4 Super Ten Consecutive Draws

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After returning to the manor, Luo Chen lay on the luxurious soft bed and recalled what had happened today.

Beep beep!

His phone suddenly rang. Luo Chen picked it up. It was a message from Shen Shuyi.

The general content was that after Shen Shuyi returned, she had told her father about the alliance.

Shen Zhen was very happy that Luo Chen could form an alliance with them. He hoped to treat Luo Chen to a family banquet when he had time.

Luo Chen replied with a short "Ok" and put the phone aside.

"System! Can I use my ten consecutive draws now?"

After returning home, Luo Chen began to think about the System.

After all, Lin Tian was the main character of the story. If he did not have the help of the System, his outcome might not be good.

[Ding! May I ask if the host wants to draw now?]


As soon as he finished speaking, a golden wheel appeared in front of Luo Chen.

There were all kinds of goods on it.

The red needle began to slowly spin.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining Beauty Potion*1!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Krav Maga Combat Technique*1!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining Binhai Villa*1!]

These rewards would be stored passively in the System space.

If Luo Chen wanted to take it out, it was very simple. He only needed to use his consciousness to communicate with the System.

Now that the door was locked, Luo Chen summoned all the rewards on the bed.

"Beauty potion, body-shaping potion, voice potion, what are these things for?"

Looking at the three bottles of potions of different colors in his hand, Luo Chen could not help but be puzzled.

[Ding! The Beauty Potion can raise the host's looks to the highest level in this world!]

[The Body-shaping Potion can transform the host's figure into a golden ratio!]

[As for the Voice Potion, it can make the host's voice more magnetic and gentle. It will greatly increase the other party's ability to listen to your words!]

"Good lord! This is comparable to molding faces! It's even more ridiculous than molding faces!"

Right now, Luo Chen's looks are only above average.

He opened the three bottles of potions and gulped them down.

He felt a cooling sensation pass through his body and hurriedly walked to the mirror.

"F*ck! Is this still me?"

Luo Chen could not help but exclaim at himself in the mirror.

Although it was a cuss, this voice sounded very gentle to outsiders.

Now, Luo Chen's looks were definitely better than all the popular young hunks. Moreover, there was no lack of masculinity between his eyebrows. It could be said that he was very perfect.

He lifted his clothes.

His eight pack abs appeared neatly. These abs looked as hard as if they were carved, and they looked firm.

He exerted strength in his arm, and his biceps instantly condensed into a small mountain.

"Ridiculous. This figure is that of a bodybuilder's!"

After sighing, Luo Chen looked at the other prizes.

"Marrow Cleansing Pill, Black Jade Replenishment Ointment, and Krav Maga Combat Technique. What are these?"

[Ding! The Marrow Cleansing Pill can remove all the impurities in your body. At the same time, it can allow your body to reach the limit of a human!]

[Black Jade Replenishment Ointment. Even if your arm has become minced meat, as long as you use this item, it can be restored to its original state without any scars!]

[As for combat techniques, as long as you chant it in your heart, you can immediately become a Krav Maga Combat Master!]

"Whoa, this little black thing actually has such a powerful effect?"

Luo Chen picked up a piece of charcoal that looked like burnt charcoal. This was actually the Black Jade Replenishment Ointment.

"I'll store it first. I hope I won't need this thing in the future."

As soon as Luo Chen finished speaking, the Black Jade Replenishment Ointment disappeared into thin air.

"I can eat this Marrow Cleansing Pill now."

Luo Chen grabbed the small black pill and placed it in his mouth.

Although Lin Tian was a little arrogant, he still had strength. His bodyguards would not be able to defeat Lin Tian at all.

It would be bad if he provoked Lin Tian and got assassinated by him one day.

Therefore, before this, he had to increase his strength more to prevent anything bad from happening in the future.

After eating the Marrow Cleansing Pill, Luo Chen did not feel a cool sensation as before. Instead, he felt as if his body was on fire.

Soon, Luo Chen was drenched in sweat. His clothes were drenched, and it was as if there were knives cutting his body.


Luo Chen could not help but roar. The pain in his body then disappeared, and a layer of black sludge emerged from his body.

The sludge was sticky and smelly so Luo Chen hurriedly took off his clothes.

"This thing is really amazing."

Sensing the changes in his body, Luo Chen could not help but praise.

With a gentle jump, he could touch the three-meter-tall ceiling.

At the same time, he felt endless strength in his body, the kind that could kill a bull with a single punch.

"System, I want to learn the Krav Maga Combat Technique!"

Strength alone was not enough. Luo Chen also had to know some moves.

A loud bang sounded in his mind, and Luo Chen instantly became familiar with the combat technique.

It was so amazing that it formed muscle memories!

"The products produced by the System are definitely top-notch."

Sighing, Luo Chen looked at the remaining rewards.

They were a Porsche, the Binhai Villa, and a Patek Philippe watch.

The System would handle the legality of items like cars and villas. Moreover, everyone would think that it was reasonable for him to own them and there would not be any problems.

Now, the Porsche was parked in the garage, and the villa was in Binhai.

This villa was in the best position in Binhai. It was a place only celebrities and rich businessmen lived in.

As for the Patek Philippe, Luo Chen could not tell from its appearance that it was different from his other watches.

However, he still wore it. After all, it was given to him by the System.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining a five-star follower!]

"Huh? There are still rewards that haven't been drawn. What is this?"

Just now, Luo Chen was so focused on using the new tools that he did not see how many he had drawn.

Including this person, there were exactly ten rewards.

[Ding! This talent belongs to the natives of this world. He will be interviewed tomorrow by a company under you called Glory World Finance. The host can go and recruit him personally.]

[After recruitment, this person will have absolute loyalty to the host!]

After the System finished speaking, it even threw out some information and photos.

"She's so beautiful?"

Luo Chen rubbed his chin, a little surprised by this girl called Liang Qi.

Liang Qi wore black glasses and an office lady uniform, looking very mature.

Her looks were similar to Shen Shuyi's, but the two of them had completely different styles, so there was no way to compare them.

There were also some biographical introductions below, making Luo Chen click his tongue.

Not only did she graduate from this world's top financial university, but she also had experience working in the world's top consulting firms.

If not for the System, it would be very difficult for Luo Chen to recruit such a talent.

"With Liang Qi, it'll probably be very difficult for me to incur losses in business."

Luo Chen was very happy and planned to meet this five-star talent tomorrow.

Looking at the black sludge on his body, Luo Chen pushed open the door.

"Xiao Zhu, Xiao Ying! Help me take a shower!"

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