2 Vil-System?

Zaiden and Caesar were teleported to a roof top.

" Well enter the system." Zaiden frowned

" Um.. enter system.." Caesar said

His surrounding changed as he enter the system interface.

[ Welcome again Player Caesar. I am your game guide, Neko ]

A black cat appeared having a purple bow on it's head

[ So I will help on your road to be the greatest Villian ever. But firstly deciding your Villian type]

Caesar was surrounded by rectangles with words on them. He saw Zaiden behind Neko. Half his face was engulfed by a green flame that didn't burn. He could see Zaiden smiling in amusement. Caesar looked back to the rectangles and touched: Boss' Support Villain.

[ Congratulations. You are the Right Hand Man, a one time choice for the system. Here is your beginner package]

Neko grinned holding a present box and shook it violently. It popped open and Caesar fainted.

[ He who pleasures at Mayhem is pleased with you conviction to be a string Villian

Acquired Cataclysm Skill: < Game Guide Neko > The rate of developing into a powerful renowned Villian will increase depending on affinity between Game Guide and Player]

" So that's his choice." Zaiden laughed

" Hmph. Why'd you go through all that effort to give me!" Neko yelled to Zaiden " Creator what would your parents think about this. A Hero son is a Villian. Hahahahaha"

Zaiden gave a large grin at the thought. His eyes shone with the excitement of the unknown. The sun rose on the new day.

" I've been up all night? That won't do, good night Neko. Take good care of my ' Right Hand Man' he's more interesting than I thought" Zaiden grinned

" Only if I like him damn Creator!" Neko yelled

" Your form outside the System is as chatty as ever." Zaiden sighed making a bed appear and entered it.

' So I, the totally innocent and wronged ex-hero son stayed in my parents Hero-Turf. So my parent have eight kids. Two adopted sadly not me. make sure to remember them I won't repeat it.

First born, the first son: Ryder D. Strong. A so called prodigy who's an A-rank Hero: Lightning and a successful model...like we care.

Second born, First daughter: Opal Linda Strong. An actor.. wow .. NOT!

Third born, Second son: Phoenix S. Strong. Adopted, a A- rank hero : Myth List and acting spokesperson of the second best company...whatever...

Fourth born, Third son: Franklin Will Strong. A Chairman of the best company... with a temper...

Fifth born, Second daughter: Kaylee Bev Strong. An A-rank hero... all of them are in a competition geez...

Sixth born, Fourth son: Hunter I. Strong. My twin brother a S- hero: Absolute ...amazing right?

Seventh born, Fifth son...ex-fifth son useless bump who people believe lost all his luck for a life time to his twin brother....ME

Eighth born, Third daughter: Lyla Diana Strong. Adopted recently. For a kid she's a B-rank hero : Sugar.

This was boring...to the Strong Household.'

" Dad! When is Brother Zai coming back." Lyla asked holding a pink teddy bear

" He's not Lyla. He's not part of the family anymore leeching of Dad, severs him. Right, Hunter? "

Hunter stayed silent reading a book.

" It will be temporary Lyla. Daddy and I are teaching him a lesson to pull up his act and life's unfair." Their Mum smiled

" Although a Vil-Turf is a bit much." Ryder said

" That boy will never get involved with Villian in that weak Vil-Turf. He's not that dumb." Dad laughed

" Was I just insulted?" Zaiden waking up with itchy ears thought.

Caesar looked at his status window. He was going through the features.

" Come on. Mr. Villian let's have fun... I'm bored as ever." Zaiden smiled

They went to the Turf warehouses. Inside were men gathering as much as they could.

[ Mission: Prevent all treats to territory.]

Caesar sighed and ran in turning into a large black wolf and threw the thieves aside.

" Kill them..." Neko grinned with a flushed face" What not gonna?"

Caesar brought down his claws on the intruders without hesitation.

"Amazing!" Neko laughed

Caesar was sure surprised how calm and natural he was killing someone.Zaiden released the captive people and let them run into Caesar in a bloodied frenzy.

"Ahhhhhhh! Help!"

" DIE! DIE! DIE!" Neko yelled

In the prison remained a teenage girl. It annoyed Zaiden how she was not fleeing for her life or doing anything like a corpse.

" Oi. You're free." Zaiden yelled

" So what... I can't kill them better I die here." She said

"And....." Zaiden began before smiling his genuine smile with a wicked " I can.."

" Mister are you sane?" she asked when he appeared in front of her

She was in his shadow as he smiled widely with shining eyes.

" I can give you the power to kill them...want it?" He beamed

" How?" she asked doubtfully

" Just join my faction. Then shred and enjoy to your hearts content Mrs...." He smiled

" Alright. I'm Gaia ever if you aren't an angel, I'll make this deal. I need to kill triple S hero: Blood Blade-" She interrupted noticing she really had no other choice

" -Villian" Zaiden ended pointing at her

[Welcome Player: Gaia to Villian System. I am your Game Guide Vlad]

A brown bat perked itself on her shoulder

[ Pick which Villian type you'll be]

The options appeared and she choose: Beast Controller Villian. Vlad seem interested in her option.

[ Congratulations. You are a Beast tamer Villian. Here is your Beginner Present]

Gaia fainted.

" Perhaps I should add a feature so my villains stop fainting...."Zaiden thought

[ He pleasures at Mayhem finds you blood thirstiness to fight SSS hero amusing

Acquired Cataclysm Skill: <Game Guide Vlad>]

Caesar notice the Mission wasn't completed yet. He looked out the window seeing motorbikes rushing over," So they sent for a rescue team."

[Affinity with < Neko of Thousand Blood> as increased.]

[Acquired Skill: < Blood Frenzy> Rank F: In sight of excessive blood power increases and rationality decreases]

He ran out in wolf form.

" Neko. I need to kill them. Can you help me?" Caesar asked

" Hmm. You could buy a technique from the store since I like that ruthlessness, I'll give you a discount." Neko sulked " Although Mynt won't be happy."

"Alright.. buy shadow control."

[ Transaction Completed]

The wolf appeared out of the motor biker's shadow. The last thing he saw was gleaming fangs.

" What is that?!"

Caesar was emitting shadows from his large body with blood dripping from his mouth.

[He who pleasures at Mayhem requests killing in the worst manner. Yes/No]

Caesar looked momentarily at Zaiden watching at the window with a knowing smile.

"Yes..." Caesar responded running to a biker grabbing his face and bashing it into the tar.

A biker shot a bullet at him. It was a silver bullet.

[ Player: Caesar has taken high damage due to weakness to silver. Will you abort request?]

Caesar looked at the remaining bikers with a stare of death.

" Sadly...you're lives end here." Caesar said

Their shadows grabbed onto the bikers throats. Caesar advanced with claws gleaming.

" I'll use the literal term.. The faction is called: Blood Lily.." Zaiden grinned

Caesar ripped the last biker.

[Mission Completed. Rewards: 500 coins.

Gained 3000 EXP. Advanced to Level 2

Hidden Mission, Blood feast Completed. Rewards: Special Skill <Neko trade>]

" Neko trade" Caesar said and all the blood of everyone vanished

[ Neko gave Rare weapon: Jewel claws weapon for the blood]

Gaia, marveled at Caesar.

" Oh yeah Boss. I beg you to help a man in here somewhere." Gaia said" He'll be useful to Blood Lily I'm sure"

Zaiden held a brooch from Neko made of harden blood. He smiled to Gaia.

" Of course Mrs. Villian." He laughed pinning the red lily brooch

[ He who pleasures at Mayhem is happy.

Obtained: 3000 coins and Chaos Skill < Shadow Grandmaster>]

Caesar looked around and followed after Zaiden and Gaia.

" Now dear Villians... fun starts we will attack the Hero-Turf tomorrow!" Zaiden grinned

" Yes Boss"

" Mr. Best Hero. Please let us met soon." Zaiden smiled " Will you change?"

Hugo received a bought of flowers from an unknown sender.

" Don't worry Dad. Red lilies symbolize love and passion, the person must be a shy fan." Opal informed

" My do they feel so ominous?" Hugo thought putting them into a vase.

Hunter looked at the flowers finding a black lily hidden inside. Black lilies symbolize, elegance and beauty were as some mean mystery

" Should I be worried?" Hunter thought

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