2 Meeting the Family

After realizing that he was now the sole antagonist in a netorare manga, and that his first objective was to steal his stepmother, and step sisters from their respective partners. Alex did not waste any time. He quickly climbed out of his room and shamelessly walked to the shower without wearing any clothes.

Perhaps luck was on his side, but his younger step sister Min-Ah caught the sight of her oppa's chiseled body and mammoth dick, as he strode past her room with confidence, before entering the bathroom. Where he shut the door behind him and began to take a shower.

Min-ah, like her mother, was a raven haired beauty with matching eyes. She was still in high school, though in her final year, and was perhaps at most a year younger than Alex. She usually adorned her hair in the style of a ponytail, and was quite gorgeous in her own right, attracting many male suitors. Though she had only just begun to date a boy from her class, she had secretly developed a crush on her new oppa the moment she laid eyes on him. Making her the easiest of Alex's targets.

Thus, the moment she saw Alex's naked body, the girl flushed red in embarrassment, and shut her door, while climbing into bed, and thinking about what had just happened. Perhaps Alex was half awake and forgot to dress himself? Or perhaps he wanted her to see him that way. If so, then what should she do? She was already dating someone, and though they had yet to even kiss, she considered it cheating to even think about her new oppa in such a scandalous way.

As for Alex, he continued to shower like nothing had happened before going back to his room and putting on a pair of underwear. These were not any underwear. As a man who trained in mixed martial arts since a young age, he had grown accustomed to the feeling of spandex, and thus he wore nothing but compression shorts as undergarments. Which left very little to the imagination.

Seeing how he still had some time before class, Alex decided to disregard wearing anything else around the house, and climbed out of his bedroom, where he immediately headed to the kitchen, where his father, stepmother, and older stepsister were already eating breakfast.

The trio was already engaged in a conversation about where Min-Ah was, and why she was sleeping in so late, when they spotted the young man shamelessly walk into the room wearing nothing but compression shorts. His stepmother, Chae-Yeong, and his older step sister Su-Jin immediately flushed red in embarrassment, with Su-Jin screaming at her new little brother as if she were a howler monkey.

"What the hell Alex! Where are your clothes?"

Alex looked over at the embarrassed expressions of his step-mother and step-sister, where he simply smirked as he explained how comfortable he was.

"I'll throw some on before I head out, but right now I'm so comfortable I don't feel like wearing anything else."

Alex said this while he was pouring himself some coffee. Meanwhile, his father, a man named John, gazed upon his son's suddenly ridiculous behavior, and could not help but make a comment.

"Son, don't you think it is inappropriate for you to walk around like that?"

John was not a man who even remotely resembled his son. He was a middle-aged man, with a haggard gaze, grey hair, and a weak chin. He wore a pair of glasses and had a frail body. By all means, John was a weak man compared to his son, something which Alex immediately took notice of. After turning around to reveal his enormous bulge to his family, Alex smugly sipped from his coffee before challenging his father for the right to remain dressed so scandalously.

"Not really? I mean, Mom and Min-Ah have already seen my dick, so it's not like they don't already know what it looks like."

Chae-Yeong was in the middle of taking a sip of her coffee when she heard this, causing her to spit out her drink all over the table. Meanwhile, both John and Su-Jin looked at the woman as if they could not believe their ears.

Alex's stepmother was a particularly beautiful Korean woman in her late thirties, who had short raven black hair that was styled in a bob cut with swept bangs, along with matching eyes. Her body was sublime and was enough to entice Alex even when she was dressed in regular clothes. Upon further inspection, she was most definitely his type, as was her daughter sitting next to her.

How his father had managed to bag such a prime milf? Alex would never know. But he had no qualms about cucking the old man, especially since he only recently transmigrated to this world and thus did not even consider him to be family.

As for Chae-Yeong, she immediately tried to collect her thoughts so she could defend herself. Not even thinking about what Alex had said about her youngest daughter also seeing him naked. Instead, she was more concerned with making sure her new husband knew that she was not, in fact, cheating on him.

"It was an accident! I didn't know that Alex sleeps nude, so when I woke him up, I just sort of saw…. It…."

Chae-Yeong's gaze immediately fell onto Alex's proud bulge, which caused him to smirk once more while he sipped his coffee. As for Su-Jin, she was more concerned with her little sister and was quick to ask about this.

"This bastard just said that Min-Ah saw him as well? How and when? You prick, you better not be trying anything funny with my little sister!"

Alex shamelessly admitted what had happened, as if it were the most natural thing, further deflating his noona's argument.

"Noona, relax. I was just walking to the shower, and the bathroom was only a few feet away from my room, so I figured I did not need to bother wasting time getting dressed. How was I supposed to know that little Min-Ah would open her door at the exact same time? I assure you it was pure coincidence."

As much as Su-Jin wanted to rip Alex's throat out, she had no argument for his words, other than the fact that he should have been dressed in the first place. She was just about to voice this when John spoke up on her behalf.

"That is entirely inappropriate, Alex. I don't know what has suddenly come over you, but you will wear clothes in this house!"

Seeing how the old man was putting his foot down, Alex placed his coffee mug down on the Kitchen counter, and stopped leaning on its side. He then stood as tall as he could, which was easily two meters tall, as he gazed down upon his father like the man was an ant. While he crossed his arms in defiance, Alex posed one simple question to his father.

"And what exactly are you going to do if I refuse?"

Naturally, John knew about Alex's training in hand to hand combat. His biological mother had enrolled the boy in mixed martial arts at one of the world's most prestigious schools when he was only five years old. Alex wasn't just a talented fighter, he was a prodigy, who already had several knockouts on his amateur record.

There was no way someone like John could oppose his son if things turned violent. And thus the old man cowardly shrunk back into his seat, trying to make his existence as small as possible. Before meekly admitting defeat.

"Alright… I understand...."

This caused Alex to relax his stance, as he leaned back against the kitchen counter once more before finishing his coffee. He smiled yet again as he suddenly acted much more friendly to his step-mother, who he needed a favor of.

"Oh mom, by the way, I'm going to need a ride to campus today. Do you think you can take me?"

Chae-Yeong was not accustomed to Alex calling her mom. Though she had not been his stepmother for long, the young man had utterly refused to treat her like his mother until today. Perhaps it was because she had witnessed something so intimate, but Alex seemed to be warming up to her, which was something she found comfort in, even if his behavior was quite strange.

Naturally, it had to do with Alex's transmigration, as well as the fact that he had a system which told him what the women in his life liked and disliked. Chae-Yeong appeared to have longed for a son throughout her years while married to her first husband. But for whatever reason, had never given birth to one. And thus, she really enjoyed when Alex treated her like a mother.

In fact, Alex could literally see her affection rating rise with each time he called her by the term "mom". So much that she was now willing to do minor favors for him. Which became evident to everyone when she blushed and agreed to her stepson's request.

"Very well, it is not like I have much else to do today… I don't mind taking my son to school…"

Su-Jin and John both looked at the woman as if she had gone utterly mad. But Alex wore a warm smile as he thanked the woman for her generosity.

"Thanks mommy, you're the best!"

Shockingly, the term mommy had an even greater effect on Chae-Yeong's affection as it immediately rose by an entire rank solely because he had just said that one word. Knowing this, Alex decided to start calling the woman "mommy" from now on. Especially as he approached the dining room table and sat down in front of her. With a gentle smile on his chiseled face, Alex began to pile the breakfast onto his plate.

"I can't wait to eat mommy's cooking!"

This had an enormous effect on the mature Korean beauty, who in turn grabbed hold of Alex's plate and began to pile on the breakfast she had made herself. She appeared both satisfied and embarrassed as she spoke her thoughts aloud.

"Alex, let mommy do that for you…"

Su-Jin looked at her mother as if she had suddenly become possessed, while John stared at the woman with a suspicious gaze. He had no idea when his son and wife had suddenly become so friendly, but something was not right.

It was not long after that Min-Ah appeared in the dining area, where she gazed around the corner almost like a timid rabbit. She saw that Alex was still barely dressed and flushed red with embarrassment as she slowly made her way to sit by his side. After all, it was the only chair left at the table for her to sit at.

Alex smiled when he saw the shy school girl sit by his side while dressed in her adorable uniform. To which he shamelessly placed his arm around the girl's shoulder, before welcoming her to the table.

"Good morning, Min-Ah, did you sleep well?"

Obviously, he could guess why the girl was late to the table, because her affection rating was even higher than her mother's. No doubt she had been playing with her little kitty, while thinking about what she saw earlier in the morning.

Su-Jin was immediately angered by her stepbrother's shameless actions and demanded he let go of her precious little sister.

"You unhand Min-Ah this instant, you damned lecher!"

This caused Alex to act confused, as he looked over at his little step-sister and asked her a simple question.

"Min-Ah, do you feel uncomfortable?"

The girl timidly shook her head, but did not dare say a word. For she was afraid her voice would crack if she were to do so. Seeing as how she responded to his question exactly as how he expected, Alex simply chuckled before correcting Su-Jin.

"Well, if Min-Ah doesn't have a problem with it, why do you?"

Su-jin looked like a mixture of her mother and sister. She had mid length raven black hair, with blunt bangs and matching eyes. While she was definitely larger in size than her little sister, her body still paled to compare to her mother's. Still, she was by no means flat chested, and was an exceptional beauty in her own right.

Unfortunately, she seemed to despise Alex, even before he began to act this way, and thus, it would be a much longer conquest for Alex to win her heart, and steal her from her boyfriend, then it was to claim her sister and mother as his own.

But Alex did not mind. In fact, he enjoyed a challenge. Thus, he gazed upon his new family with a hint of excitement in his sky-blue eyes. As he wondered how he would get these three beauties, who were now his family, to sleep with him. Not only that, but he wondered what kind of reward he would get for doing so. Life had suddenly become so interesting. And Alex intended to make the most of it.


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