Villain: Transmigrated Into A NTR Manga As The Antagonist

An infamous playboy, killed by a former lover, inexplicably awakens to discover himself transmigrated into a NTR manga, assuming the role of the antagonist - Alex Smith. Propelled by a mysterious system that magnifies his skill in captivating women, he holds the power to seduce the women that belong to the various “main characters“. 【Ding! The Queen of Hearts System has awakened.】 【Overall goal: Steal all the heroines from the various main characters across the world.】 【Reward: God Status.】 ----------------------------------------------- [Disclaimer: This novel is based around Netori, NOT Netorare. Alex will NOT get cheated on, and there will be NO Yuri.]

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In the city of New York, the moon held high above the sky, illuminating its many skyscrapers and the streets below. Standing in the middle of the road within Manhattan was a particularly beautiful young woman, as she gazed frantically upon the figure of a handsome man who appeared to be around the age of thirty. There were tears in the woman's eyes as she gripped something peculiar within her hand, with a tightness that could only be matched by a vice.

Why was this gorgeous young lady in tears? Because as she stared at this handsome man, she saw that he had another woman in his arms? The two of them were shamelessly making out in public, something which immediately caught the heartbroken young lass's attention.

In truth she had suspected for some time that her lover was being unfaithful, but she had no proof until this moment. Thus, as the man took a step into the crosswalk with his arm wrapped around his other lover, he suddenly came to a stop when he realized who was blocking his path. Before this man could even utter an excuse, the heartbroken young beauty screamed at him. Her tears were only masked by the rain which had just begun to pour down upon the streets of Manhattan.

"You bastard! You're cheating on me!?! I thought what we had was special!"

The handsome man immediately raised his arms in protest, as if he were about to make up some poor excuse to explain his shameless actions. But in the next moment, he felt the sting of a cold steel blade pierce his heart. As he looked down at his bleeding chest, he could see his jilted lover's blade protruding through a gaping wound. One that would ultimately claim his life.

The man fell to the floor, as his other lover shrieked in dismay, calling out his name over and over again. And yet he could not hear a single word she said, for in the following moments his vision faded to black, his last thoughts being about his own pitiful mortality.

"Is this really the end for me?"

The last thing that the man heard before he passed away was a distinctly feminine voice call out to him, although it sounded almost robotic.

[Ding! The Queen of Hearts System has awakened.]

[Overall goal: Steal all the heroines from the various main characters across the world.]

[Reward: God Status.]


In the city of Seoul, a mature raven haired beauty knocked on the door to her stepson's room. She had only recently remarried after her previous husband had passed away in a terrible accident. And she was still growing accustomed to her new partner, and his son, who had just entered adulthood. For whatever reason, this young man tended to sleep in later than he should, and because of this, Seok Chae-Yeong decided that as this boy's new mother, it was her responsibility to wake him up in time for his first college course of the day.

After receiving no answer to her knocking, Chae-Yeong sighed heavily, before opening the door herself. She was surprised to see that the door was unlocked, but nevertheless, she pressed forward with her goal in mind.

Sleeping in a bed that appeared too small for a man of her stepson's size, was a particularly muscular young white man, with short golden blonde hair, and sky blue eyes. This man's sheets barely covered his lower body.

However, what was perhaps the most surprising thing to Chae-Yeong was there was something extremely large protruding from beneath the boy's covers. At first, she did not have any idea what this could be. But when she called out to her step-son, she was stunned beyond belief at what revealed itself.

"Alex… It's time to wake up! If you don't, you will miss your first day of university!"

Upon hearing the motherly voice of his new stepmother call out to him, Alex instinctively woke up, yet something was clearly not right. The young and handsome man jumped out of his covers and gazed around at his surroundings, seemingly out of his wits.

As he did so, Chae-Yeong could clearly see his massive cock, which was fully erect, causing her to blush immensely. As a woman who had only been with her previous husband, and Alex's father. She was not accustomed to the sheer size and girth that her stepson had, and immediately fled from the scene, before the young man could even realize where he was.

"I'm sorry, I will let you get dressed!"

It was only after the beautiful Korean milf disappeared from the room did Alex seem to come to an understanding about where he was. After gazing upon a magazine on his dresser, he could tell that he was no longer in the United States, or even in his original body, which caused him to voice his confusion aloud.

"I'm in Korea?"

After taking a look at himself in the mirror, Alex came to a bit more of an understanding of his circumstances.

"My name is also Alex? Is this the afterlife?"

Suddenly, a slightly familiar voice interrupted Alex's thoughts. It was the same voice that he had heard right before the moment of his death.

"You wish…"

Alex immediately turned around to see a particularly stunning young woman. She had blood red hair, and matching eyes, along with a rather voluptuous body. However, her facial features were distinctly Asian. And the skimpy outfit which she wore did not hide her various tattoos, which symbolized a preference for white men, to those who were aware of such a fetish.

The woman gazed upon Alex's nude appearance, and smirked, before voicing her thoughts aloud.

"Not bad…."

Alex, however, seemed interested in only one thing, as he approached the mysterious sanguine haired beauty and dragged her onto the bed without even waiting for her approval.

"Perfect timing. I am in need of a woman right now. I suppose you will do!"

The mysterious scarlet haired beauty giggled, as she voiced her thoughts about the matter.

"Oh? Interesting! You are far more lively than I expected you would be. I suppose I have chosen well, but don't you want to know what has happened to you, and who I am?"

Alex shook his head before pinning the woman onto the bed, where he stripped her out of her clothes to reveal even more tattoos. There was a ravenous look in his sky-blue eyes, like a hungry wolf who had caught a timid little rabbit. He did not hesitate to whisper his thoughts into this mysterious stranger's ears, which she seemed to accept.

"Not until I finish!"

After saying this, Alex shoved his massive cock inside the beautiful red-haired woman's tight and moist hole. Something which caused her to moan like a whore, despite the fact that her hymen had just been torn.

Alex then covered her mouth, making sure that nobody else could hear her. Which caused the mysterious beauty to bite his hand. Once Alex had released his grip, the woman mocked him with a smug tone in her hyper feminine voice.

"Don't worry, nobody can hear me besides you, go ahead and vent your pent up lust. I can take it!"

Alex smirked when heard this, and continued to pound his hips with fierce intensity, each thrust causing the mysterious woman to moan loud and louder. As he continued to pound the woman's tight cunt, as if it were an onahole designed exclusively with his pleasure in mind, Alex whispered something into her ears before kissing her with a fierce display of passion.

"Are you sure about that?"

With each thrust, Alex felt as if the woman's cave of wonders grew tighter, until he could no longer contain himself, and sent a large burst of his seed deep inside the red-haired beauty's womb. Which seemed to cause her to cum as well.

Yet this was not the end. Alex continued to fuck the woman senseless until he had climaxed a total of three times. For which he finally decided to take a break. It took the mysterious beauty several moments to come back to reality, as she had experienced a level of pleasure that was too much for her mind to bear. But once she did, she sat up, and asked a shameless question, as if she had never been fucked silly to begin with.

"Are you finished?"

Alex scoffed when he heard this, before confirming in a roundabout way that he was indeed finished.

"For now, though, depending on how long you plan on staying, this is just the beginning!"

This caused the mysterious woman to giggle, before explaining to Alex exactly what has happened to him.

"Oh, I look forward to it. But before that we should talk... Before you so shamelessly forced me into your bed, I was trying to explain what has happened to you. You are mistaken. This is not the afterlife. Instead, you have been transmigrated into a netorare manga as the sole antagonist. Exciting isn't it?

My name is not important. But you can call me the Queen of Hearts, or just Queen for short. I am your system. To put is simply, I will help you every step of the way of your journey. Nobody but you can see or hear me, so don't worry about such a petty thing."

Alex was immediately taken aback by the Queen's words. He was transmigrated into a netorare manga as the sole antagonist? What kind of nonsense was this? He was just about to ask a question when the Queen of Hearts continued with her explanation.

"Your goal will be to steal the heroines of this world's many main characters. And I will help you accomplish this. For every heroine you claim as your own, I will give you a reward. This can range from money to resources and property. Which will help you become a man that any woman will fall for. As you can see clearly, there are three heroines in this household of yours that you will need to conquer before moving onto the others. "

Though he was determined to reject this nonsense as a prank. In the very next moment, Alex saw an overlay appear in his vision, almost like it was augmented reality. It displayed a map with all the nearby heroines. In his house were three of such woman. One he had already met, which was his stepmother, Seok Chae-Yeong. Another was his younger step sister, Kim Min-ah, and the third was his older step sister Kim Su-Jin, all of which appeared to be in relationships with so called "main characters."

This overlay also displayed the likes and dislikes of each woman, as well as the affection level which they had towards Alex. Right now, the two highest of the three women in his house were his younger stepsister, Min-Ah, and his stepmother Chae-Yeong. For whatever reason, Su-Jin appeared to absolutely despise her little stepbrother.

Upon realizing that this was not a prank, and was in fact the reality he currently lived in, Alex gazed over at the Queen of Hearts with a dumbfounded expression on his chiseled face, before asking the immediate question on his mind.

"So you're telling me that I have to fuck my stepmother, and stepsisters, before I'm allowed to go out into the real world and spread my seed?"

A smug grin appeared on the Queen's face, as she nodded her head, before confirming that was exactly what she meant.

"Indeed, you can consider this your tutorial. You are free to fuck any slut you wish on the side, but you won't be able to gather heroines and gain any additional rewards before claiming the three beauties closest to you. So good-luck, and if you need any help, you can call upon me at any time, and I will appear!"

After saying this, the Queen of Hearts vanished into thin air, as if she had never appeared in the first place. As for Alex, he gazed in the mirror at his own shredded body once more, and realized that not only was he incredibly muscular, and good looking, but he also had an enormous dick, and a tall height. In other words, this body was perfectly suited for the goal of picking up chicks. Knowing that he was now the main antagonist in a netorare manga. Alex could not help but chuckle and shake his head before voicing his thoughts aloud.

"Let the games begin!"


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