his naked incident.. But this doesn't end like that.. He almost got killed by the princess of that kingdom due to misunderstanding.. He also logged out at the open area.. When he logged back into the game, he appeared in the same place as that open area.. Unfortunately, that place is the place where princess camp are.. He was accused as pervert since he appeared inside the princess camp and got KILL right away DUE TO misunderstanding.. So, you can see how the author tried to build MC character from this.. There are already many misunderstandings right from the beginnings of the novel.. You can already imagine how much more "incidents" like these will appear later on.. Then, don't forget how slow the progress of MC growth.. It is extremely slow pace.. He has fallen behind other players as he just spent playing one hour per day in the game.. Instead of trying to grow stronger or train to become stronger fast, he trained to become "blacksmith" first.. There is going to be an event or competition between players, especially for goddess champion, where other goddess champions have already become top player as they go chosen much much earlier than MC.. I kinda love the plot of the story, but the slowness of the MC grow, the MC bad reputation, and not using his opportunity wisely is sure making the story annoying and frustrating.. The more I read, the more I feel like *#@?*@#.. So, I stopped reading it..


First off the story is well written and has a very interesting way of being told tell. But, sigh I am sad why does every story that has a really cool premise always have a main character surrounded by tons of misunderstandings. It’s never oh they gain cool powers or a awesome patron now let’s get started they always gain a bad rep. People think poorly of them and they have to hide their abilities though admittedly sometimes for good reason. So personally I am just tired of the use of that trope if that doesn’t bother you it’s a good story so far as I have read and maybe I’ll return once I am less exhausted by the constant misunderstanding story device.


okay New review currently in ch 50 and everything looks good the book is really amazing and takse a different approach to things if you want to find out more then read it


I like the pace and developement of the book. Author keeps your attention and interested as the book deletions. The main character gets delevoped evenly, even though he gets some crazy and awesome skills and items to work with.




the transition between updating times is not great but very good story


Reveal spoiler


The novel so far as of chap 200, is well written, paced and has good character growth, the only thing that would make it better is lemons!


The story is overall very good . I really enjoyed reading the initial part of this book and am eager to see its development in the future.


Love the start. It feels really solid, and the whole idea of being level zero is very intriguing for me. Definitely worth a try if you haven't started.


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