Villainess: Doomsday Favorability System Book

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Villainess: Doomsday Favorability System


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[Warning: Contains explicit mature content, R18+ / Not a slow burn romance and the male leads are unstable. You have been warned.] #Reverseharem #Yandere #Infrastructure #Kingdombuilding #dotingmaleleads In the midst of her revenge, she got entangled with five men and their deadly obsession. “If you don't want me being rough on you on the nuptial night, don't stray your eyes from my figure and ingrain every touch of mine into your memory. Otherwise…” The tip of his fingers looming on the line of her pants along with the sinister tone lurking in his voice made her submit. “I'll give you a month. A month to dissolve your engagement, or I'll settle the matter myself.” She couldn't discern his expression when the forthright confession was made. Only his imposing voice that held no room for rejection lingered in her ears. Her back fell down on the passenger seat. She watched the blonde who was usually tamed like a little milk dog became an aggressive wolf, with both of his hands slamming down on the sides of her head. “Stop saying another man's name!”  “I really wish I could split that pretty head of yours to see if you're thinking of another man every time you're writhing underneath me.” The sharp edges of the scalpel in his hand glimmered under the light illuminating the operation table. A pair of hazelnut eyes drilled holes in her head, echoing its blatant intentions. The scalpel plunged ruthlessly, dissecting the corpse as if he were showing her the consequences once he finds out the truth. “You're so fragrant.” These words were whispered as the tip of his cold nose brushed over her neck. His teeth grazed the surface of her skin, struggling between cherishing and devouring her. She shivered as his lifeless eyes regained some pallor and suddenly imbued with ravenous desire. ---- Arianne never thought that she was just a character in a novel, created by a few strokes of words. As a villain, she was merely a tool to pave the way for the heroine. Her jade bracelet, which was supposed to be a storage space, was cheated from her. Her childhood sweetheart, who once proposed marriage, ended up being together with the heroine, and even her family saw her as an eyesore and drove her out of their lives. To worsen it, asteroids rained down on Blue Star and brought a potent virus that infected humans, animals, and plants. Some were lucky to awaken powers, but others never woke up again and joined the Undead legion.   Arianne tried her best to survive for 2 years in the doomsday, but she still fell under the heroine's scheme and died miserably. But for unknown reasons, she woke again a week before doomsday came, and the jade bracelet was actually a system product of a higher civilization that got lost in time and space. Arianne was bound to a Doomsday Favorability System and had the task of collecting favorabilities from specific targets called Sons of Destiny.  These Favorability points can be converted into AP, able to purchase items in the system mall. All kinds of items can be exchanged, from daily necessities, food, medicine, weapons, construction materials, and even those cultivation manuals, making her filled with hope. In the end, she glanced at the base she built full of life, the people expressing their gratitude and the five men behind her. Unknowingly, she became their beacon of hope.