Villain: Transmigrated Into A NTR Manga As The Antagonist

An infamous playboy, killed by a former lover, inexplicably awakens to discover himself transmigrated into a NTR manga, assuming the role of the antagonist - Alex Smith. Propelled by a mysterious system that magnifies his skill in captivating women, he holds the power to seduce the women that belong to the various “main characters“. 【Ding! The Queen of Hearts System has awakened.】 【Overall goal: Steal all the heroines from the various main characters across the world.】 【Reward: God Status.】 ----------------------------------------------- [Disclaimer: This novel is based around Netori, NOT Netorare. Alex will NOT get cheated on, and there will be NO Yuri.]

Zentmeister · Urban
Not enough ratings
380 Chs

Cat Fight

Alex and his women descended from the penthouse not long after he had finished with the three of them. They had not even bothered to shower, and were in a hurry to get back to John, who was no doubt seething about the whole situation. Or so they thought. Because of this, there was actually a trail of semen leaking down the legs of Chae-Yeong and her daughters when they regrouped with John.

However, surprisingly enough, John did not appear angry with Alex. Not in the slightest. This was something that confused the man. Especially when his father spoke to him with an almost excited tone in his voice.

"Did you enjoy yourself, Alex?"

Not only had these words stunned Alex, but they had also shocked Chae-Yeong, who looked at her husband as if he were an entirely different person. Of course, after making love to Alex, she no longer had any feelings for John, and was actually quite cold when she approached him.