327 Chapter 327

Keith woke up, sensing a familiar weight pressing on him, and found himself doused in familiar scents and warmth.

His amethyst eyes opened, and the sight that greeted him evoked a smile on his lips. He was being pressed under the weight of his little sister, and on either side of him, Minami and Iseul were sleeping, hugging his arms.

It was Friday morning, and he did not have to go to the University, so, he decided to close his eyes again, allowing them to keep sleeping in peace and relish the warmth that emanated from their bodies.

Before falling asleep again, he checked what Amira and Reina were doing. The twins were sound asleep too, and Kashish, who was staying in the guest room was asleep as well.

It looked like they were all going to just sleep today, so he cleared up his mind and fell back into his dream world.

The next time he opened his eyes, it was late in the afternoon, and Kiara was still on top of him, but Iseul and Minami were no longer in the room.

His loveable daughter, who liked acting as his maid, was busy making their lunch, and Iseul was in her room, sitting in front of her computer, talking to Naomi and Julian about some official mission.

The two Grayson Siblings were mostly taking care of official work on their Cell's behalf, and Keith had permitted them to take missions as long as they were manageable.

It was a sort of training for them, and Iseul was always providing them with Intel and keeping an eye on them, and Zor was always their backup in case they required it.

Thankfully, with them around, he did not have to personally take action. He had trained them enough that they could deal with these mundane worldly affairs by themselves.

Since his little sister was still sound asleep, Keith decided to meditate and close his eyes, circulating the Aura inside his body and keeping his senses open to his immediate surroundings and beyond.

Sometime later, he finally sensed Kiara shift on top of him, and he opened his eyes to meet her gentle gaze.

"Good morning!" She planted a kiss on his forehead and sweetly smiled.

"Good Afternoon." He chuckled and then flipped them over, pressing her under his weight and kissing her soft lips. "Did you have fun last night?" He asked as he started taking off her pyjamas, and Kiara wrapped her arms around his neck before she pulled him into a deep kiss.

"Yes... Ahn~" A sweet moan escaped her lips when he entered her without a warning, making her grimace at the sudden intrusion that was accompanied by some pain and an intoxicating pleasure.

When he filled her to the brim, she felt complete, and she started gasping for breath as the fire inside her womb raged in excitement.

"Brother, move..." She requested, but Keith did not oblige and continued pressing her under his weight, not moving at all.

To make things worse, he started planting kisses on her neck, which made her body writhe under him, and she started grinding her sex against his to find some relief,

"Please." She kissed him and pleaded, thrusting her hips forward, making his glans painfully stretch her cervix.

Seeing the tears brimming out of her eyes, Keith finally showed her some mercy and pulled back. He heard her moan in pleasure and objection, but then another moan followed when he thrust back inside her, making her feel complete once again.

It was not long before her ecstatic cries resounded in the room, begging him to go faster and harder on her, but Keith was cruel to her today, determined to make love to her by taking his time with his slow but hard thrusts.

In the end, she kept begging for his mercy as the fire inside of her only became more unbearable, and even after jumping off the Peak of her pleasure a few times, her womb still ached for more.

"More?" He teasingly asked, suddenly stopping, which made her cry.

"Don't stop!" She pleaded, and he devilishly grinned before resuming his expedition inside of her.

She once again painfully scratched his back, leaving her marks on him, and then bit on his shoulder as tears slipped out of her eyes as a result of the building ache inside her womb.

"Faster, Keith." She requested, and he finally decided to listen to her.

He gave her what she wanted, letting his wildness loose on her, and her unreserved cries were heard by all the ladies who were in the Mansion.

And finally, when he erupted inside of her, bathing her womb in his essence, a soul-stirring and a delighted cry of relief escaped her lungs.

Keith gently cupped her cheek in his hand, stroking her cheekbone with his thumb, and stared into her misty dark-blue eyes.

He could tell what she wanted and needed right now, and he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly, and allowed her to catch her breath.

Tremors of pleasure jolted through her for minutes to come, and Kiara relished in his warmth and the touch of his skin against hers.

"I want more." She seductively whispered again and squeezed his hardness which was still nestled inside of her.

"Is that so?" He smirked and then started moving again, knowing well that she had said it because she knew that he had not had enough yet.

Kiara did not regret being subjected to several more rounds of excruciating pleasure. It was worth seeing the satisfaction on his face, and she always loved the feel of his essence warming up her womb.

And he rewarded her for surviving their battle by bathing her and later dressing her up to his liking. To sweeten things up, he brought her downstairs in his arms when they arrived at the table for supper.

She loved how every one of them was blushing furiously, sneaking glances at them from time to time, and to tease them and scare them a little, she feigned some pain and discomfort as well.

Amira and Reina were nervous now, and their timid glances at Keith were heartily enjoyed by Kiara, who did not miss the opportunity to pull their legs and scare them some more.

Kashish, however, understood the ins and outs of copulation. She was a doctor, after all, and she could tell that Kiara was not in any serious discomfort and was faking it.

However, she too did not dare to meet her eyes, and she was nervous as well. She could not help but think that she would one day be subjected to this cruel torture for hours as well, and for the first time in her life, she felt the fire in her womb.

The only person who was seemingly fine and only blushed a little was Minami. Even Yingying was unsettled after listening to their love-making session that continued for hours, and it was mostly because Keith had not poured some love into her for a while now.

And the one who was the most unsettled was Iseul. She did not even feel like eating and kept sneaking glances at Keith from time to time.

She had thought that her Master would finally take her when she reached the Spirit Profound Realm, and now she was in its Late Stage, still waiting for him to take her.

However, being his obedient slave, she stayed quiet and hoped that her day would come soon.

She was already quite happy that she got to sleep with him last night.

Her attention was soon grabbed by her watch when it suddenly vibrated, and she excused herself from the table for a minute.

"Master, Samrath and Liam are both at a racing event right now. And Liam has deliberately tried to molest Samantha to rile him up..." Iseul started speaking once she entered the room, knowing well that he could hear her even though he was not wearing an earpiece.

It was similar to an event that transpired in the Plan of Destiny he read, the only difference was that it was happening a year earlier, and Samantha had not been subjected to a cruel prank by her classmates which had led to the second confrontation between Liam and Samrath.

Iseul also informed him about the new mission that Julian and Naomi had accepted, and she returned to the table fifteen minutes later when Keith had engaged the girls in a conversation about their eventful last night.

"The Rovic was truly asking for it, but the Arya was quite patient." Kiara finished narrating last night's event.

"So he just pushed the Rovic away from the girl? Nothing else?" Keith feigned some curiosity and asked.

"Yes." Kashish nodded her head. "And I believe that Liam sent one of his men after Samrath."

"Why do you think so?" He curiously asked.

"Liam stayed at the club for another hour, but one of his guards was missing ever since Samrath left with that girl."

"You are quite observant, aren't you?" He smiled. "So, who won the race?"

"I did." She brightly smiled, and Kashish nodded her head as well.

"Kiara was a little too experienced for me." She admitted her loss.

"Well, she has learned from the best." And Keith shamelessly took all the credit, which made his little sister pout and challenge him to a race. "You lost to Rebecca. You still have a long way to go." He reminded her of her recent loss to her sister-wife, and she pouted some more.

"I am still taking you on!"

"Well, you are not ready yet. Do you have any plans for the weekend?" He suddenly asked, changing the subject, and everyone at the table turned to look at him.

"No." Kiara shook her head. "What do you have in mind?"

"Let's go on a trek to the Fairy Falls." He suggested, and all of them excitedly nodded their heads.

Kiara did not insist that they race again for the duration of their meal. She knew she could have it another day, and now she was busy planning their trip.

Fairy Falls was one of the most wondrous waterfalls in the world, situated beyond the Zenza Forest, near the famous rainbow hills.

The girls immediately got to packing their stuff so that they could leave early in the morning, and Kiara took Amira and Reina out shopping to fetch the things they would need to camp outside for a night.

Unbeknownst to them, Keith had not suggested this trip just for fun. There was a very interesting event that he was anticipating would happen on Sunday.

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