1 Bed TIME

What's this? Why can't I see anything, am I still sleeping or are my eyes still closed. My hands! They are locked up. I can feel my bedsheet, guess I am still on now bed.

Just who did this to me, wait are there thieves in my house. I can hear noises of footstep on the floor and it grew louder with every foot step.

I am shivering......

My sweats were breaking out, guess the person is approaching near me.....

I could only hear my loud breathes and the footsteps until they finally stopped. I don't sense any sort of noise; everything pin black.

Just then, three soft delicate fingers with sharp nails were gently touching my knees and moved slowly upward.

I could feel this yet,

I was shivering a bit but still the sensation caused extreme pleasure.

Oh, no! My dick is already hard and wait am I naked?

Did they removed my clothes?

All kinds of thoughts were running in my mind except one that overpowered others.

I tried to bent my knees to hide my boner. The soft hands that felt like feather straighten my knees and grabbed my dick with a tight grip by one hand and the other hand was playing with my balls.

My dick felt like a hard rock. The grip was tight but it felt smooth and soft. I suppose, these soft hands can only be owned by a woman.

The gentle press of ups and down and the increase in speed, I almost felt like to cum.

Still, all I wanted is to cum inside the mouth....

I masturbation was intense almost tearing my senses apart.

It felt great, I almost moaned but tired to hide it.

For a couple of second this continued, I started sweating from forehead and eventually started moaning.

I never felt something like that, something that cause this amusement.

At sudden, the palm moved back and I waited for another shake. This time, I almost screamed. I was in tears as it felt like my dick was inside something.

I couldn't figure out what, since I never had the chance before.

It felt like tingling sensation with extreme comfort that engulfed it whole.

Was it a vagina or a mouth or ass? What is it? I desperately wanted to see and fuck it hard.

I tried to pull my butt upward in order to get deeper, since I cannot use my hands. I felt a even deeper hole inside, it felt amazing. The less the space, the more to fuck. I wanted to free my hands and fuck it all deep.

I was deep down somewhere that felt like heaven. I was on the verge to cum but....

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