Vows and Bullets Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Vows and Bullets


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[WARNING: Mature Content] Agent Selene and Agent Helios had always been at each other’s throats, competing as the top agent for the secret organization “Mythos.” But that competition would have to stop as they were suddenly called to cooperate for the hardest mission there ever was. “Agents, both of you have been chosen to work together and go undercover to infiltrate the biggest, most dangerous, and longest-running syndicate there is—Kraken….” “Sounds fun. What will be our cover?” “A married couple.” “Oh, a married—WHAT?!” Having no choice but to put a temporary truce on their feud, they set out to complete the mission. However, when the mysteries started completing themselves like a puzzle, their once friendly rivalry just turned into one hell of a reality. Driven by the ghost of their pasts, they found themselves pointing the gun toward each other. Will they choose the path of revenge draped in cold blood? Will their love be greater than the scream of justice and vengeance? Or perhaps, there’s something more that’s carefully hidden in the dark? __________________________ This book comes in 3 Acts, separated into Volumes: Act 1: Operation Upheaval Act 2: Operation Mayhem Act 3: Operation Havoc __________________________ GIVE ME A TIP: paypal.me/macybae FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram: author_macy_bae Tiktok: macy_bae_writes Facebook Page: Macy_Bae Youtube: Macy_Bae Spotify: Macy Bae Join my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hWB6mmt __________________________ Commissioned cover by @wind.fy You may find her on Instagram.