Virtual World: Rise of the Sword Saint

Zephyr is an ordinary high school student. He is considered to be very handsome, but no girls approaches him as his grades were average and he doesn't excel in anything. But not known to anyone that he is doing it on purpose. He can be considered as an ultimate talented fellow but he doesn't shows it to others as he doesn't want any attention to be directed to him. He is somewhat socially awkward, as he is terrible at communicating with people and fails at correctly associating with them. As a result, he tends to isolate himself from his peers, not getting involved with social activities. One day on his way home. he saw an advertisement of the worlds first fully immersive VRMMORPG called Tensura. Allowing players with skill sets in reality like martial arts and archery to benefit the game. Zephyr was interested and decided to play the game as he was tired of his boring lifestyle. However, luck followed him as he become a Sword Saint and the first legendary class player. #Warning photo not mine. #Source Pinterest. #English is not my first language so expect many error in grammar. #Hope the fan-fic is to your liking.

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Chapter 100

Zephyr might be powerful, enough to give various powerhouses some headache, but to truly contend against them, he had to reach Tier 3 at the very least.

In this world, there were many limits a Tier 2 can do. Once he was a Tier 3, he could freely explore high level maps and to fully qualify as a king, gaining full rights to manage a territory.

As a true king, he could fully take control of the land they had earned. The authority would no longer be limited to a mere town or city. Not only he would have the absolute authority to slay anyone he wished in the territory, but he could also hire NPC soldiers to protect the territory and remove the intruders without being intervined by the other kingdoms.

It was to be noted that the realm of Tier 3 was a realm that was unable to be reached by the many and according to Zephyr's knowledge, among billions of inhabitants of Tensura, there were only hundreds of individuals who managed to become a Tier 3 excluding those from the transcendent races.

Meaning among billions of people across the globe of Tensura, not even 1% of them could reach Tier 3 for the rest of their lives and got stock at Tier 2 throughout their lifetime.

Tier 3 promotion quest was very different from Tier 1 and Tier 2 promotion quests in the sense that the entire West Continent of Tensura, only one place could be found that offered this test.

Unlike the Tier 1 and Tier 2 promotion quests, not everyone could take the Tier 3 promotion quests. One had to fulfill several criteria and sufficient achievements and qualifications to be eligible for undertaking the Tier 3 promotion quests.


1. Achieve significant achievements and karma worthy of a king.

2. Must not be under level 100.

3. Class must be atleast unique rated.

4. Completion rate of Tier 1 and Tier 2 promotion quests must be atleast of the minimum of S-rank.

For the criteria required for the achievements, Zephyr who had stacked several achievements, this wasn't much of a problem to him. His achievements far surpassed anyone could do throughout their lifetime.

This was done so that undeserving candidates could not take the exam. The requirements must be hard for others but for Zephyr, he didn't need to pay effort to it.

Tier 3 was the peak of mortal stages before Legendary Tier 4 and the realm of the transcendent demi-gods.

There's also another catch, if a normal player or any entity including NPC managed to have SSS rank completion rates until Tier 4, they would obtain a hidden legendary class of their class aside from legendary classes that was hidden in the masses.

Meaning, the realm of Tier 4 is the true realm where legends shine and Tier 3 were just below them, standing in the peak of power ranking hierarchy of Tensura.

Flying in the air going towards his destination, Zephyr was quite curious what promotion quest he would take. Zephyr, Osiris, and Hyrkan had been flying for 3 days already trying to reach the Shrine of King Ascension Hall.

If they would only try, they could reach their destination within a day but Zephyr decided to take it slow and tried to enjoy the feeling of flying in the air.

Hyrkan was also mesmerizing the feelings of freedom and didn't do anything rush. After a while, they arrived in a place filled with fogs. It was to be noted that they were still in the air in high altitude.

The three of them unconsciously used various eyes skills to see what's hidden in the fog and saw a vast mountain in it. As the place was very hidden, if not for their sights that easily saw through the fog, they would have already lost their way.

They did a few twists and turns until the fog slowly gets thinner and the surroundings that was obscured by fog is slowly being revealed by anyone.

They landed on the foothold of the shrine. The Shrine of King Ascension Hall has the magnificent structure that exposed its grandeur. Before they could enter, they heard a voice.


Suddenly a pressure that could make someone kneel emerged but for the three of them, they were not affected even a bit including Tetsuya who was on Osiris' head.


The voice shook seeing that they were not even affected by the pressure as it did not know that such pressure wouldn't affect a Demon Noblesse and a dragon.

The entity behind the voice revealed itself with clear wariness was seen.

"You are the first ones trespass this place without the help of the Class Advancement Center. How the hell did you bypass the fog! ?"

A slender woman appeared in the shrine and slowly floated towards them. If not for her stylish clothes, anyone would mistake her for some kind of a ghost due to her pale complexion additionally she is floating.

As if not liking her attitude, Osiris scoffed while releasing the killing intent of a demon who survived the harsh and cruel environment of the demon world.

「Who do you think you are? You're in the presence of my master. Don't push your luck human.」

The entity frowned after recognizing that one of them is a demon. Much more, it's not just an ordinary demon but a very powerful demon earl at that.

「Anyway, we're here to get a tier promotion quest for my BFF. You are the one in charge of that right?」

Hyrkan stated in a trolling manner as his glare was fixed to the woman. Her complexion became even more paler noticing that Hyrkan was a dragon.

"Ha? Yes, I am the one."

She sheepishly replied as she couldn't believe she was in a presence of both Tier 4 and Tier 6 entities. However she knew that she couldn't make anything rash at this moment as she might lose her life.

"You better stop, both of you. You're making her suffer from unnecessary nervousness."

Zephyr calmly said seeing that the woman was on the verge of fainting as her mind was currently in a mess at this moment and he didn't care less about it. He just didn't want to be delayed.

Seeing Zephyr's cold gaze, the woman remembered her role.

"Are you the one who wanted to take the promotion quest?"


"I understand."

Without delaying to avoid to incur their displeasure, she closed her eyes and float higher than she originally is. The surroundings of the shrine glowed and Zephyr, Hyrkan, Osiris, and Tetsuya could feel the heavy mana swirling around the place.

She waved her hand and the surrounding area started to bend in her will. Different kind of matters was formed in her hands. It was like a galaxy was created by her.

She then chanted an incantation, a giant beam of light shone down causing a portal to be created.

"This portal will lead you to the Ancient World."

"The Ancient World contains many inheritance left behind by many gods and several transcendents. If you successfully advanced into a Tier 3, you'll obtain incredible power."

"Of course that place is also filled with immense danger. If you ever failed, you will forever lose the qualifications to become a Tier 3. Are you prepared?"

"Not a problem."

"Also, time flows slower in the Ancient World. So if you experienced a month in there, it would only be 30 hours here. Anyway it all depends in your skills in completing that place's objective. Goodluck! May the blessings of the gods be bestowed on you."


After calmly replying, Zephyr proceeded and entered to the portal. Hyrkan and Osiris followed without batting an eye to the woman.


However before the woman could say that only Zephyr could enter, she was shocked as the two were not rejected by the portal that only those who would undergo the test can enter.

Not knowing it was because of their connection towards Zephyr who was taking the test.

The moment Zephyr stepped into the portal, the light consumed his body and transformed into a streak of light at the same time. He then vanished without a trace disappearing in the large hall.

Zephyr felt he had been stock in a space-time. When he opened his eyes, he found himself standing halfway atop of a mountain. He was greeted by a sight of a quiet and vast forest stretching out as far as his eyes could reach.

It was as if he had been transported into a world of the giants. Trees were over 80 meters tall with large trunks that couldn't be easily measured.

Zephyr could also constantly feel some berserk energy assaulting his body, inflicting various debuffs on him but he resisted it all. If not, he would be as weak as a noob unable to exhibit his true combat prowess.

Zephyr then looked at the sky and saw sorts of flying creatures. Most were Wyrms, Wyverns and Drakes.


Rating: Unique

Level: 201

Tier: 4

Health: 2,120,000,000


Rating: Unique

Level: 210

Tier: 4

Health: 2,500,000,000


Rating: Unique

Level: 215

Tier: 4

Health: 3,000,000,000

Zephyr could guess that these creatures had extremely high amount of resistance to physical and magical damage. Normally even several Tier 3 players would have to work together in a party to defeat a single one.

Not only this place was vast, this place was a home of thousands of these creatures. Even just a single one of them were more than enough to single-handedly annihilate a team of Tier 3 players.

"So this is the Ancient World. Hmmm... I wonder where I'm supposed to get my tier promotion quest started."

Zephyr sweep his eyes throughout the landscape across him. "I can probably trigger some quest by fulfilling some sort of hidden condition."

「A brand new world to explore isn't it?」

Hyrkan murmured after stepping in the portal with interests on his eyes. He might followed Zephyr here but he had no intention to help Zephyr in this trial knowing Zephyr's nature.

Just as Hyrkan was about to continue speaking, a loud roar was heard behind them. A wyvern had detected them.

「Kufufufu, what a fool. Master should I take care of this fool?」

"No need."

Zephyr replied as he approached the Wyvern. Klein Hunting Sword that evolved into a dragon weapon appeared in his hand.

[Klein Hunting Sword]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 1,203/1,203 Attack Power: 2,895

* Strength + 353

* Agility + 345

* Vitality + 362

*Attack Speed + 25%

* Deals an addition 50% damage to monsters.

* Increases critical rate by 50% when attacking monsters.

* The chance of a monster dropping items when killed is increased by 40%.

* A 20% increase in the acquisition of character experience when a monster is killed.

★ Additional attack power is applied against the dragons species.

A sword made by the legendary blacksmith. A weapon made for efficient hunting that monster hunters love.

It evolved into a legendary dragon slaying weapon after dealing a fatal injury to a dragon and after being bathed by the dragon's blood of the Evil Dragon Nima.

The owner of this sword will leave countless achievements and will be the protagonists of hymns that future generations will sing.

User Restrictions: Dragon Slayer.]


The Wyvern let out a roar and immediately charged towards Zephyr. The Wyvern swiped its sharp fangs towards him.

Zephyr just let it charge towards him and casually slashed with the Klein Hunting Sword. A streak of light flashed out. Psssht! Blood sprayed throughout the air as a deep cut and wound opened up that pierced through its scales.

Its supposed to be resistant scales gave no protection to the wyvern as all forms of defense was useless in front of Zephyr. It didn't took long for Zephyr decimated the wyvern by several critical strikes.

With the effects of Zephyr's divinity, the wyvern that would have several Tier 3 to be annihilated didn't last long enough against Zephyr.

After killing the wyvern, a notification popped up.

[Tier 3 Advancement Quest]

Rating: SSS

[Description: Tier 3 is the perpetratory stage stage where one would refine the body to the outmost limit, making it suitable chance to break through the Demigod realms eventually.

Requirement: Defeat the endless horde of enemies in the Ancient World which has 1 tier higher than yours.

[Rewards: Advancement to Tier 3

Failure: 20 levels, Unable to retake the quest again.

Time Limit: 2 days.]


#Author Notes:

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