434 8.34 Magic Wand

Lu Yizhou stared at his lover, intent to gauge the answer through the slightest shift of her expression. But the longer he looked, Ellie's face started to blur around its edges. Huh…? Lu Yizhou blinked and rubbed his eyes. "Milady, you…" He did not see wrongly. Ellie's body had indeed started to dissipate into smokes. Lu Yizhou's heart sank as he reached out for her only to grab onto thin air. "Milady!"

"Ah," Ellie did not look surprised at all. She merely gave Lu Yizhou a wry grin. "It seems like my time is up today." She placed a palm on his cheek and it was like having a soft breeze caressing his skin, soft yet not tangible. "It's okay, don't put on such a stricken look. Wait until the full moon. I need to conserve my strength to protect…" Her lips moved but no words came out of it. 


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