1 chapter 1

Life is boring. Always having to work, with little breaks on the weekend. We always, have something we need to do in order to live a 'comfortable' life. And in order to live that 'comfortable' life, we need to work those boring jobs that end up chipping away at our happiness. We need to go to school to learn those useless equations. We need to do the responsible thing, but that is the reason why life is so dull.

However we do have something to ease the dullness. Movies, anime, cartoons, and especially games. These are gateways to different realities. We can be superheroes, badass ninjas, and even a spy that gets every girl. In the end, to get rid of the feeling of boredom, we created things we could escape reality with. Movies, anime and cartoons are good in that way but what really takes the prize are games. In games, we can control our avatar and make decisions that we choose and not the creator.


"He's hell, hit 130"

In a small apartment, a boy at the age of 15 was playing a game on his computer in his dimly lit room. The boy had short black hair, brown eyes, and was a quite skinny. Over all the boy looked average. The teen playing the game sat back and spectated as he watched his teammate kill the opponent that was under something he called 'hell'.

"Good shit, gg's"

[GG's everyone, good shit boys]

After the game was done, the screen had changed and what transpired was the boy ranking up. The red star had changed into a weird diamond shaped icon. Seeing this icon, the boy smiled widely as he stretched his arms out and yawned.

"Finally. Its about time I reached radiant on this account"

The game he was playing was a popular fps game called 'Valorant'. The rank he got was the highest one could get, yet he didn't seem overjoyed. The reason for that was because it was one of many alt accounts he has that have reached that rank.

"Sammy, dinners ready"

A women's voice reached the boy now known as Sammy. Without hesitating he exited the game and shut his pc off before walking out of his room and walking to the dining table that was down the hall and a couple meters to the left.

Sitting down at the dining table, Sammy greeted his parents. His mother was on the older side at the age of forty while his father was younger by three years. His mother, Carla, had long black hair and his father, Paul, had short brown hair. The two had worn their blue plain matching pajamas, while Sammy wore comfortable sweats and a black long sleeve.

After they started to eat his mother asked him a question that made Sammy form a frown. He knew what was coming and he couldn't be more fed up.

"So you were ranked 15 this during the tests right?"

Sammy quietly sighed and responded to his mother, though hesitantly.

"Yes, mom"

"You could've done better. We have a tutor for that reason Sammy. I expect you to be in the top ten at least"

"Mom, its only fi-"

"No its not. Five ranks can determine a lot. Sweetie I'm saying this for your sake. Instead of playing those games, try studying harder"

"Dear, you know he's doing his best. Let him do what he wants on his free time"

"Paul, you know as well as I do that universities are hard to get accepted into. What if he won't get into the one he wants to"

"I know honey, but lets talk about this later and enjoy our dinner first"

After the short yet tiring conversation, Sammy started eating once again. After the quick dinner Sammy walked back into his room and shut the door before laying on his bed. Sighing he grabbed his phone that was beside him on a drawer.

Opening his phone he went on twitter and saw that he had been tagged in a post.

[Lucifer reaches rank 3 on Valorant. NA]

Lucifer was Sammy's gamer tag. Thought its a bit cringy and edgy, the name has been with him since his Call Of Duty days. Not only that but this name was known quite well among the gaming community, especially among those who follow fps games.

Sammy, though being only 15, was already seen as one of the best fps gamers in NA. Many pro teams have tried to sign him but upon learning his age, they helplessly sighed and took back their offers. That however didn't stop Sammy from competing in small tournaments with many famous pros and many scrimmages against pro teams.

Moral of the story is that Sammy is incredibly gifted in gaming and is certainly among the best of the best. He proves this by getting different accounts to the top rank every single time, whether it being CS:GO, Apex, Valorant and even Rocket League.

After scrolling through the thread, Sammy scrolled down until he found the post he's been waiting for. [New full immersive VR coming Wednesday. Pre Orders will arrive on Monday as well as its very first game]. After reading throughout the thread he turned off his phone with a smile. How couldn't he? The VR coming out is game changing and he even knows the game that will come with it is something to behold.

The game that was said to come with it was a magic/shooter game. It was a 5v5, similar to Valorant and CS: GO. That however was self explanatory since the companies that made almost every game came together and created this one. The best of the best programmers had come together and created this shooter type game. Why this genre and not a fantasy type, world exploring world? The answer was because it would be boring. Not at first but after a while, the grinding would turn into a chore and start to make people turn away from it. Not only that but the amount of effort needed into making a adventure world game with fantasy elements and making sure that there were new spells for mages and different buffs was immense.

That is why they decided to go with a fantasy type shooter. Though its simple, fps games are highly rated and competitive. Also, with the VR being fully immersive the game will surely be different from what anyone believed it would be like. Since the game and the VR system's creators hadn't had a beta test, everyone would surely be at the same level, except the ones who preordered it, but they wouldn't be too far ahead. Sammy for one was excited about that. Who wouldn't want to start a brand new game and reach the top when you know no one had an advantage over you?

After many thoughts went through his head he finally got up from his bed and turned on his computer. While the computer was turning on he messaged his friends if they wanted to play Valorant or CS:GO, and they happily accepted the invitation.

Sammy then logged into his lowest account for Valorant- Ranked Plat- and invited his friends to his party. Once they joined, one of the two friends he was playing with called on discord. Sammy accepted and queued up for a match.


AN: Hope you liked the intro to his life and a sneak peak of his family.

- This story will have a ton of game play and slice of life so be warned. No real world super powers, no harem and maybe some romance. Hope you guys enjoyed and come back for coming chapters.