80 the court case 3

"But my lord, the old hospital reports.'' The man was still trying to salvage the situation.

Sir Hamlington raised his hand in the air. "I am taking the report into consideration, sir Mathews, but tell me how could a person be at two places at the same time?

Lady Isabella was claiming that she was in the hospital, taking treatment. While duke de Luca said that she was at his palace to meet him and get evidence. Who do you want me to believe?" his question was sharp and to the point.

Isabella looked at Cassius biting her lip, but I didn't even want to turn and look at his regretful face.

"My lord, we still have another point, lady Isabella was given white roses as a farewell gift, when she was leaving the lord's chamber. But the roses had itching powder mixed in it.

It may have caused deep scars on the victims face. It could have affected the victim's marriage in the future too." Here started the whole process again with the argument of sir Mathews.

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