Villainous Young Master's Otherworldly Harem

Jumping From World to the world: Intergalactic or Urban, World of Cultivation or Continent of Magic, Fighting other protagonists, hooking with beautiful heroines, plundering treasures, and suppressing a myriad of people, Our Protagonist(Villain) can do it all. After living an ordinary life for years, a man finally got transmigrated to another world. He woke up in the body of a boy named Jun Tianyun. " A world which got its own protagonists and villains, am I just a side character?" Jun Tianyun mumbled. Thankfully, he activated Heaven's Fortune System. " Jun Tianyun! You crippled my power and stole my wife! You villain! You will be punished by heaven!" A protagonist screamed as he coughed a mouthful of blood. " I didn't do anything. It was your fate!" Jun Tianyun explained kindly. " Brother Jun! Because of you, I am still alive and living a normal life with my wife and two children. You are a saint!" A villain spoke with an emotional voice. " I didn't do anything. You earned your chance of redemption." Jun Tianyun sighed. [ Ding! A female with high Destiny Point is detected! Whether Host wants to steal her destiny or conquer the heroine?] " This..." Jun Tianyun fell in dillema. " Sigh, Changing the fate, So burdensome." Jun Tianyun sighed as he saw a bunch of heroines fighting for him. .....................................................................................................................................

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Wang Family's Interest

" Well, I happened to get a piece of news. I heard a certain item was being auctioned here. That's why I came to check." The old man chuckled.

" You mean the Jade Sea Gang's Auction? I also participated in that auction." Wang Ming nodded.

" Well, Let me see what you have bought." The old man laughed.

Wang Ming nodded as he showed the things he had bought. An ancient sword, a blue amethyst pendant, and a meteorite appeared in front of the old man.

" Hah, To think you actually bought it!"

The old man's eyes gleamed when he saw that pendant. He quickly grabbed it and checked it carefully.

" Haha, Soul Nourishing Amethyst!" The old man laughed as he patted Wang Ming.

" Ming'er, You did well. I never thought you would get this item."

" Your cousin's sister Xiaoyu ran into some problems. And this crystal can help her." The old man explained.

" Oh! That's good. As long as grandpa is happy." Wang Ming smiled.

" Hooh! To think brother Jun's perception is so good. I must thank him tomorrow." Wang Ming thought inwardly.

He never thought the strange things bought by Jun Tianyun would turn out to be so useful.

" Heh, Father, He is my son after all." Wang Ming's father laughed.

" Your son? He is my grandson!" The old man snorted.

" Isn't that the same thing?"

Wang Ming's father muttered.

" Let's see what other things you have bought." the old man's eyes shone as he checked the other two things.

" Hmm, Although this sword looks rustic, It's made from Thousand Tempered Steel."

" Excellent, With a bit of polishing, You can use this sword to practice swordsmanship."

" As for this meteorite rock, Well..." The old man frowned.

" Although it came from outer space, it might just be an ordinary meteorite. I can't see much value in it." the Old man dismissed.

" Brat, I heard there was an Energy Enhancing Pill that appeared in the auction. Have you bought it?" Wang Ming's father asked.

" I... I didn't." Wang Ming smiled awkwardly.

" Interesting, You bought all these things and not an Energy Enhancing Pill? Why?" The old man asked in a curious voice.

" Erm... Well, I felt the pill was a bit suspicious.'' Wang Ming stuttered.

" You felt? Hah, Tell me the truth. Did someone guide you?"

The old man's eyes were kneen as he could see through the situation.

" Grandpa, Are you doubting me?" Wang Ming sweated.

" Hmph, Although your martial dao aptitude is high, you only know loitering around women." The old man laughed. " You think I, Wang Hui, don't know my own descendants?"

" Argh, Fine. A friend of mine accompanied me to the auction. He is the one who helped me choose the items." Wang Ming finally spilled the beans.

" I see. I think your friend must have pretty great capabilities, Eh?" the old man's eyes narrowed.

" I think so. Although he isn't a martial artist, He is cunning as a thousand year old fox demon. He already helped me quite a lot."

" He is the one who told me that the Energy Enhancing Pill is a dangerous item." Wang Ming spoke.

" Not a martial artist? How interesting." Wang Hui chuckled.

" Grandpa, I suspect that he is from a hidden faction." Wang Ming spoke.

" Anyway, Since he helped you, He is also our benefactor. As long as he doesn't harm our family, we can receive benefits from him." Wang Hui waved his hands.

" Take this pendant and send it to Xiyu as fast as possible. I will stay here for a few more days. I also need some leisure time." Wang Hui sighed.

" You are already old, and still thinking of leisure?" Wang Ming snorted.

" Brat, At your age, I could crush even Peak stage Martial Apprentice realm martial artist with ease."

" First, Breakthrough to the Peak stage and talk with me." Wang Hui laughed.

" And don't mingle with girls too much, otherwise your kidney, Hehe..."

" Hahm At least it's more powerful than your old machine." Wang Ming snorted.

" Hmph, This old man can still battle for three thousand rounds in bed."

Wang Ming's father sweated when he heard the convo between grandson and grandfather.

Although Wang Hui looked very amicable, his name is renowned in Jianghu. After all, He is a high stage Martial Master.

Even Wang Ming's father was only able to reach Martial Apprentice Peak Stage. But Wang Ming's potential was very high.

" Sigh, Only if this brat focuses to increase his strength." Wang Ming's father was vexed.

" Alright, Grandfather, I will ask him to meet you tomorrow." Wang Ming nodded.


[ Ding! Host's Fortune Teller profession has reached 100% of level 1! Do you want to spend 100 Fortune points to level up?]

Jun Tianyun nodded as he spent 100 fortune Points.

[ Ding! Fortune Teller leveled up to Lv2.]

[ Fortune Teller profession resonating with Eyes of Fortune! Please upgrade Eye's Fortune to use Lv2 Fortune Teller profession!]

[ A powerful Eye treasure detected! Get the treasure to level up Eyes of Fortune]

[ Ding! Limited time Quest!]

[ Get the Eye treasure in two days! Quest reward: An unexpected System Function!]

[ Penalty for failure: None]

Jun Tianyun's eyes twitched when he saw the notice.

" Hmm, This quest has two day time limit. Although the reward is unknown, At least there are no penalties for failure."

" I guess, Chen Ye has no value anymore. I should finish him quickly." Jun Tianyun muttered.

" System, Copy all the materials and the Imperial Carving Brush."

" Ding! A rare item detected! Copying Imperial Carving Brush cost 500 Fortune points! Other material costs 300 Fortune points! Total 800 Fortune points!]

" Eh? Why the Imperial Carving Bruh is so pricy to simulate? I guess, I really picked a good treasure, Ah!" Jun Tianyun smiled.

He entered God's Space as he started drawing talismans. This time, he tried making rank two talismans.

" Ugh! Rank two talisman costs 50 points of energy every time? Thankfully, I am inside God's Space, So I have unlimited energy.

" But outside, I can make only three talismans at one time." Jun Tianyun sighed.

Jun Tianyun focused on crafting talismans as time passed. He almost spent one day inside God's Space as only five hours passed in reality.

" You have worked almost for a day. Have some rest already." Su Qingyao spoke softly as she floated to Jun Tianyun.

" Damn! Making rank two talismans is much harder than rank one." Jun Tianyun sighed.

The amount of time and material wasted here could knock Jun Tianyun into a coma. Thankfully, all these are simulations.

" Hoho, It's only a day and you are already complaining? To some people, It takes a whole year to learn to make talismans." Su Qingyao giggled.

" Bah, A year? They must be trash among the trash." Jun Tianyun snorted.

" Whatever, But you can push yourself like that. Although you are here in soul form, you will still get fatigued."

" Hmm, But I already learned how to overlap multiple runes. The only problem is the intricate runic chains connecting them." Jun Tianyun mumbled.

" But I think, I would able to make a rank two talisman in few days." Jun Tianyun spoke in a confident voice.

" Hehe, Little Jun, boasting isn't a good thing." Su Qingyao smiled mischievously.

" Big Sister Qingyao, Are you doubting my capabilities?" Jun Tianyun's eyes narrowed.

" Well..."

" How about we make a bet?" Jun Tianyun proposed. " If I win, How about we get a little more... Intimate?"

" My my, Look at you. You are lusting after this big sister's body after all." Su Qingyao chuckled.

" Men are wretched dogs, not to mention I am still just a young man in his prime." Jun Tianyun nodded.

" Tch, Even sword and spears can't cut your thick skin." Su Qingyao snorted lightly.

" Are you willing to bet?" Jun Tianyun asked.

" Why not?" Su Qingyao laughed.

Jun Tianyun came back to reality as he slept on the sofa. It wasn't too long before the sun rose.

" Ugh, I really didn't sleep well last night." Jun Tianyun rubbed his eyes as he woke up.

Sleeping on the sofa is pretty uncomfortable, not to mention it's just a small old sofa.

Jun Tianyun got up as he did his chores. After a while, he started making breakfast.

He was startled as Zi Yanrou walked out of her room. She was combing her hair as she sat on the chair.

" You wake up pretty early today.' Jun Tianyun asked.

" Yes, I couldn't sleep well last night." Zi Yanrou spoke. " Anyway, I wrote a new chapter. Can you proofread it?"

" Alright."

Jun Tianyun nodded as he made some coffee for himself. He opened the laptop and started reading the chapter.

The more Jun Tianyun read the more surprised he got. The chapter was about Mr. Lu, The CEO, and Miss Yu'er, The professor.

Mr. Lu pushed Yu'er against the wall as he kissed her. After that, Yu'er complained. But the reply to the complaint was another kiss from Mr. Lu.

The scene repeated as Mr. Lu slowly started undressing Yu'er. As they were about to get intimate...

Well, The readers might have expected a hot and erotic chapter, but the *Deed* between Mr. Lu and Yu'er didn't happen in the end.

" Alright, You have already learned how to keep suspense in the chapter. Even I am somewhat angry by the cliffhanger." Jun Tianyun nodded with approval.

" As for the kissing scene..." Jun Tianyun coughed lightly as his face turned red. " It was described...Beautifully.

" Unn, I spent some effort to write that chapter. It's good that... You liked it."

Zi Yanrou also turned her head as she answered.

"But, Why it looks so... familiar?"

The atmosphere turned strange as they both remained silent.

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