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Hii everyone, Delana has decided to dedicate the tenth review for herself 😆✨ anyway, if you're still hesitating to start this story, let me tell you what to expect: - this is a quick transmigration novel. Each arc will have no more than 100 chapters (I hope) and you can see the detail of each arc in Aux chapter "List of Arcs" 💕 - MC is the top/seme/gong. I know that it's kinda unusual because I also mostly read stories from shou MC but trust me, you will find the pleasure of reading gong MC if you start with this one! 🤭 - mature scenes which I will tag on the title as a warning 😳 -ML that almost always fall in love at first sight with our MC. To be exact, they feel strong attraction to each other 😉 -MC who has issues with himself. Huge softie who doesn't believe that he deserves to be loved. Of course our ML will change his mind along the time fufufu 🤭 -Content warning including but not limited to graphic violence, blood and sui. cidal thoughts. You can see more in the "Note Before You Read" in Aux chapter. Last but not least, I hope you'll enjoy the story along with Lu Yizhou and his journey to love himself 💕


This book is outstanding. I’m never sure when I start reading if it’s really going to catch me (especially system/transmigration stories), but this one got me hooked. I’ve been rooting for the MC and ML hardcore as the story has progressed and this book has made me cry more than once. Each arc gets better and better, and the regular updates are so nice. Worth the read


Another fantastic story from Delanasiwarka! If you love villains, well-paced stories that can tug at your heartstrings, making you feel so sweet one moment to being knee deep in tissues in the next then this is definitely for you. And, even if you think you don’t, you should still check it out. You won’t regret it! Great characters and so much still to learn about them! I have so many questions about the ML and what led to him becoming part of the system. I fully trust Delanasiwarka to tell the story and keep me captivated to the end. Loved the first world and arc! Loving the second and can’t wait to read the others too


Here lies the reviews that have been blocked by web. novel 🥲 Some of them are really good and beautiful that's why I can't resist creating this section. The following review will be added in the reply section and will increase as the count grows


It’s really hard to find Gong MC novels nowadays, let alone good ones. I’m really lucky to have chanced upon this one. I like how this novel is written and it’s written well. I also love the relationship between MC and ML- a lot of romance novels (any kind) make me uncomfortable and it’s really rare for one to stay in my comfort zone. Idk I guess I’m just too picky and have a lot of standards and can’t stand it when a little thing nags at me. Keep it up author! This better be an HE or I will find you.


It's really so good and I want to read more. This novel for those who love system and villains so don't wait and just start reading and thank you so much author for writing another unique novel.


Already fricking love it, especially the mc and most of all the story development 10/10, even thought I'm just in middle of the chapter (it's not even in a middle just a little chapter, like the second world, seductive mc and vampire plot), still not know what is the following plot because I'd run out of coins. But I'd already loving it, after all it has a full of description of the beauty of the mc, which by the way I'd like, moreover I'm a face reader control. So it's fricking good! So the following days I'll will just collect more coins to unlock the chapter, which that I'd will gladly do! Just so can read the following chapter.


I really really really really love this novel . When I was most desperate to find I good novel to pique my interest so that I will always look forward to it I stumbled on this novel while searching on google . It is also the reason why I downloaded webnovel . l love both the protagonist interaction and their care for each other . Even though the gong protagonist is a little dense but it is filled up by the sly shou protagonist . I love❤❤❤❤❤❤ this plot. 🥰😘😘😘😘😘


I loved this novel. Its well thought out and not to fast or slow. Although there's cliché it's not like too much and it's slightly different. It one in my top 5 list of good books. ^_+


this is literally my all time favorite book and even out of web novel.


So good but the scene 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 😭😭😭😭 but it's awesome I want more .so good . The character are interesting


hehe binged everything yesterday from like, afternoon to midnight nonstop and I love it the writing can be said in a speaking way in my head which made it easier to read quickly, it's easy to understand and flows well 666 the system is adorable <33 mc is also hella badass, resorts to offing ppl when they get in the way which makes me rl curious who he was irl..hehe idk abt updating stability cause I just started yesterday but it sounds rl stable seeing how some of the authors notes said that there was 2 chps a day?? like..how angst is there and I def felt my heard ache while reading + eyes got wet but I dont think it's too bad...kind of.. anyway 10/10 fav of mine rn


😍 ang gandaaa gageh kaso wala nakong coins shalaaa diko pa tapos sabaok nalangg hehehheehheehheehehehehehehehehheheheheheehehehehehhehehe


i love it all the charaters and the plot too.. its so unique that i can't help my self to purchase here (╥_╥) but i don't regret it lol.. wish u well and healty writer-nim.. thank u so much~~~


I usually wait until the novel ends to make a review but oh my goodness this novel is too good!!! Filled with different worlds and I promise it gets better and better throughout each one!!! I love it so much and I'm so excited for more to come!!! thank you author for your hard work 🥰💜




Reveal spoiler


This is my author's second work and it's really good. I would recommend others to try it out. . The MC and ML interactions are sweet and I want to see more of their development . . . Thanks for the amazing work dear author. ❤


OMG , THIS BOOK IS SOOO GOOD. I really love the story line and the main characters are just 😩. I’m so looking foward for some more chapters.


LOVE this book. It's AMAZING and so enjoyable to read. The characters are interesting and the story of each world is great. It has been a while since I've found a webnovel that's thoroughly entertaining and keeps me hooked. It's unfortunate that each chapter costs 10-15 coins to read. I'm a student, so I don't have a lot of extra money to spend. This means that I'll unfortunately have to drop this book since I can't afford to keep paying so much for chapters. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone though. The author did a fantastic job and deserves to be rewarded for their work. It's one of the best books I've read and I'm sad, since I was really looking forward to arc / world 4.