354 Chapter 354

It was another misty morning in Magic City, and the fog was so thick that you could not see the person standing next to you. It was zero visibility.

And through that fog pierced the fog lights of a series of cars that swiftly headed towards their destination, climbing the hills as if the lack of visibility was not even an issue.

The Gate of Mourntale Family opened even before they approached it, and the five cars continued on their way to the main compound where dozens of people were waiting for them.

"Master Demiliore." Vladimir stepped forward as soon as Keith exited the car, greeting him with a bright smile.

"Lord Mourntale." He smiled and then lightly hugged the man before shaking his hand.

Since they were relatives now, it was only right to not treat each other with too much formality, and seeing that he was quite amiable about it, Amelia's aunt stepped forward and dotingly greeted him.

It was the first time he was visiting the Mourntale Family since they got married, and so he did bring them a lot of gifts, which he and Kiara personally handed to each member of the Main Family.

Afterwards, Keith finally walked over to his wives who were patiently waiting for him and hugged them one by one.

The two of them curiously looked at the girl who was standing behind him, and then Rebecca smiled as she stepped forward and hugged Kashish.

"It's nice to finally meet you in person, Kashish. And I am not surprised that he is enamoured by you." She playfully whispered the second half in her ear, making the girl burn in a furious blush.

Keith felt rather awkward when the girls happily started chatting with each other, and he was left alone to follow them to the section of the compound that had been prepared for them.

He sighed in his heart when both Amelia and Rebecca threw glances at him, having caught on to the changes in Kiara, and he knew that was going to be subjected to an interrogative session later.

Fortunately, after they settled in their rooms, it was time for breakfast, and then all of them gathered again in Amelia's room, later in the morning after she showed the girls around the estate.

Amelia smiled when she found him lazily laying in her bed, and then walked over to the side to lean in and plant a kiss on his forehead.

Kiara tried to tease her about it, but she was not one to feel shy about kissing her husband in front of others, not to mention that everyone in the room was family.

Keith then stood up and lazily stretched his arms and then settled his eyes on the girl who was trying to hide behind Rebecca and Kiara.

"Alana." He called her name, and both Kiara and Rebecca playfully stepped aside, leaving her defenceless against him. "Come." He smiled at how she was not trying to meet his eyes and then walked into the backyard.

He only had to wait a few seconds before the girl joined him, and then they both silently stood next to each other for the next few minutes, which allowed the girl to calm down a little.

"Did he call you after you left?" He asked, and Alana suddenly tensed up.

"Yes..." She informed him. "He tried to call me a few times, but then stopped."

"So, he is in love with you?" He teased her, and Alana did not feel well at the way he asked the question. "Well, I can't fault him for it. After all, you are very beautiful." He indifferently shrugged, and Alana felt even more uncomfortable.

"It's not right..."

"Why not?" He curiously turned to look at her.


"He's your brother?" He chuckled. "Adopted brother." He reminded her. "Besides, even if you truly were siblings, there was still no harm in it."

"Keith!" She shouted his name a little angrily, feeling hurt by his indifference to the matter. "We are not some Ancient Family!"

She had been living at the Mourntale Estate for some days, and she had learned a lot about their ways.


"And?" He smiled.

"I love you!" She glared at him, and her eyes widened in surprise when he suddenly leaned in and captured her lips.

"Finally the answer that matters." He told her, nudging his nose with hers.

When he hugged her in her arms and she buried her face in his chest, Alana felt at peace, and all the weight pressing on her heart disappeared.

Keith gently stroked her back, relaxing her more, and when they finally separated, she looked at him with misty eyes.

"Why are you so good to me?"

"That's a stupid question." He tapped her head, making her wince a little, and then engaged her in a conversation about music and her plans for the new year.

"Keith... Can I stay with you for some time?" She requested.

Keith knew what she was talking about, and what she wanted to achieve.

Perhaps she was now driven by her feelings to prove to him that she loved him and belonged to him, an attempt to make her gain some confidence about their relationship and forget about all the unpleasantness that had suddenly crept into her life.

She was vulnerable right now, and the poor Yexuan had miscalculated the feelings of a girl, despite being an Immortal Sovereign in the time he returned from, having lived for thousands of years.

Then again, according to the Plan of Destiny, he was never meant to be with any girl before returning in time and fixing everything for himself.

Keith knew that the Plans of Destiny no longer mattered since his existence was always meant to jeopardise them, and he was there in the timeline that Yexuan returned from, which were not accounted in the Plans of Destiny.

Maybe things did change, and maybe Yexuan did find a girl as the Plans changed, but from the looks of it, he was quite inexperienced when dealing with a maiden's heart.

Perhaps he had thought that by revealing his feelings he could make Alana feel disturbed, making her feel like she needed some time away from everything, which would have earned him some time to grow stronger and come up with a plan to save her from Keith's clutches, but the stupid him only ended up scaring her and driving her away from himself.

Now, her insecurities were heightened, and since she was ever more sure of where her heart lay, she wanted to take things a step further to make Yexuan understand that she only belonged to Keith.

"You can stay at the manor for as long as you want and whenever you want. It is your home." He teasingly said.

"With you." And she did not shy away from making her intentions clear.

He smiled at the adorable blush on her face as her eyes stubbornly bore into him.

"I am leaving for Iceland at the end of January." He revealed. "You can come with me."

"Thank you!" She happily hugged him and then tip-toed to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him down into a kiss.

"You are welcome." He smiled at her, and then teasingly snaked his hands onto her ass, clawing her flesh.

Alana felt the heat rush up her face, and she immediately escaped his arms, running inside Amelia's room with her heart racing for its life.

"System. How much time is left in Yexuan's Invincible Halo?"

{It's been fluctuating lately, Host. But it's likely to wear off after seven months.}

"He's already on the verge of stepping into the Spirit Profound Realm." He narrowed his eyes.

Seven months were not enough for Yexuan to reach Primal Desolation. He had not yet fully assimilated the drop of Blood he brought with him from the future. It would require him around eight more months to succeed in assimilating a small percentage, which would he enough to do some things that he planned on doing.

One thing was clear that the Destiny's Plans were trying to protect Yexuan. More so than it had tried for any other Child of Destiny. And Keith felt like it was all because of him and because Yexuan had returned from the future and knew things about him.

There had to he some things that Yexuan needed to fix.

"If I take Alana now, is it possible for Yexuan's Invincible Halo to wear off ahead of time?"

{He will lose a great chunck of his Fate Value, yes. It can result in his Invincible Halo wearing off ahead of time. But it also means that he might receive an early boost in strength and will likely assimilate the Bloodline of the Divine Dragon Clan earlier than it is supposed to happen.} The System replied.

"Is it possible that he will leave this world before his Invincible Halo wears off?"

{There is a possibility of it happening, yes." The System affirmatively answered. {Would the host like to know the approximate odds of it happening? It will cost 999 Fate Points.}

Keith was surprised at the cost he would have to bear to know the approximate odds, but he did not hesitate in his decision.


{Initialising Host's request...}

{999 Fate Points have been used...}

Keith patiently waited for several seconds before the System collected the answer for him.

{There is a 3% chance that Yexuan would be able to complete his Primal Desolation and leave the world with his Invincible Halo still active if Host waits for it to wear off and does not eliminate or conquer Alana Parker.} The System informed him. {In case the Host decides to eliminate or conquer Alana Parker, the chances will rise to approximately 9% and 7% respectively, depending on the choice the Host makes. Lastly, if the Host decides to push through the process and take the risk of killing Yexuan when he's still under his Invincible Halo, the chances of him escaping safely to another world are 33%.}

{Please beware that there might be other unforeseen consequences of attacking Yexuan when he's protected by the Invincible Halo as he has a Divine Treasure on him.}

Keith was once again amazed by the power that the System held, and he was very curious now about the Laws that governed it. He knew that Systems were not supposed to be as powerful as the one he possessed, and he could also feel that it was not the time to raise all those questions yet.

"The chances would remain the same even if I steal Alana and then attack him when he's still under the Invincible Halo?"

{Yes, Host. Even if there is only a day left in it wearing off, the chances would not drop.}

"I see..."

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