32 Chapter 32: Desperate Sylvia

General POV:

Having suffered so much, Sylvia was getting back on track with her recent performance.

"Sylvia gave the wrong answer. Shivani's answer is the right one."

But the flimsy wall of confidence she had constructed was shattered by these words, which came at her like a bolt of lightning.

The words left Sylvia in an indescribable state of shock.

She walked back to her seat as though in a trance and in denial of reality.

Unfortunately, it was only the beginning of her fall.

At that moment, when she was halfway up the stairs, she heard that familiar voice.

A voice she had been longing to hear—comfort her.

"Great job, Shivani."

"Better luck next time, Sylvia."

Adrian's words, which came from a little way away, were undoubtedly comforting to her.

But they came to her later, not right away.

Instead of comforting Sylvia, Adrian first congratulated Shivani, a bitch who just yesterday became his friend.


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