86 Memories [2]

With her speed and stamina as a peak 2nd class, it didn't take long for Elena to reach the school. Looking at the large two-story building once again made her reminisce, but she shook off her thoughts and headed inside.

She was about an hour late to the reunion and hadn't bothered to dress up, wearing a simple shirt and jeans, but she still gathered a great deal of attention when she walked in.

It was to be expected from someone who could objectively be titled as one of the most beautiful women on earth.

Still, Elena didn't pay them any attention. She simply grabbed some food for herself and walked to a corner, silently looking out for the only person she came to meet.

On her way, she heard the usual conversations about occupations and how people's lives went after they graduated, but it was different from a normal reunion. After all, their main topics were classes and levels, and also their lives working for Asgard and other smaller organizations that were under it.


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