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Before Lu Yizhou could find any appropriate words to say, Diana added, hesitantly at first as though she was still not certain how much she should divulge. "The first time I entered this game, I was killed by the ghost on the fourth floor on the very first night."

The corner of Lu Yizhou's lips twitched. The ghost on the fourth floor… Diana must be talking about Ellie. After all, she had also threatened to kill Lu Yizhou when they first met. If Lu Yizhou had not won over her affection, no doubt he would also have become her target sooner or later.

Now everything made sense. Ellie's warning that told him to be careful of those around him must be referring to Diana. She had seen her die again and again only to revive and enter the next batch of doctors. It was no wonder that Ellie was wary of her too. 


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