Virtual World: Rise of the Sword Saint

Zephyr is an ordinary high school student. He is considered to be very handsome, but no girls approaches him as his grades were average and he doesn't excel in anything. But not known to anyone that he is doing it on purpose. He can be considered as an ultimate talented fellow but he doesn't shows it to others as he doesn't want any attention to be directed to him. He is somewhat socially awkward, as he is terrible at communicating with people and fails at correctly associating with them. As a result, he tends to isolate himself from his peers, not getting involved with social activities. One day on his way home. he saw an advertisement of the worlds first fully immersive VRMMORPG called Tensura. Allowing players with skill sets in reality like martial arts and archery to benefit the game. Zephyr was interested and decided to play the game as he was tired of his boring lifestyle. However, luck followed him as he become a Sword Saint and the first legendary class player. #Warning photo not mine. #Source Pinterest. #English is not my first language so expect many error in grammar. #Hope the fan-fic is to your liking.

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101 Chs

Chapter 99

[You are the first to accomplish many feats that doesn't exist in any legends or myths.]

[Your great achievement will generate the...]

Several achievements of Zephyr was the first to be recorded in any legend or myth. It was hard to believe even when seeing it. It was a sight that far exceeded the wisdom and imagination of the gods.

If any Tier 6 Gods would know this, they could only say one thing "We have to avoid it."

The unknown was a very fatal threat to gods. Something that an omniscient and omnipotent god didn't know? It was an act that denied the god itself. Their divinity would be greatly damaged.




[We are working on analyzing the situation...]



[We are working on analyzing the situation...]

Zephyr's notification windows were having errors. Ignoring the series of notifications, Zephyr just stared at the resurrected Hyrkan who's began laughing loudly.

「Kufuahahaha! The great me, is finally reborn!」

The world message emerged.

[Arcane Dragon Hyrkan Lexus has been resurrected!!]

"Ah…!!" Exclamations rang out from all over the place. People didn't know much about dragons. They couldn't afford to study and understand the transcendent species that could destroy human civilization with a single flap of their wings.

This had a huge impact on players as well. The information about dragons depicted in literature and quests that players could access was limited.

At the same time, the panelists received the news and started scrambling.

『 The Arcane Dragon has been resurrected?』

『 An unprecedented situation...! Isn't it likely to be a metaphorical expression? As you know, dragons are absolute in Tensura's world view.』

『According to the records I had stumbled by luck, it was stated that the Arcane Dragon is the strongest among all dragons. 』

Most of the big issues that had arisen in Tensura were related to Zephyr. This message might be insignificant to the players and simply treated this as an event but to some transcendents, it was the worst news at all.

The reason was, it was because the strongest transcendent has returned. Without Zephyr caring about the commotion that took place in Tensura, he just looked at Hyrkan who immediately took a human appearance instead of his dragon form.

He looks like a handsome young man in high school. He has straight blue hair and bands down to his neck and amber brown eyes.

He had long silvery eyelashes that shone like fog, a nose and jawline that millions of artists couldn't obtain through plastic surgery even if they collaborated, and eyes in which flames seemed to have been trapped. On his body he bears the same light blue markings he does when he is a Dragon.

Hyrkan's polymorphed human appearance was so beautiful that it was beyond the imaginations. His appearance was enough to make people wonder if he was the 'source' of beauty.

"Sigh..." Hyrkan's breaths echoed in the silent cave. Every time he breathed, water dripped into his deep clavicle. The transparent water flowed over his broad chest and smooth waist.

In the eyes of the resurrected Hyrkan there was no hatred about being sealed, only indifference. It was like he didn't care about it anymore.


If girls would witness his appearance at this moment, they would totally swallow their saliva continuously and finally had a nosebleed.

Some shy type might keep blushing and fidgeting, but couldn't keep her eyes off Hyrkan right till the end. The same was true for the other men. Both men and women will be fascinated by Hyrkan.

「Fuahahaha! Those who defy me will be slaughtered!」

"Old man, you really know how to say strange words."

The grinning Hyrkan immediately looked at Zephyr with smile. He put on his hand and Zephyr's shoulder and reached out quietly. His long white fingers touched Zephyr. 'So this is how my buddy feels.'

Having been resurrected after hundreds of years, Hyrkan felt a deep gratitude. After spending 500 years in boredom and solitude, he was more thrilled at this moment as he could finally do what he want.

Staring at Zephyr who didn't responded, Hyrkan let out a sigh. It was because Zephyr remained calm as Zephyr didn't feel a thing when Hyrkan was resurrected aside from his interest and curiosity.

Hyrkan knows the reason why Zephyr tried to resurrect him. As someone who had access in Zephyr's memories, he knows that Zephyr experimented if he would feel elated or feel any sort of emotions about this so called friend's resurrection but sadly not and still emotionless.

As the best subject of Pandora who had undergone and survived the harsh and cruel environment of the facility, it made his emotions to become numb and slowly disappear over time as he becomes the best in there.

There were also other reason. Because of his new and latest mission, Hyrkan knew that he was part of Zephyr's plan for his mission. The next step on Zephyr's plan was to create a city and his existence is a crucial one.

The reason is, every city needed a Tier 6 Guardian like the White Tiger. A Tier 6 Guardian were the ones that determines the existence of the towns, cities, kingdoms or any forms of territory. In Tensura the Elemental Essence was quite dense, and was at least 10 times denser than on earth.

The density and high activity of the Elemental Essence in Tensura resulted in creatures in being far more powerful than creatures on earth, and had a much longer lifespan.

However, there were downsides to this- such as frequent natural disasters like cyclones, floods, bushfires, tornados, thunderstorms, earthquakes… no matter if it was the frequency or severity, they were 10 times worse than on earth as well.

Humans or any other existence simply couldn't resist nature, and because of how important Cities or any territories were, inhabitants simply couldn't allow them to be continuously destroyed.

As such, the Mythical Guardians came. Every sizeable city had a Tier 6 Guardians, whether it was from towns, city, kingdom or even an empire. The Guardians had the ability to stabilise the Elemental Essence around a city… more directly, they absorbed the excess Elemental Essence in order to prevent natural disasters from occurring.

They also prevent and protected the city from any invasions that the inhabitants could no longer handle themselves and would step in during a dire moment.

That meant that if there is no Tier 6 Guardian in the city, the city would be completely and utterly destroyed. As such, a city had to have a Guardian, and the Guardian had to be so powerful that it could protect the city.

In Tensura, all of the Main Cities or even Kingdoms and Empire, there would be powerful Guardians always protecting the territory. Some were gods, some were beasts, as long as they were certified Tier 6 transcendents.

「Why so cold? Well I already expected this though but seeing your reaction really stings you know?」

"You know me well so deal with it."

「Well you entering the ranks of those Demon Lords even you're just a Tier 2 is really amazing. Not to mention you've also awakened as a True Hero at the same time. You could be considered as an irregular just with that.」

Considering that Zephyr's case don't just awaken everyday, it would be a pretty rare occurrence.

Hyrkan then grinned.

「Also the effects of our contract is really interesting. As long as you exist, I'm literally immortal.

Considering that I'm already invincible, I've become an even more immortal in any sense.」

Well that is assuming that Zephyr will continue living but as a player who can revive infinitely, this means that Hyrkan has also gained the previlage of a player through Zephyr that should not be possible for an NPC.

Also if someone were to ever manages to corner Zephyr together with his legion of death, he could just summon and make the feared strongest dragon to appear.

"Now that we've cracked the seal and you have been reborn reborn, should we let your aura go rampant like that?"

Zephyr pointed out the overwhelming aura of Hyrkan as he glanced at Osiris and Tetsuya who were kneeling on the ground as if being suffocated. Unlike Zephyr who was not even bit affected as aside from being Hyrkan's contractor, they also have the same draconic nature of the Arcane Dragon.

「Ah! Tetsuya the Kyuubi and Osiris the Demon Earl. Pardon me, maybe I should do that?」

After being reminded of their existence, Hyrkan posed a question as he glanced at Zephyr at the same time. As having the memories of Zephyr and knowing the origin of Osiris, Hyrkan quiet liked the two.

Hyrkan then clenched his fists and lower his body as he took a certain stance. He then roared loudly and yellow magic power surrounded him.

After roaring for a while, Hyrkan spoke.

「How's that?」

"Not bad."

Feeling that the rampaging magic power calmed down as it shrinked and been absorbed into the body of Hyrkan, Zephyr affirmed without batting an eye on what just Hyrkan had done.

As the tremendous magic power of Hyrkan disappeared after being controlled, a laugh was heard.

「Kufufufu. So this is the dragons power. With such power it's no wonder the Demon Kings were afraid of them.」

As he had only become a demon for 3 years, Osiris still didn't quite understand why the demons in the Demon World feared them to the extreme but he heard certain rumors.

However Osiris isn't an ordinary demon, as a demon with the memories of an otaku, he had a different reaction unlike the demons.

He also recognized what Hyrkan had just done as it made him remember something from Hyrkan's gig. He had some suspicions but he still didn't rash into conclusions.

As a demon, he had a vague background about the dragons according to his [Demonic Knowledge] but as he was just a newly Tier 4 Demon Noblesse, his qualifications was still very low to allow him to obtain more knowledge.

「Kufufufu, since my lord has made Lord Hyrkan to be reborn, what would be the relationship between Lord Zephyr and Lord Hyrkan?」

Osiris asked but he is trying to hide his trembling and grin. It was because he is very thrilled at the idea of befriending a dragon who was an absolute existence in Tensura.

「Kufufufu? Do you want to know?」

Hyrkan posed a question in a mischievous manner. A glint appeared in his eyes as he then placed his arm in Zephyr shoulder as he made a pose at the same time pointing his fingers above.

「He is none other my Sworn-Friend and my other half! ! !」

After roaring, those words echoed throughout the entire cave. Osiris then released the grin he had been holding back.

「Fufufu, to think my master would have this connection with a dragon, should I say as expected of my great master?」

「Kuafuhahahaha! Demon Osiris, you really understand my BFF's greatness. Kuafuahahaha! !」

As the two were laughing, Tetsuya couldn't help but mutter but it was loud enough to be heard by them.

「This guys were really strange. Are we really gonna be okay with them Master-dude?」

The two stopped laughing and immediately stared at Tetsuya at the same time. Like an eternity had passed, they remained silent unable to come up with the words to defend themselves.

"Well enough with that, I guess I should advance my tier now."

Hearing that Zephyr now intended to raise his tier to enter Tier 3, Hyrkan spoke.

「Well I can ascend you to Tier 3 right now but knowing your nature, you probably didn't want such easy thing to happen as it will just make things less interesting.」

Unlike the process of becoming a Tier 1 and Tier 2 that is conducted at the Class Advancement Center, to become a Tier 3, one need to go to the hidden King Ascension Hall.


It is a desolate place at the very end of the West Continent. Normally, you need to go to the Class Advancement Center to ask for a teleport waypoint to reach the place by paying a fee but in Zephyr's case, he don't need to pay if he have his method of transportation.

As the system were still analyzing his rewards for the meantime, Zephyr thought it would be better to use this opportunity to raise his tier and include the rewards of becoming a Tier 3 in there.

He wondered what trial he would take as expected it to be interesting. He might not obtain what he want but as long as it interests Zephyr, it doesn't matter. With such thoughts in his mind, Zephyr moved to leave the cave.

"Let's go."