13 Second Date

While Alex was on a date with Min-Ah at a local amusement park. Su-Jin was having lunch with her boyfriend, Ji-Min. As a med student who could not even afford a car of his own, naturally Ji-Min did not have the funds to take his girlfriend out to a fancy restaurant. Instead, he took her to a local fast food place.

This used to be good enough for Su-Jin, but after hearing how Alex had taken Min-Ah to an arcade on their first date, and dropped several hundred dollars on her. She was becoming increasingly irritated with her boyfriend's lack of funds.

Meanwhile, Ji-Min seemed to be trying to increase the scale of intimacy with his girlfriend. After all, they had been dating for well over a month, and yet they had not even kissed yet. Thus, he attempted to grab the woman's hand while she was looking at her phone. But before he could do so, Su-Jin practically screamed her thoughts out loud.

"That bastard! How is this possible?"

Immediately, Ji-Min's thoughts went to Alex when he heard the term "bastard" being thrown around. More often than not, Su-Jin would talk about her younger stepbrother while she was out with Ji-Min, and it was starting to get on the man's nerves. Thus, he rolled his eyes before asking a question he would rather not speak of.

"What did he do now?"

Su-Jin immediately showed a photo of Alex and Min-Ah acting all lovey dovey while at the amusement park. They had cotton candy in their hands, and were hugging each other with a giant rollercoaster in the background. Min-Ah had posted this photo to social media with the caption.

"Playing hookey with my Oppa!"

Ji-Min misunderstood why Su-Jin was angry, and immediately scoffed at Alex and his foolishness.

"Openly bragging about their truancy. That's a good way to get in trouble. What an idiot!"

Su-Jin glared at her boyfriend, irritated that he did not instinctively know about why she was angry, even if she had not told him the real reason. Thus, she snapped at the man before complaining about her feelings.

"Who cares about that? The fact that Min-Ah has so quickly forgiven him after what he did last night! It is simply unacceptable!"

Ji-Min had no idea what Alex had done the night before, and in all honesty he didn't want to know, but he knew that if he didn't ask, Su-Jin would scold him for being callous. Thus, he sighed heavily before asking the question he knew that his girlfriend wanted from him.

"What did he do last night?"

Su-Jin blushed when she thought about what had happened the night before between Alex and that slut. She averted her gaze from her boyfriend before deliberately avoiding answering his question.

"Nothing! Don't worry about it!"

Ji-Min had a hard time understanding what exactly his girlfriend wanted from him. But since she said not to worry about it, he knew better than to pry into the matter. Even if he was now deeply suspicious of her.

Having taken a sip from her soda, Su-Jin continued to stare at her phone, and the updates that Min-Ah would post to her social media about her ongoing date with her Oppa. And though Ji-Min did not realize it, his girlfriend was once more deeply envious of her little sister. To the point where she had almost forgotten about Alex's infidelity the night before.


While Min-Ah and Alex were at the amusement park, her friends were currently at school, eating their lunch. Sakura was complaining about how she had yet to hear from Min-Ah about their proposed sleepover until she suddenly received a text message which caused her eyes to widen in shock.

"My parents are out of town for the weekend and Alex is in charge. You and the others are free to come over if you want!"

This message was followed by a picture of Min-Ah and Alex kissing while enjoying a ride at the amusement park. This caused Sakura to squeal in excitement, so much so that the rest of the students who were also eating lunch in their classroom gazed at her in curiosity. Though Sakura did not care about this in the slightest while she quickly showed the message to her friends.

"Oh, my god! The sleepover is like totally on! And Min-Ah's parents are like totally away for the weekend! Best night ever!"

The girls looked at the message, as well as the photo that Min-Ah had sent, and couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous of their friend. After all, they were here stuck at school, and Alex had taken Min-Ah to an amusement park for a date. This caused one of the girls to scoff and comment about the situation.

"Min-Ah is so lucky! Where is my white boyfriend, who will take me on a date to an amusement park while I'm supposed to be at school!?!"

This caused the other girls to sigh in unison as they seemingly agreed with the girl's statement. Sakura bit her lip in frustration when she thought about how lacking her own boyfriend was to Alex. After all, her boyfriend was just a nice guy, acting like a bad boy to please her. He would never skip class to take her on a date to someplace fun.

However, this caused an interesting idea to appear in the hot young gyaru's mind as she formulated a plan for the sleepover tonight. All the while, her friends gushed in envy over Min-Ah.


Alex and Min-Ah went around the amusement park, going on every ride they could. At lunch time they took a break and stopped by one of the parks' several restaurants where they enjoyed a pizza. Though Alex was quick to comment about how different the pizza was from what he was used to in America.

"Man, I'll tell you, this pizza is definitely crazy. I mean, it's good, but it's just not what I would call normal…"

Min-Ah giggled when she heard this. She had often dreamed about visiting Alex's homeland with him, and tasting all the great food that the man kept speaking about in an almost wistful tone. She then proposed an idea which Alex found intriguing.

"Well… Maybe I can learn how to make pizza the way you like it…"

Alex nearly choked on his drink when he heard this. While he himself did not know how to cook, Min-Ah had already demonstrated her skills. If she could read some recipes online about how to properly make pizza in the American fashion, then he would be very excited.

Of course, there were three distinctive kinds of American pizza, all of which Alex enjoyed, but perhaps none more so than Chicago's deep dish. Even if he himself was from the west coast of the United States. Thus, Alex was quick to encourage the girl to try.

"That sounds amazing! I am sure you can do it!"

While Alex and Min-Ah were enjoying their time together, the Queen of Hearts was getting rather impatient as she witnessed Alex taking his sweet time to charm the rest of his family. After all, she felt there was no need for him to go on so many dates with Min-Ah when Chae-Yeong and Su-Jin were still left untouched. And thus she made a remark about this.

"Alex, I don't mean to be a bother, but why are you wasting your time on a date with Min-Ah? I mean, shouldn't you be working on improving your relationship with Su-Jin and Chae-Yeong? Right now, Su-Jin is on a date with her boyfriend, and if you don't make a move soon, she might get away from you!"

Alex simply ignored the Queen of Hearts and her bitching while continued to speak with Min-Ah, who was now blushing and smiling while she thought about making American pizza for her man. This had given her a goal to aspire to.

Thus, after finishing their meal, the couple continued their journey throughout the amusement park, where eventually, the sun began to set, and as it did so, Alex wanted to get on one last ride. He pointed towards an exceptionally large Ferris wheel before expressing his desire to relax on it with his girl.

"Well, Min-Ah? How about we go on one last ride?"

Min-Ah gazed at the Ferris wheel, and immediately blushed. She had actually been waiting for Alex to suggest this, because she had a certain surprise in store for him. Thus she nodded her head meekly, and by doing so confirming in silence that she wanted to do as Alex had suggested.

Alex grabbed hold of Min-Ah's hand and led her to the Ferris Wheel, where they quickly climbed aboard due to their fast passes. While their compartment slowly raised into the air, Min-Ah whispered something beneath her breath, in a voice so low that Alex nearly missed it.

"Oppa, please close your eyes…"

Believing that the girl planned to kiss him, Alex smirked and did as she said. Where he was shocked to find that Min-Ah reached into his pants and pulled out his massive dick. He could feel the girl's warm breath on the tip of his penis as she leaned down into a position that would conceal her scandalous actions.

Just when Alex was about to open his eyes, Min-Ah blushed profusely before expressing her thoughts aloud.

"No peeking…."

Alex smirked upon hearing this. He did not know what had suddenly come over the girl, but she was clearly embarrassed about giving him head in public. Thus, he simply sat back and closed his eyes. While waiting for the girl to suck him off.

Min-Ah started off by licking the glans of her Oppa's penis. She had only recently started having sex with the man, and because of this, her skill was not exactly the best. But even then, she tried her best to please her Oppa, as she opened her mouth wide, and took the entire tip into her mouth.

The wetness of Min-Ah's tongue, combined with the suction of her sucking, was enough to bring the man to full mast within a nanosecond. Alex gently placed a hand on the girl's head as he pushed it down further on his cock. But not too far, after all, she was still learning, and could not handle such a massive length.

Min-Ah then began to bob her head up and down, as she sucked on her Oppa's penis while twirling her tongue around it. Every now and then she would release her grip, and lick the sides, as if it were the tastiest lollipop in the world, before going back to sucking the tip.

It was a crude and sloppy blow job, which was evident by the sounds of the girl slobbering all over his cock. But Alex did not care. The girl had gone out of her way to do this for him, and he was excited by this fact. As the Ferris wheel rose and descended over and over again, Alex found that the two of them were dangerously close to being discovered, and thus he forced himself to finish, as he panted heavily before whispering his condition to his little stepsister.

"Min-Ah…. I'm cumming!"

Before the girl could even realize what had happened, she felt a large stream of semen enter her throat, almost like a river. Causing her eyes to open wide in shock. She struggled to swallow every last drop, but the force of her Oppa's hand keeping her head down allowed her to do so. Evidently she had finished just in time, because the moment she pulled her Oppa's pants up, and sat by his side as if nothing happened, the ride came to an end.

Alex then grabbed hold of the girl's hand and led her away from the crowd, where he wiped some semen off her juicy lips before playfully mocking her.

"You've got a little something on your lips…"

Min-Ah flushed in embarrassment, and averted her gaze, before sucking on her Oppa's finger, which contained the last of his seed which she had failed to swallow. She then leaned in and whispered to the man in a sultry tone something that excited him.

"If you thought that was surprising, wait until tonight…"

Alex smirked when he heard this, before wrapping his arm around Min-Ah's shoulders while leading her to the parking lot.

"Well then, how about we head home?"


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