427 8.27 Does It Count?

"Ah…" Ellie let out a laugh that did not reach her eyes, mirthless. "That old fart ended up exposing me. Too bad that I've just let him go just like that. Enough of my name. So who has slapped you?"

Lu Yizhou's smile softened, a pot of molten honey under the warm spring day. "Ellie."


"That's a beautiful name."

Ellie gave him a look as though asking, "Are you seriously talking about this now?" But in the end, she still shrugged and responded. "It rhymes with Ella. Ellie, Ella. Nice, isn't it? I chose it myself."

There seemed to be something off with her answer, but in the end, Lu Yizhou was soon distracted when ice bled into her features and the anger was showing itself again. "So, are you going to tell me or… should I make a ruckus to force the culprit to show themselves?" 


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