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Reboot of my Original Villainious Dimensional Chat Group, why did I Reboot this? well the whole reason i dropped the Orginal is that the direction i was going wasnt interesting and the whole entire 2nd quest that was done along with the first quest wasnt too interesting after thinking about it so ive decided to Scrap it and make this New one instead. Im sorry if you liked the Original but i didnt as much after looking back on it after making plenty of other stories since then so i decided to restart this one all over again. you can read the original Synopsis on the original one but short of it is Dio woke up 60 Years earlier than cannon and somehow got a Smartphone to make him part of this Chat Group. though this time this is completely DIO and not him merged with someone else this time so he knows his own plot being a major difference and some of the original chat group members will change as well with only a few staying from the original one. This is a complete Restart so this will go differently than before, hopefully. And the Cover is obviously not mine and belongs to their respective artist and all characters belong to their respective creators.

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DIO vs Stars & Stripes

Mata-Utu, an the capital of a region of collective islands of both Wallis and Futuna and is set about aways away to the north east of New Zealand, it's a relatively small island with a rather low population of around only 15,000 people altogether.

Or should I say this island 'did' have 15,000 people on it as now every man, woman and child now lay dead in their homes, in their cars and on the streets, it's rather easy to cause mass homicides on large groups of people where everyone and everything is surrounded in shadows.

I on the other hand was laying down on top of a blood soaked beach chair while trying to work on my tan as I had my shades block out the sun as I drank a cold bottle of wine I had claimed from the islands kings manor after slaughtering everyone.

"Ahhhh, nothing like the sweet taste of blood and wine on the tongue on a nice sunny day like this." I sigh as I relax while noticing my guests were quickly approaching.

"Ohh?" I raise an eyebrow as I see the high altitude planes were all aiming there guns right at me before-


(**) Thousands of bullets all rained down upon the spot I was relaxing at causing all the sand in the nearby area to fly up into the air making them lose sight of me completely.

*Target has been hit, waiting for the dust to clear to confirm damage done.* one of the pilots said over the radio as they began to circle around the island.

"Why wait? I'm already right behind you?" My voice echoed to them through there shadows startling them all before- (**)

*Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!*

Suddenly every single fighter jet in the sky simultaneously began to explode before spiraling out of th sky and crashing into either the island or into the ocean with only one survivor landing on the sandy beach causing the sand to cave in from the force of the impact.

"Huhu…. Are you…. Angry per chance?" I ask as I pull myself from the shadows as I could just taste the anger wafting off of her body.

She had a dark look around her eyes as she clenched her fist hard, "Those were my friends, my brothers in arms…. And you killed every single one!" She said with a voice full of righteous fury as the very air began to quake from her anger.

"And you will join them soon enough." I say as I approach her while she holds up her hands in a motion as if she is holding the air.

"New Order! The very air I touch on this island with kill DIO!" She shouted out which sent out a wave of pressure from her body spread out throughout the entirety of this island.


My heart suddenly beat heavily before I felt it exploding withing my chest making me stagger as my legs shakily held up my body just barely, blood poured out from my mouth, eyes, ears and nose as all the blood within my body was trying to leave my body.

I held my chest as more blood spewed from my mouth, but I never fell to my knees the entire time that I felt this pain, neither did I grunt or groan from it either, all that was heard was the sound of coughing blood, but the smile couldn't leave my face.

*Cough Cough* *Overwrite* "Haaaaa…. I think it's time I stopped with all the theatrics, that quirk of yours is very powerful, however….." I said after straightening up my body before tossing my yellow jacket to the side leaving only my black skintight sleeveless shirt on my chest.

I then inhale and exhale, "Singularity: For I am the Center of Myself." I say out loud as I decide that this is a situation where my Nen powers would be perfectly suited for.

Pressure exudes from me that counters and completely negates her attack from New Order, both shocking and surprising her.

Singularity: For I Am the Center of Myself, is the chant when I pull all of Nens, or in this case due to the systems influence Quirks, energy and strength into myself to heavily reinforce my body, or to calm foreign energy's and begin to naturally merge them with my own.

Feeling this my eyes widened as I had, for the time being, gained a new state of higher power which made me grin before I slammed my hands into the ground.

"New Law! Reverse the Gravity of the Ground I walk Upon!" I shouted out, and what I said had become Law in this world.

Suddenly as it the world itself had been flipped upside down everyone and everything on this island that wasn't rooted to the ground soon ascended to the sky's, whether they be living, dead, inanimate or animals, everything was soon set skyward, including Stars and Stripes who was having a hard time processing what had just happened.

"You don't get it do you?" I ask as I was also free falling upwards into the sky.

"New Order! Give me flight!" She said as she was soon able to stop her sudden and rapid ascent into the sky where I also stopped and grinned even more.

"Huhuhuhuhahahahaha! Aaaahhhh! You know I haven't felt this happy in quiet sometime, even if you didn't mean too Stripes, you just began to give me my very own version of New Order!" I say with a vicious smile across my face.

"What?!? That's not possible! How can you have my quirk without stealing it from me?!" She shouted out in shock as she fully realized where I had gained this new power that I never felt I ever had before.

I comb back my hair letting it spike up as I chuckle while spreading my arms, "Mhm, What a Magnificent feeling! So much so I could almost break out into song with this new power you have given me!" I say as I feel this power beginning to course through my body.

I grin even more as my eyes dialate, "Even better! This new power is the perfect complement to all of my powers! I can truly say that I am a living god with what I'm about to do!" I shout out before I unleash the final true name of my new power.

"NEW WORLD ORDER! Subsume everything I have and permanently make it my own!!!" I shouted to the heavens as The World appeared behind me as it began to change ever so slightly.

Everywhere that there was skin excluding the face began to be written in an ancient unknown language that I would have no understanding of as the text itself was the language of the gods.

[Title Gained: Living God]


I'll explain next chapter as to how and why him gaining a copy of New Order and Combining it with The World: Over Heaven would elevate him from being a Demi-God to a Living God, but if you understand what New Order does and how Over Heaven can Overwrite Reality, combining those two is in a sense what weaker version of the Eyes of Heaven would have done for Dio if that makes sense, mind you this is just a summary and not the full explanation from next chapter.

As to when the next chapter is I can't say as I saw some hype from you guys seeing me come back but I'm still on the fence about taking this out of its On Break Status as is so who knows when the next chapter will come out.