Encounter with Ao Xue, The Assassins of the White Lotus Society Come Again!_1

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Things suddenly became interesting.

Gao Xuan put away the jade pendant and took out the items that Noble Consort Wan had rewarded him with.

One of them was a Tian-ranked martial art called "Mountain Moving Seal," and the other was a Di-ranked sword technique called "Breaking Void Swordplay."

As usual, he activated his demonic cultivation and directly absorbed the two cultivation techniques.

Then, he swallowed the two large Huan Dan pills like candy.

Even though Consort Shu was accustomed to seeing Gao Xuan's cultivation methods, her expression still twisted in disapproval.

What a waste!

Even if one had a rich background, it was unheard of to consume large Huan Dan pills like that. Was he not afraid of the medicinal effects being too strong and causing his own demise?

She knew that Gao Xuan's cultivation methods must be unorthodox, but he concealed it too well. She couldn't guess the specifics of his cultivation.

After finishing everything, it was time to make arrangements for the Emperor's bath.

After Gao Xuan left, Consort Shu sat by the window, bored and lost in thought.

It had been so long since the failed assassination attempt, and she couldn't escape. Every day, she could only stay in this small room and felt like she was starting to decay.

On top of that, she was occasionally bullied by that bastard.

She couldn't even remember how many times they had been intimate. This small room had traces of humiliation and resentment in every corner, and even...

A blush of shame appeared on Consort Shu's face. Although she didn't want to admit it, she couldn't help but feel a sense of enjoyment and infatuation.

She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't change it.

Besides the physical and mental pleasure, she could feel her cultivation improving.

It was truly beneficial without any harm.

If things continued like this, she would truly succumb completely.

Consort Shu shook her head helplessly and sighed. Ah, she didn't know how the White Lotus Sect was doing. Madam must be anxious after hearing about her failed assassination, right?

She wondered if anyone would come to save her.

Resting her little head on the window, she fantasized with longing.


As the night grew darker, the Emperor's bath time was delayed by an hour due to his busy schedule.

With nothing else to do, Gao Xuan decided to return to the courtyard and bring a meal for Consort Shu. But halfway there, he unexpectedly encountered a familiar and cold figure.

She held a sword in her hand, wore a green dress, and had the same icy expression as ever. It was Aoxue.

Upon seeing her, Aoxue stopped in her tracks and placed her hand on the hilt of her sword.

She had already recovered from her injuries and was on her way to the Cining Palace.

"Are you alright?" Gao Xuan felt a little embarrassed and asked with a thick-skinned face.

For some women, taking away their innocence was sometimes more cruel than killing them.

But he had no choice. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been unharmed like this.

Aoxue's eyes turned cold, but instead of attacking, she remained silent and walked past him as if she hadn't seen him.

Gao Xuan stood awkwardly in place, watching Aoxue's receding figure. He suddenly said, "If you don't mind, I will take responsibility for you!"

Aoxue's body trembled, and she left with a faint remark, "It's not necessary," before walking away quickly.

Gao Xuan touched his nose. Although she didn't report him to the Empress Dowager, it seemed that her attitude towards him had become even colder.

But he could understand.

The vengeance for taking away one's purity was not something that could be easily resolved.

It was harder for women with cold personalities to come to terms with it, and they wouldn't easily bow their heads to men.

It would take time to train them.


Not far from where he stood, Gao Xuan suddenly heard the sound of fighting and clashes in the distance.

As he approached, he was instantly stunned.

A group of black-clad figures, similar to the ones from last time, had surrounded the entrance of the Yangxin Hall. They were assassins from the White Lotus Sect!

If it weren't for the fact that it was right in front of him, he would have thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

Last time, it was already audacious enough for a group of assassins to appear openly in the imperial palace. But this time, they had directly come to the highly guarded Yangxin Hall!

It was beyond audacious!

Looking at the scattered guards who had been killed, Gao Xuan immediately understood that General Xue An had intentionally allowed them to enter.

Combined with the fact that the White Lotus Sect likely had an informant in the palace, they were able to brazenly infiltrate.

And as he had predicted, the previous group had clearly been testing the waters, while this group seemed to be more powerful.

Ling Shuang was currently entangled by two of them, engaging in a fierce fight without holding back, paying no attention to the others.

Among the two, one was clearly a woman. Her black night clothes clung tightly to her voluptuous and alluring figure.

Gao Xuan's thoughts flickered, and an attribute panel appeared in his mind.

[Name]: Xue Ji

[Age]: 29

[Cultivation]: Five Elements Sealing King, Initial Stage

[Identity]: White Lotus Sect's Head Disciple

"So even the Head Disciple herself has come?"

Gao Xuan was slightly surprised as he watched her wield her sword. Her trembling and seductive figure in the tight-fitting attire made him realize just how lucky the Head Disciple was!

The identity of the other person also appeared in his mind.

[Name]: Zhu San

[Age]: 63

[Cultivation]: Five Elements Sealing King, Initial Stage

[Identity]: White Lotus Sect's Third Elder

In addition to them, there was a Grandmaster-level expert in the crowd, wreaking havoc in all directions, and then joining the battle against Ling Shuang.

Gao Xuan's gaze fell on the other miscellaneous lackeys, and he couldn't help but get excited.

To him, these lackeys were all materials. Although their quality was not high, their quantity was abundant!

With his current true cultivation, everyone present was trash, and he didn't have to worry about being exposed in demonic cultivation.

But before he could take the initiative, he was spotted by one of the black-clad individuals.

"That eunuch over there, kill him!"

Although the White Lotus Sect's main goal was to assassinate the Emperor, eunuchs were the Emperor's lackeys! Of course, they had to be killed.

Swish swish swish!

Two black-clad figures immediately surrounded him, their blades slashing fiercely.

Gao Xuan chuckled, and as the blades were about to strike him, he casually extended his hands and pinched the blades between his fingertips.

The two black-clad figures were shocked. They had thought he was an easy target, but they had encountered someone tough!

No matter how hard they exerted themselves, they couldn't break free.