52 Vipers

The King was getting reports on the guards failing to find the masterminds as if they got lost in the deserts.

" Sent...Those desert Pirates!" The king ordered making the council gasp

A guard went to a rowdy bar and request to enter a VIP room. A woman and man sneered at him as he took out a bag of gold and jewels.

" What's this all about?" The woman went

" Captain Red. We would like you to kill the Masterminds of the Rebels. From the King." The guard told

" Oh....." the man laughed loudly " Interesting, I accept this down payment."

The guard choked on the smoke filling up the room and left hastily. Captain Red put on his shirt and looked at the woman with a grin," I guess, until next time lass."

Captain Red went out of the bar to a desolate area where a ship was in the sand. Red got on board finding people waiting for his order.

" After this deal, I'll buy us enough drinks that our dreams will be drunk!" Red laughed

The ship began to float and sped into the desert as the wind filled its sails. Red's laughter could be heard even as the ship had long vanished.

The villains were looking at a well-detailed blueprint of Illuminos.

" We can only do a surprise attack." A rebel frowned

" Nah, that's ain't fun at all." Ivan frowned

Dylan went, " Hmm…"

" Hey, Jax. Do you feel like you can burn water?" Kali grinned

Jaxon was silent momentarily looked at a system window.

[ Hell's Flames: Never yielding flames said to burn everything which Sponsor ' Passion of Flames' took great pride in.

Will Flame: A flame used by Sponsor: 'Passion of Flames' which gains strength from its wielders determination for something. Rumor has it that it can defy the laws of the will is strong enough.]

" Wanna bet, I can?" Jaxon finally responded with a grin

" Hmm…" Dylan went " It seems we have some visitors."

" Visitors, I hate uninvited guests the most. Who's going to handle them?" Waniya sighed

" I'll go. I need to stretch myself out anyway." Dylan smiled

They all looked at Dylan face and decided not to pursue the matter anymore. Dylan walked outside and was chased by a rebel.

"….Huff..huff…Sir, I'm Hayden. May I go with you" the rebel panted

Dylan scaled over the muscular person," I don't like distractions."

" I follow instructions well, Sir." Hayden told

Dylan chuckled, " Cross might want to be acquainted with you."

Hayden smiled and followed Dylan to the corner of the base. A large snake appeared and Dylan stroked under its head.

" Where did you see them?" Dylan hissed

The desert snake gave Hayden and Dylan a ride to the area with the least sand ever recorded: The Grainless Plain

Dylan saw Red's ship docked and made snakes come out of his shadow. The snakes ripped the haul of the ship like it were a snack.

" Who dares!?" Red snapped taking out his gun

Dylan appeared in front of Red and kicked him into the dust. Hayden took the opportunity to kill off some pirated.

"State your name. You must have reason to attack so boldly." Red growled

Dylan grinned as Red leaped into his view and held Dylan's collar and overthrew him. Dylan rebalanced himself.

" You wee' greenhorn want to tangle with Captain Red." Red laughed

Dylan smirked, " Yeah, I do."

Dylan threw rocks which knocked Red's guns clean out of his hand and out of sight. Dylan ran forward and grasped his neck, Red brought out a dagger and punched it into Dylan's gut. The blood that ran down burnt Red's skin as Dylan distanced himself again.

" I thought you were a pup but it seems you a viper." Red groaned

" Right back at yeah, Captain." Dylan teased

Red pushed back as a snake tail rose up with intention to take the killing blow. Red put on brass knuckles and presumed to that on a boxing stance. Dylan moved toward him at tremendous sped but Red bashed his fist into Dylan's left leg.

Dylan hissed violently as Red sent another blow to the wound he inflicted. Dylan grabbed Red by his red-brown locks and pulled himself up as he hit Red's face into his knee violently. Dylan planted his foot on Red's back to elevate his person higher as he equipped his growth weapon, gloves which have retractable blades.

Dylan descended with his blades facing Red and Red raised up his knuckles. The weapons collided and Red parted his arms. He head-butted Dylan and grasped his arms to continuously bang him into a boulder.

Dylan held onto Red just as tight as he did and fired his blades into Red's skin. The pirate staggered back and the villain was released and he spat out a mist of poison. The captain covered his mouth his bandana as he advanced to Dylan who was waiting for him. Red moved forward for a strong punch and Dylan threw his own. The fists met each other in a painful way as Dylan's blade extended itself into the Captain's hand.

" You, really a tough cookie." Red complimented

Dylan went," Likewise."

Red raised up his leg and the villain ducked quickly to thrust his other blade into his calf. They maintained that position in agony and lost blood to the grains below them. The scent was attracting the predators of the desert.

" You ain't from around here...Are ya?" Red went

Dylan let out a breathe," I suppose..."

Red pulled out his fist and calf from Dylan's blades. He quickly gave Dylan an upper cut and received a slash to the chest.

* Rumbling*

Dylan caught the pirate other incoming punch, flipped his book to kick Red in the head and landed on his shoulders. Dylan left the tip of his blade exposed as he punched Red without rest. The pirate held the teen by the legs and fell backwards.

Red picked up and punched Dylan with all his force as a giant creature surfaced and shallowed him whole. Meanwhile at the Rebel Headquarters the others were trying to contact Dylan.

" Let's just without him. He must be having a blast, I'll just leave a message." Ivan smiled

" I don't know. Shouldn't we check on him?" Navaeh frowned

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