433 8.33 The Real Threat

For a while, nobody spoke. Lu Yizhou was content with just simply laying there with his lover in his arms. Oh how he wished he could chase the cold on her body away and blanketed her with so much warmth that it suffused her skin with blush. Unfortunately, that would never happen… because she was already dead. Both of them. Ellie and Ella. 

So what did the system mean by giving him a side quest to 'revive the Miss'? Could he really have the power to bring someone back to life? No, wait — Lu Yizhou's eyes widened as he realized something. The system had given him a specified quest 'Play Miss Ella's favorite song' so why did it not say 'Revive Miss Ella' instead? The system did not define any names, did it mean that Lu Yizhou could revive Ella and Ellie because they were both the Miss of the Knox Family? 


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