346 Chapter 346

"It's not that I do not wish to side with you, Vladimir. But we all know what it would lead to. A war that we can not win."

"I would have not asked you to come here and say these words to you if we could not win the war, Francis." The head of the Mourntale Family lightly said, surprising his two guests.

The third person in the room, who was an aged man, seemingly in his early sixties, clenched his fist, closing his eyes.

"How?" He asked, and his voice wavered a little.

Both Francis and Vladimir sensed his turbulent emotions from a simple question.

This man was the Head of the Ravenstein Family, a family that was once revered as the strongest in Netheria, but now found itself on the brink of extinction.

"I will tell you how, Kairen. Let's discuss a plan first that I need your help with." Vladimir told the old man, who nodded to him after a few seconds, getting a grip on his emotions. "We are going to hold the Ancient Trials."

"What?" Francis looked at the man in disbelief, and Kairen had his brows furrowed as he frowned at his words.

"What for?" He straightforwardly asked.

The Ancient Trials were a sacred event that all the Ancient Families in Netheria respected. It was an event designed to settle your disputes or to just cement your might over everyone else. Additionally, it was also a special event where Ancient Families gathered and socialised with each other, as well as to seek potential recruits for their Sects and Families since independent Aurors could participate in it as well.

However, it could very well turn into a bloody affair since killing your opponent was allowed. Not that people had to kill their opponent, but enemies rarely gave up the opportunity to end their life in it.

Ravenstein were already battered, and every life was now extremely precious to them. Kairen was already not liking this idea.

"To cut our enemies' numbers, and to initiate the war."

The words of the Head of the Mourntale Family stupefied them, and their first thought was that Vladimir had lost his mind.

However, as they saw the seriousness in the man's eyes, having known him for several decades, they knew he would not do something that would jeopardise his family, and he was not a man to turn his back on his allies.

And then they both started considering his plan.

"Are you certain we have a chance to win the war that would follow?" Glasius asked, looking right into Vladimir's eyes.

"We have much greater chances to win it than our enemies." He nodded his head, making them both question themselves about how much power the Mourntale Family was hiding.

"The Ancient Trials have not been held for decades now. I doubt many Families would be interested in joining it if any of the Seven from our land organised it. And it would also provide an opportunity for our enemies to use underhanded means and ally with outsiders to cut our numbers even further." Kairen spoke, hoping that Vladimir had thought about everything.

"We will be fine. Outsiders won't interfere in our feud since the one organising and observing the event is an existence they would rather not provoke." The Head of the Mourntale Family smiled and stood up as he heard footsteps approach their room.

Out of respect, both Frnacis and Kairen stood up as well, even though they did not know who was coming.

They questionably glanced at each other as they watched a young girl, likely to be in her early twenties, open the door and walk in.

However, they were soon stunned when they heard Vladimir address the girl with a title that they could have never expected in their wildest dreams.

"Lady Hecate." The Head of the Mourntale Family respectfully bowed to her, and Rebecca smiled at him.

"Good Afternoon." She said and then took the vacant seat at the table before raising her head and taking a good look at the Heads of the Glasisius and Ravenstein Families.

"Please sit." She said, and all three of them sat down. The two guests were a little sceptical and uncomfortable.

"You are Rebecca Demiliore." Kairen frowned a little.

"Lady Hecate is my niece's Sister-wife." Vladimir nodded his head.

"I don't want to sound disrespectful, but I need some evidence." Francis seriously said but did not dare to look at Rebecca's face directly.

"Of course. You would be an unwise man to believe another's words without any evidence." She smiled and then summoned her God Ring, unloading her Divine Presence that suffocated all of them. "Would this suffice?" She asked, and after they nodded their heads in unison, she recalled her Divine Presence.

"Shall we discuss the plan then?" Vladimir asked and began telling them the details that they had discussed last night.

He did not bother asking Francis if he would side with them or not. There was no longer any need for it and the more he learned about the plans, the more apprehensive he became.

The head of Glasisius realised that it was in his and his Family's best interests that he take this opportunity, and so he made up his mind.

Both of them were uncomfortable with the idea of using such insidious means to ensure their victory, but after Vladimir said to them the words Rebecca said to him last night, they both relented, knowing that nothing should matter to them more than their Family's survival.

Their enemies had not refrained from using foul play in the last war, and they were continuing with their dishonourable methods. It was only fair under these circumstances that they made them taste their own medicine.

The room remained silent for the next few minutes after they finished discussing the plans, and both Francis and Kairen contemplated everything.

"Are you sure you will be able to help our sick and injured?" The old man of the Ravenstein Family politely asked.

"Short of regenerating limbs, I can fix any ailment, and even save them from near death. However, yes, there will be no saving for someone whose organs and bones are damaged beyond repair." She clearly said.

The words immensely relieved Kairen, who had a lot of people at home who had suffered and needed to be saved. It also assured them all that if any of their members suffered grievous injuries in the Trials, they would be saved. As long as they were not on the verge of death, it would all be fine.

"How will we make sure that they all agree to participate in the Ancient Trials?" Francis asked, knowing well that most would not be too keen on joining the Ancient Trials. Over time, the Trial had lost its purpose and it was now considered a battle before the ultimate war.

"The winner takes home two Aura Stones." Rebecca lightly said and ignored the baffled looks on Kairen and Francis' faces.

In the eyes of these people, Aura Stones were priceless treasures considering the myths that surrounded them, and even the two of them were tempted.

However, they both sighed in their hearts as they knew that they could not vie for these Stones as they needed to work together.

Another thing that was laid bare to them was the fact that Mourntale would survive regardless of what their decision would be, but if they stepped back now, they would be counted amongst the enemies.

Rebecca also told them that it was not some free lunch, and they would have to repay their debts when the time came.

She stayed in the room as the three of them began penning down invitations to the Trials and after she made sure that all the families she planned on seeing at the Trials had been invited, she left.

A smile appeared on her face when her phone suddenly rang and she saw who was calling.

"Keith!" She excitedly called out his name. "I suppose Iseul told you about my plans?"

"She did." Keith acknowledged. "So the Ancient Trials, eh?"

"Yes!" Rebecca laughed. "I think it is time we reveal to the Ancient Families of Netheria who we are. Some already know, but the rest would know it soon."

"Don't you think your presence would make the prey apprehensive?" He playfully asked.

"Does not matter. They will be hunted anyway." She dangerously said and heard her husband chuckle.

"Of course."

"Will you be coming?" She asked, and Keith remained silent for a few seconds.

"I suppose it would be fun."

"It will be!" She guaranteed it and felt truly happy that he would be joining them. "Bring Kashish with you. I want to meet her."


"Also, Keith..."


"Should we help the Mourntale grow stronger?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"One-Fold Heart Pulse."

She knew that it was not some very precious technique and was quite common in the Lower Heaven. But here, it was a treasure worth dying for to these Ancient Families.

"Okay." He agreed. "Have you talked with Amelia about it?"

"Not yet." She answered. "And did Iseul tell you about Helena?"

"The little Mourntale Amelia has decided to keep by her side?"

"Yes!" She brightly smiled. "She's exceptionally talented despite being a normal Auror and is very smart. Also, she's very beautiful! I am sure she will grow into a gorgeous lady in the future."

Rebecca laughed when she heard her husband sigh on the other end.

"I love you!" She told him.

"I love you too, Rebecca," Keith told her. "We will see you at the Trials."

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