324 Chapter 324

"A car showroom?" Kashish quizzically raised her brow when Keith stopped the car.

He did say that they were going to get something after they had their lunch, but she did not think that he was interested in buying a new car.

"Kiara told me that you guys have over a hundred rare cars." She smiled when she saw him nod his head.

"I get bored fast." He shrugged.

"So, what are you buying today? A Ferrari?" Kashish giggled and got out of the car together with him.

"No." He shook his head. "A Lexus."

"Lexus?" She surprisedly looked at him, and inadvertently glanced at the Pagani they had just got out of. "I see..."

Since she did not know much about cars, she decided to keep her thoughts to herself and silently followed him inside the showroom.

By the time they arrived at the reception, the manager seemed to be already waiting for them there, and his smile was so bright that it was hard to believe that he had a happier day than this one in his life.

"Mr. Demiliore." He respectfully bowed to Keith and her, even though he had no idea who she was.

"I am here for the car."

"Of course." The man excitedly nodded his head and then politely gestured to them to follow him.

Kashish curiously looked around at all the beautiful cars that were present inside the showroom, and Keith deliberately walked slowly so that she could take a good look around.

The manager did not mind it either. In fact, he was hoping that something would catch the lady's attention.

Unfortunately, Kashish was only curious and was not really into cars.

"Here it is." The manager happily said when they arrived by the side of a beautiful radiant-red coloured car. "LC 999-SE. The one you asked for." He handed the keys to Keith, who nodded to him appreciatively and opened the doors so that Kashish could take a look at the interior. "All the paperwork is complete, you just have to sign it." The Manager presented him with the file, and Keith pointed at the girl by his side.

Kashish surprisedly looked at him, but he simply got inside the car and started it.

The aggressive yet thrilling sound of the car when he revved it, grabbed her attention, and then she simply accepted the file from the manager and signed the documents.

Several minutes later, they drove off in the red beast, and Keith was not too gentle with it.

After testing the car for a good hour and a half, and fuelling the desire in his companion's heart, he finally asked her a question.

"Do you want to drive?"

"And here I thought you would never let me drive my own car." She teased, but before he could respond, she was already out of the car and walking over to his side.

"You do know how to drive, right?" He playfully asked as she got into sit in the driving seat.

"Yes." She nodded to him. "I learned how to drive when I was fifteen."

"I see."

For the next hour, Keith simply sat there enjoying the absolute elation on her face as she had fun driving around and being mischievous with the speed.

It was so clear on her face that she loved it, and why wouldn't she? To true car enthusiasts, it was one of the most prized cars that had come out in recent years, and there were only 99 Special Edition units of this car.

"I love it!" She voiced her true emotion when they finally returned to the University Town and stopped outside an Ice-Cream Parlour.

"It was not hard to guess." He chuckled before he got out and then took her inside the shop, ordering his favourite Slush, and ordered one for her to try as well. "How's it?"

"It tastes different, but I like it." She told him, took another sip, and then nodded to herself.

The two of them walked over to the bench under a maple tree, and then sat down on it, looking at the beautiful lake.

"How's your little brother?"

"He's fine." She smiled. "Misses me a lot, and we talked last night. Grandfather is planning on sending him to attend a High School here in Netheria, but Harud only wants to focus on his Cultivation..."

One thing Kashish appreciated a lot about Keith was how easy he was to talk with. She might have been a little fearful of him at the start, given his true identity, but now, she could honestly say that he was one of the few people she was absolutely comfortable with.

Kiara was the same as him, and it had only taken her two days to become great friends with the lady of the Demiliore Family.

"You are not going to pick up Amira and Reina from school today?" She asked when she realised what time it was.

"They have plans with Kiara." He told her.

"I see." She nodded and then froze when she saw him lean to her side and comfortably place his head in her lap.

"You smell nice." He told her, making her blush, and then just closed his eyes, seemingly going to sleep.

Kashish thought that he was teasing her, but as time passed, she finally realised that he had indeed fallen asleep, and it was then that she stared at him and his perfection without any reservation.

The sun sank, and the yellow lamps came to life, illuminating the famous Yellow Street, but Keith still did not wake up and continued sleeping soundly.

A sudden buzzing sound broke her out of a trance, and she looked down from his face to the side of the bench where his cell phone was placed.

She saw the called ID and debated if she should wake him up or pick up the phone, and in the end decided to take the call.

"Yes?" She answered.

The man on the other side of the phone was a little shocked to hear her voice but managed to speak after a few seconds.

"Miss Mir?" He doubtfully asked.

"Yes, Mr. Arya." She replied. "Doctor Keith is away from the phone right now. Have you made the arrangements?" She asked, guessing what the Young Master of the Arya Family would be calling Keith for.

"Yes. I have forwarded the location and would like to know when Doctor Keith would arrive." Samrath told her, a little uncomfortable in his heart for an unknown reason.

"I will let him know when he returns, and we will come there as soon as possible."


Ending the call, she again debated if she should wake him up, but just when she was about to put his phone back in its position and continue letting him take his nap, his eyes opened.

Her heart stopped when those haunting Amethyst orbs that seemed to hold the entire cosmos in them stared at her, and she was stunned and mesmerised by their unreal beauty.

She recalled Kiara's words when she had said that Keith's eyes were way more beautiful than what she liked staring in, which she had not understood at that time, but now she knew what the little Miss of the Demiliore Family meant.

Kashish had not seen eyes as beautiful as these, and her heart was convinced that there could not be any eyes more beautiful than these.

"No..." She objected when she saw his eyes change their shade, and now that she was out of her trance, her cheeks immediately warmed up and she tried to hide her face from him.

"You are quite soft." He playfully spoke, and then lazily sat up, stretching his arms. "Shall we go?"

"Samrath called..."

"I know." He smiled and then grabbed her hand, leading her to the car.

Kashish silently sat in the passenger seat but sneaked several glances at him as if searching or waiting for something, and Keith finally chuckled at her behaviour.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Those eyes..."

"They are my true eyes." He informed her.

"And these?" She frowned.

"Why? Don't like them anymore?" He teased her making her blush and look away.

"It's not that..."

"So you like them?" He pulled her leg some more, and Kashish understood that there would be no end to it if she did not honestly concede.

"Yes." She answered him, which made him chuckle.

"These are real too," He informed her, puzzling her. "A natural mask to hide my truth."

"Oh." She nodded and frowned some more. "Are humans capable of it?" She curiously asked.

"I never said that I am human." He turned to meet her eyes and smiled. "I am not." He truthfully told her, but before she could ask the sudden question that had sprouted in her mind, he continued. "However, if one is good at Magic, they can hide their eyes and appearance, regardless of their race. But that would not be a natural mask."

"I can learn magic too?" Her attention was successfully diverted to something that excited her.

"You will be learning Magic." He nodded. "I will teach you." He added, and this time, despite blushing, she did not look away.

"You are making it quite hard for me to have a second choice." She giggled.

"You never had or entertained one." He told her, making her giggle some more.

The two of them then started chatting about his time at the Royal Medical Academy in Austria, and half an hour later, they reached their destination.

It was then that Kashish realised that Keith had not even checked the location that Samrath had forwarded to them, which made her a little curious, but it was not something that truly weighed on her mind, so, she never asked about it.

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